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Anyway, I got a review asking me to do a reunion scene to end Prisons and I realize she is, as always, right. I dedicate this to you, DazzledbyEdward, thanks for all your support as I write these stories. I luv ya !

LAST SCENE – Telemarketer

Esme paced again, her hands trembling. She was trying so hard to be patient and strong for Rosalie and Jasper, who were sitting at the dining room table, staring sadly at their mother. She looked so lost, staring out the window in vein, seeing no one coming.

The whole six weeks Edward was gone was horrible, the family seemed to fall apart at the seams, and then Carlisle didn't come back, vowing to free his son by pleading to the Volturi.

Then, three days ago, Alice had the vision. The image came of Edward, Emmett and a blonde girl being burned alive by Victoria and some newborn vampires. They had called Carlisle to help, and then the next morning there was a note that Emmett, Alice, and Bella had gone to try and save Edward too. Since then, she had not heard one single word…from anyone.

They could all be dead now.

That's the only thought that kept repeating itself in her head over and over. She was losing her mind, she felt it, clutching her long reddish hair, jerking it back into a ponytail as she surveyed the grounds out the front window again. Nothing.

The thought was too unbearable. Never seeing her husband again, the father of this noble family he had created and taught tirelessly. Her first eternal son, Edward, his beautiful eyes that made her love him the second she met him…he was just beginning to learn the powers of love. God would be proven cruel if he made Edward pay for that lesson with his life, just as he was beginning to blossom. Alice and Emmett were her babies, always bringing joy and a smile to her face. And Bella…her newest daughter, who gave Edward's heart a song to sing…finally.

"I can't live without them," Esme muttered under her breath, but the two at the table heard her flawlessly, "If anything has happened to them, I can't go on…"

Jasper got to his feet, going to her, holding her close in his arms as he tried to calm her with his power, whispering, "They will come home. They will."

"I ---" Esme began to speak but the house phone rang loudly, interrupting their moment.

"Let it ring." Jasper was about to say but Esme was going crazy for news, she jumped on it, not even letting the caller ID register first.

"HELLO?" she shouted with a glimmer of hope into the phone.

A man's voice cleared his throat and a young southern accent came through the line.

"Uh, Good Mornin'" the voice was young sounding, almost like Elvis' voice, like a bad Elvis impersonator.

"Is this an Esmie Culien?" the southern voice asked, mispronouncing her name terribly. TELEMARKETERS.

Usually, Esme was kind to them and when she was bored, she'd let them go on and on about their wonderful offers. Edward would always grumble, "Just hang up, Mom." But he said she was too nice for her own good.

"This is not a good time, I'm sorry." She almost cried, her hopes dashed as she hung up.

"Telemarketer." She sighed, rubbing her temples hard.

The phone rang again, just once, and she grabbed it up again.


"Excuse me, Ma'am," the southern voice was there again, "It seems we got cut off. I'm callin' today to tell you about the wonderful family package we got goin' on here at our little ol' cable company."

Little ol' cable company ? This boy was nuts. You could almost picture the kid in his straw hat and overalls with a piece of hay sticking out of his mouth, sitting on a tractor as he spoke.

This call is already taking too long, what if Carlisle was trying to call in , Esme told herself.

"I'm so sorry, I can't tie up this line, I have an emergency going on here." Esme explained as gently as she could, hanging up again.

"I thought the Volturi were relentless." Jasper commented, "They've got nothing on these telemarketer people."

A moment later, the phone rang a third time.

"Let me deal with it." Jasper went to grab it but Esme held up a hand, saying, "Now, it's personal."

She snatched the receiver up and made her voice like ice.

"What do you WANT?" she sneered into the receiver.

"I want YOU to save 45% on this wonderful family package we're prepared to offer you, today." The same kid's hillbilly accent was on the line.

She took a hard breath and her voice shook as she said, "Listen, kid, I have explained to you I'm going through HELL and I don't GIVE A DAMN about your FRIGGIN FAMILY PACKAGE from your LITTLE OLE CABLE COMPANY !! I am going to hang up now and when I DO, I would kindly like you to DROP DEAD !"

She waited a moment, wanting to confirm that this guy got the message before she slammed the phone down in his ear, but he persisted.

"Please, Ma'am, don't hang up, please?" the voice twanged even more, "I want you to hear our offer in person, okay ? Just go open your front door."

"What ?" she frowned, looking up into Rosalie's angry looking face.

"Go to your front door. My associates are waitin' to show you the family package. I think you won't be able to turn it down." He said, waiting.

"Oh, this is it !" Esme was furious now and ran to the front door, whipping it open and prepared to destroy every human on her stoop.

Before she got there, she was screaming, "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE !"

Then when she stepped out the door, she saw a young boy leaning against the side of the house near the door, smiling at her, taking his cell phone away from his ear, clicking it closed. His skin was snow white, eyes blazing gold like the sun, hair perfectly sculpted in a bronze-red upwards swoop, a single thin piece hanging right in the center of his forehead. And at first his face looked nervous at the screaming mess of a woman who ran out to him. In seconds, those eyes twinkled and the smile grew into its fullness, melting her heart as it always did.

"I dropped dead a long time ago…but don't you want the family package?" Edward raised a brow, his arms folded casually as Esme's mouth fell open.

She couldn't speak, but she let out a SCREAM that would've knocked over all the trees around the house, throwing her arms around Edward, so tight, almost crushing him into her arms as she sobbed tearlessly, not about to let go for a long time.

"Ohhhh." Edward closed his eyes, knowing the pain she'd been going through. He hugged her even tighter to him, hiding his face in her thick sweet hair.

"I'm here." Edward said in a quiet voice as she cried, "I'm so sorry, Mom. Don't cry."

She could hardly speak right but Edward didn't care, he placed a deep kiss on her forehead, then one on each cheek, closing his eyes with emotion as he did it. He loved his mother and wished the love he felt could wipe away her pain. Jasper and Rosalie stood in the doorway, smiling, stepping out as Edward tried to lighten the mood.

"So, do you want the WHOLE FAMILY PACKAGE?" Edward did his southern accent again, grinning at Esme.

Esme's eyes lit up more, afraid to hope, but she made her little weak voice answer, "Yes."

"I didn't HEAR YOU !!" Edward held a hand up to his ear.

"YES !!" Esme, Rosalie and Jasper all shouted louder.

"ARE YOU SURE ?!" Edward used his Elvis voice, looking at Esme, "They're loud. They're HUGE. They're weird. They're clumsy. They're waiting to make their appearance. You sure you want all this mess in your beautiful house?"

"I'm so sure." Esme sobbed with a huge smile on her lips.

"Alright, Ma'am, I give to you….the FULL FAMILY PACKAGE !" Edward kept his Elvis voice loud, shouting, "GIVE HER THE FAMILY PACKAGE, PEOPLE !!"

Carlisle lead the way, coming up from behind Esme, grabbing her up off her feet as Alice and Emmett jumped out in front of her, like pouncing cats. Bella came jogging up behind them, smiling and hanging back a little, letting the family all hug each other in one huge ball. She didn't want to intrude on their family moment. Besides, it was all her fault they nearly all lost each other anyway. What if they told her to leave them alone from now on?

"Girl, get in here," Edward used his southern accent again, waving Bella over towards the huddle, "You're in this family, too, like it or not."

"Absolutely." Esme said loudly, opening her arms, everyone letting a red faced Bella in the center of the mix, Esme's arms lovingly wrapped themselves around her new little girl. Emmett hugged up against Bella, too, getting a slap from Edward.

"I love the family package." Esme laughed, feeling them all around her, hardly anyone spoke at all…for a moment and it was just perfect…for a moment.

"Ow, Edward, you stepped on my new shoe !" Rosalie shoved him off her in annoyance, looking down at it, "Look, you scuffed it all up with your muddy boot !"

"It's not my fault you have GIANT feet." Edward shoved her back, making Carlisle frown, rolling his eyes.

"Let's go inside everyone, I don't want the neighbors to see this." Esme held the few of her family still attached to her and shuffled them into the house.

"Who spends $600 on one pair of shoes, anyway?!" Edward shouted at Rosalie, "It's disgusting, you could give that money to a charity."

"What have YOU done lately to help anyone?" Rosalie snapped back, "You just spent $2,000 on a BOOK last month !"

"That's a piece of literature, a first edition !!" Edward shrieked, "It's not the same thing!"

Carlisle looked into Esme's eyes, finally in her arms at last, sighing, "Ah, the loving sounds of family…"

"What the hell happened to my ROOM ?!" Edward was yelling in the background, Emmett shouting something back about Bella going crazy in there.

"I did not!", Bella defended herself, "He locked me in !"

"I know." Esme smiled up at the man she loved, "It's beautiful, isn't it ?"


I hope everyone likes that ending better, I had fun writing that.

Merry Christmas, Moviehouse !! Have a great Twilighting New Year.

OH P.S. Rob Pattinson buzz cutted all his lovely hair off. I wish I could've been there to save a lock for myself. SIGH. I think it looks good, though, kinda Gerard Butler style. As long as he grows it back by March of 2009, I have no problem with it.

And New Moon is supposed to be ready in theatres in Nov. 2009. I can't wait. Oh how am I going to sit through the huge chunk of the movie when Edward's not there? I don't know. I do know when they finally show Edward in Italy about to step into the sun, I will be jumping out of my chair screaming, "YES ! There he is !!" Just like I did while reading the book.

Have a great holiday, everyone !! Especially EDWARD !