Witchblade: Bloodlust

"WITCHBLADEEEEEEEEE!!" The Angelus clutched her hand to her hand to her chest and screamed out her "child's" name. She felt him die. She felt the last emotions of his last bearer's sacrifice and her last thoughts. She glimpsed the bearer's name. Masane Amaha. So she lived in Japan also. The Angelus actually cried from the pain of losing her child. But then she felt a sliver of the Witchblade survive.

"I must revive her and give my child another chance." She said her voice ringing with the sounds of a thousand burning suns and angels singing. A flame streaked across the night sky like a shooting star falling from the heavens.***********************************************

"Witchbladeeeeeeeeeeeee" The Darkness hissed. The stinging in his chest was the feeling of his child dying. He could tell. The burning was even worse than when the new Magdalena stabbed him in the chest with the Spear of Destiny. Who knew Catholic bitches even lived in Japan. A Japanese Magdalena, wasn't that something. The Darkness chuckled to himself. And was then hit with another blast of pain.

"Damn. I wonder if that bitch The Angelus knows that our kid is…dead?" The Darkness suddenly felt a small piece of his child alive. Then he felt a whole bunch of heat wash over him. The Darkness gasped with the revelation that he was being pulled into his child's body. The Angelus was reviving their son. Hell no. Not without him. The Darkness was suddenly in his own body.

"Time for me to show Illa how to make a baby, cause she obviously forgot how." The Darkness slunk into the shadows and shadow-jumped until he felt the Angelus and The Witchblade.


"Hey Angelus, what's crackin?" The Angelus felt a voice in her ear. A voice that she knew so well, a voice that was her destined enemy.

"You!" she exclaimed turning around to face the other factor in the creation of The Witchblade, The Darkness.

"What are you doing here?" she asked

"What are you doing here?" he retorted

"What does it look like? I am reviving my- our child"

"Let me help." The Darkness let loose some of his Darkness on the body and the gauntlet.

"Stop! I am trying to revive the host as well, you idiot"

"Aah!" the body gasped

"Wow you've got some melons," The darkness said as he surveyed the host's body.

"Masane?" The Angelus blasted the Darkness into a building

"Yeah? Who are you? Where am I? Why is this damn cursed thing on my wrist? I thought I got rid of it. And the hell is my daughter, Rihoko?" Masane asked

"All questions will be answered in time, child. For know you need rest." The Angelus responded quietly, as she turned to face off against The Darkness.

"Come on, Bitch. Bring it on" The Darkness yelled at The Angelus.

They began to battle and Masane could not sit still. She heard and felt the pull of the Witchblade's bloodlust. She could ignore it, for she needed the thrill of battle.

"Let's go." Masane grinned as the change came over her. Her hair turned red and grew down past her shoulders. The Witchblade, which was in its bracelet form, grew into a silver and black that started to cover parts of her body and left other parts uncovered.

When the transformation was complete, Masane unleashed the extendable blades on her wrist.

"I feel you two! I feel your rage, your passion, your every feeling. Oh, your sexual tension feels so sweet." Yes! Let's go!" Masane, drunk off the power of the Witchblade, laughed as she jumped into the battle.

"What the hell are you doing?' The Darkness asked.

"Child, leave" The Angelus said

"No! Let's fight. You and me first, big boy" Masane laughed and leapt into air, then came down behind the Darkness and drove one of her wrist blades into his stomach.

"Not so tough after all, I see" She laughed and pulled out. The Darkness sent some tendrils and Darklings out at her.

"Is the best you've got? You're really not so tough after all. I wonder if the chick has more bite to her." Masane ran at The Angelus and was immediately blasted into unconsciousness by the Angelus's light powers.

"When you wake up child we'll talk.

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