AN: This is a drabble. It's meant to be short. Much as I wanted to write more during downtimes at work today, I basically had no downtime. Boo for work!

Also, I swear there will be hugs in the next fic.

Only the Good Die Young

Sam noticed since Dean had come back he was stiller than he'd ever been before. Portentous quiet surrounded them, broken only by the bathroom faucet dripping a slowing beat. It sounded like a clock ticking down.

"When the time comes, I want you to do it fast, Dean."

He was beginning to understand the haunted look on Dean's face, the burden he bore. Dean had knowledge from Hell for the battle between good and evil, here; he knew what had to happen for the right side to win.

"Do what, Sammy?"

"I think you already know."

Destiny was an unrelenting bitch.