One more time, and he looks at gold that he can never have; perhaps it wouldn't have made him powerful, but maybe to stay this way forever would be a greater gift. She tells him that he's mistaking forever for what's really a fragmented segment of immortality. He wonders why they need to be anything more than two people; she says they'll die together as if they are one.

One more time, and tomorrow the walls that are crashing down around them will damage their lives forever. This time is crushing phrases into words, words into silences, and they sit back to back and wonder what they've done to warrant this, spitting sin that was swallowed twice.

One more time, he wishes that he could simply scream it, but the truthfulness in the confession leaves him with only hoarse whispers.

One more time, he abides by old superstitions and waits for the clock to turn, hoping to freeze here with her like a mourning Polaroid.

A/N: If my writing is getting a bit more romantic, then it might be because the same is happening to my life; of course, to be stereotypical, my romance comes with a great deal of angst, so there's no need to worry.

It's based off of two songs, pretty easy, I think. Go ahead, Evie. XD

Annnd. The last line is because it was 11/11 a few days ago. Who made a wish?