Swim and a Discovery.


Me and Jay came back from hunting,it was fun,I had a sexy red head that was 16 and she was kicked out by her parents at 12 because they found out she was gay. But she told me she wish she were dead...so I made her wish come true. Jay got a brunette that was 19 and was a hooker. She had no story but I could tell she didn't want to die. Right now I' m currently brushing my black hair. I told Jeff..before the....'incident' that I wanted my hair back to black. Jay is in the room watching TV, I set down my brush and look at myself. These last 2 weeks or so have been life changing. First I find out my I'm going to join the WWF,then my virginity is gone to Adam,also I turn into a vampire,my ex boyfriend is getting married,I had to kill one of my own kind. There is to much shit to be dealing with. "Jordan..you okay?"Jay's soft voice interrupts my thoughts."Be out in a second." I put the brush in my 'Personal' bag and exited the bathroom.

Jay was sitting on couch trying to find some channels,I smiled,He's been really good to me,better then Rey... I went over to the couch and lay-ed my head on his lap and he ran his hand through my hair,he turned off the TV and turned his attention to me. "You Okay baby?"He asked.

"Yeah....."I trailed off,honestly I wasn't okay,there has been alot stuff going on and it's stressing me out."Okay.....listen how about we go down to the pool for a midnight swim?"He asked. A good swim might be good for me,I nodded "OkAY." I got up and went over to my bag. I pulled out the black bikini set and went into the bathroom to change.

10 Minutes Later.

I came out in the 2 piece black bikini set,my belly button piercing was changed to my initial and it was dangling,I had on some black sandals and a white towel was in my hand,"Ready?"I asked Jay,who had a white towel in his hand and had some star-covered black trunks on." Yeah.."He trailed off and I gave him a smirk and we went down to the pool.

Once we got there,I put my towel on the chair and took off my sandals and kicked them with my feet, I went over to the water and tested it with my feet,it was hot,that was good...I like hot water. All of a sudden,Jay pushed me in the water causing a big splash in the water, I came up and saw Jay laughing at me,"Oh,so you wanna laugh huh?"I asked and he nodded still having big goofy grin,I got him by his feet,dragging him and causing him to almost fall,once he got to the edge,he pointed a finger at me and all of a sudden I rosed up from the water and I was floating in mid-air.

"What the hell Jay?"I screamed and he smirked.

"Didn't Adam ever teach you how that you have powers?He asked.

"He did but-"Jay cut me off.

"Ahh...He hasn't taught you the whole thing. I guess since like most vampires I would put you down.....but I'm not like most vampires."

Jay twirled his finger and my body came to him making our lips meet,I kissed back more fiercely and he snapped his fingers and both of our bodys were in the hot sizziling hottub. He broke the kiss and his lips went down to my neck,he started sucking and nipping and a little bit of biting on my neck. I moaned at the hottness of Jay sucking at my neck and heat in the tub relaxing my muslces.


After We were done,we went up to the room and we took off are swimming clothes and we took a bath together. It was just plain and simple and then we fell into a deep sleep.


2:30 AM Currently Satuday Morning.


"Harder baby...Yes Oh god...."


"Your so fucking tight baby.....Yess Yess Yes...Ohhh"


i Swear I'm losing my mind. Me and Jay have are ears covered with pillows and I cannot afford another sleepless night without me having waking up,screaming my head off like a victim who is trying to get away from a rapist. I turn and I See Jay is wide awake and trying to go to sleep.

"Kill them" He asks. As much as I want to get a goodnight sleep might as well do that.



We are up and we are standing in front of next door and ready to kill. The banging is still going on and I can't wait to kill the people.

"1....2....Go!"Jay says.

I kicked the door with all my rage and anger and what surprised me was:

Matthew Moore Hardy fucking Jeffrey Nero Hardy.

I fainted.

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