Love—is anterior to Life—
Posterior—to Death—
Initial of Creation, and
The Exponent of Earth—

-Emily Dickinson

Ed Finds himself in a vast underground city that he's never even tried to imagine, buildings covering the rocky ground beneath it like a white mold. He walks, searching for a sign, anything at all, that someone might be hiding in such a sad dilapidated place.

He hears music, a crackling array of violins and piano, faintly from somewhere below in the city.

He finds himself dancing with a pretty, soft, and abused young woman. He knows he's met someone with pink bangs before…

He talks to another woman, body decaying around her as she tries to cover the smell of rotting flesh with too powerful perfumes.

There is a baby that leads to The Gate, and The Gate takes him to a dull bleak world being ravaged by war.

He sees metal birds for the first time and asks his Father "What is the Truth?"

His Father tells him that everything he's ever known has only been because of the death of other. The Truth involves Death, and Death is the reason his own world can do what it does.

His Father says that equivalent isn't always fair.

Ed says he's wrong.

Ed dies in this sad, depressing world, the body that is and isn't his crushed under the weight metal.

He thinks if it weren't so odd that he had and hadn't died, he might have thought the situation ironic.

Metal killing the Fullmetal. Ha Ha.

He pulls himself from The Gate, refusing to stay in that dark place any longer.

He's back in the dancing room, his brother stuck in an array of blue lines on the floor.

Ed fights a monster, green hair and face changing in the hopes to smash his heart.

He pauses in the fight only once. Only when the monster changes its face to one that almost looks like it belongs to his Father does he hesitate.

Ed finds himself dying again, something very sharp rammed through his chest.

As things are fading and he's met with The Gate yet again, he thinks he hears someone call his name…

Edward Elric wakes as if someone has slapped his face, his incoherent mind caught somewhere half between awake and asleep.

He's caught in that gray area where one not only clearly remembers their dreams, but also takes what they show seriously. In this one moment of fogged clarity, Edward realizes that he might only have a few more days to live.

And then the moment passes.

The clarity the can sometimes come with half consciousness fades, rationality wakes up, and the dream that tried to warn the young man of what lies in his near future is forgotten entirely.

Ed finds himself confused as fully rouses, bolting up in his bed.

"Is something the matter, Brother?"

It takes him a moment to remember why –Lior…Al's the Stone…We didn't do a damn thing wrong!- he's surrounded by the familiar spare room of the Rockbell residence.

Ed stares past Al, wondering for all but a second –Why do I feel so scared?- before he answers truthfully.

"Nah, it was just a bad dream. Don't worry Al, I don't even remember what it was about."

Al nods and Ed rolls back into the sheets.

Ed is awake for some time afterwards, still wondering, racking his brain for the answer of his wandering mind.

Why do I feel so damn scared?