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The future lies in the past.

Chapter 1, from despair to hope

Harry Potter, lay unmoving on his bed, he had been there for three days. He was completely broken his heart shattered beyond repair, the death of his first child stuck in his thoughts. "Why me?" he asked the empty room. "What did I ever do to deserve this?" tears once again rolled down his face.

Seven days ago Harry had been having second thoughts about his future; he could no longer see Ginny as part of it. Things had changed again just four days ago and he had been so happy. In fact he thought at the time he was the happiest man alive he was to be a father, the one thing he had always wanted. Ginny was in the maternity ward of St Mungo's giving birth to his first child. A child he had not known about until he Ron and Hermione had returned from the horcrux hunt the day before.

They had arrived home to be welcomed by the Weasley's with the information that he was to be a father sometime in the next few days. Ginny was actually due last week, Mr Weasley had told him before they had all rushed to St Mungo's hospital where Ginny had been kept in over night. When she saw Harry, Ginny had been elated that he had arrived before the birth of their child; she was just sorry they were not yet married. She explained it had happened on that last night they were together when she had begged him; they had both been so overcome by the emotions of the moment they had not remembered to use the contraception spell, and the result was about to announce his/her arrival into the world in just one or two more days.

Late that night Voldemort had appeared in St Mungo's. He had heard about Ginny and the Potter child she carried, and he was going to do to this child what he had failed to do to Harry Potter. Eighteen people died that night as Voldemort made his way through St Mungo's to the maternity wing. He left laughing when his evil deed was finished.

A weeping Arthur Weasley had woken Harry and Ron, to tell them of Ginny's and Harry's first son's death. Harry rose from the bed in Fred and George's old room. He needed to do something to go somewhere; he was going crazy with despair and grief. Walking around the Weasley field Harry dropped to his knees, shaking his fist angrily at the sky he screamed "Why? Why us? WHY MY CHILD?"

Harry collapsed into a sobbing heap thinking of Ginny and the baby, the baby no one had told him about for so long. He didn't even know if he wanted to be with Ginny at all but he had always wanted children of his own, a family he could lavish his love on. That night an idea crept slowly into Harry's head. A vague indistinct thought at first but it started to grow. He needed Hermione, she was the only one he knew with the intelligence to make it work; she was after all the greatest witch alive. The morning after Ginny and the baby's funeral Harry was up before the dawn. Down in the kitchen he made a pot of tea before deciding it was time to tell his friends about his plans.

Harry woke Ron and Hermione at five in the morning. They met him in the kitchen without complaint; they too had been having trouble sleeping. Ron had lost his little sister and Hermione had lost her best girlfriend. Over a cup of tea Harry told his companions of his plan, and though Hermione thought that if it did work it would change everything they knew. She was convinced that they had no chance of doing what Harry wanted so she told him not to get his hopes up.

"It's never been done Harry, never, besides changing the past can cause unforeseen problems. Unexpected changes can happen," she told him.

Never the less the three of them got to work searching all and any book they could get their hands on. Whilst reading through a book on ancient Egypt that Bill had given him, Harry had the thought that he was busier studying now than he had ever been at Hogwarts. He was slowly translating ancient spells that were in use when the Pharaohs had ruled Egypt; he was hoping that he would find something soon.

They had been hard at work for three months when Ron found a spell that might work if Hermione could change it slightly; it also required a potion to be used but Hermione could manage that part easily. The same day Harry found a spell from some ancient Egyptian wizard who according to the book was a favourite of Rameses the first. It was hard doing the translation but he had finally figured it out.

Working hard with the memories of Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, Ginny, the baby and of Snape's escape to spur him on. Harry finally taught himself how to cast his spells without speaking out loud. He then spent a long time learning the Egyptian spell never quite sure he was using the correct pronunciation, still he practiced until he could finally say it without thinking. Now he just needed to test it out, both Ron and Hermione volunteered to back him up just in case it did not work.

Two days after perfecting the spell they set off for Diagon Alley. They made their way quickly along the Alley and turned into knockturn Alley. They were in search of a death eater, any one of Voldemort's followers would do. As they approached Borgin and Burks they had what Harry thought was a stroke of luck. There looking in the shop window stood Narcissa Malfoy, mother of their hated enemy Draco, and she was a known death eater.

Harry pointed his wand at her back, he found he had no qualms about using an unknown spell on her but decided he should be facing her when he tried it out. He did not wish to lower himself to the level of a death eater. As soon as Narcissa turned around and saw them she started to insult Hermione.

"What are you looking at Mudblood?" she spat out.

Harry decided it was time he tried his new spell. Surreptitiously pointing his wand at Narcissa he thought hard, concentrating, 'xako peja eitn mpwr apalaf'. His wand vibrated slightly as a small streak of yellow light shot from the end; if he had not been ready for it he would never have noticed it, such a small insignificant flash of light.

"I wish you squibs would not try to insult Hermione, she has to be worth a hundred of your sort," Ron said.

"Who the hell are you calling a squib?" Narcissa yelled.

Harry giggled "Well if you're not a squib show us a spell, make that piece of litter move," he said, pointing at a dropped sweet wrapper.

Narcissa pointed her wand at the paper, unable to leave such a challenge unanswered. 'Hope it works on women' Harry suddenly thought. He had made the spell to affect wizards, never giving a thought about witches. He need not have worried, Narcissa kept pointing her wand at the paper.

"Puppy dog tails, dam it, left hand down, flying pilchards." Narcissa was near tears as she kept trying hard to cast a spell.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione, were laughing hysterically. Laughing even more when Narcissa looked at Hermione with hatred all over her face. She pointed her wand at Hermione and with venom in her voice she yelled "Dirty knickers"; she then started to cry in frustration.

Harry signalled his friends to leave and once they were out of sight he stood next to a weeping Narcissa. He once more surreptitiously pointed his wand at her and thought 'apalaf Oabol'. As he stood at her side, pretending to look in the window Harry then thought of a way to test if his counter spell had worked.

"Boy, Mrs Malfoy, I never realized you had such a sense of humour, if you will just lift the litter now, I promise I will put it in the bin."

Narcissa looked at Harry who had his best impression of admiration on his face. She pointed her wand at the paper "wingardium leviosa," she said. As the paper floated to his hand Harry had a huge smile on his face, grabbing the litter he thought once again, 'xako peja eitn mpwr apalaf'.

He screwed up the paper put it in his pocket and with a smile he left her to go and find his friends. Ron and Hermione were sitting outside Harry's favourite ice cream shop, they were still laughing as they waited for their ices to arrive when he joined them.

"What is that spell Harry?" Ron asked.

"Well its ancient Egyptian and it roughly translates into 'wizard say rubbish not incantation', the counter spell 'apalaf Oabol' works as well. I also think that with it being in an ancient language any counter spell in the wrong language will fail," Harry told them.

"That's bloody fantastic," Ron said.

"Harry, that spell could mean the end of the death eaters," Hermione said in a hushed voice.

The following morning they were once more hard at work, well Hermione was, she was making the potion they needed to accompany Ron's spell while Harry and Ron did the fetching and carrying. It took two weeks to brew the potion, then another week to let it brew. It smelt absolutely disgusting and they had to hold their noses each time they took a look at it. As they waited for the potion, they tried to consider all the various outcomes and what could be done to prevent anything bad happening. They discussed what might happen if they were successful, would they remember everything. Would their success change their future or as it was their present.

Hermione even made sure that they had an antidote to all the individual ingredients they had used, just in case Harry turned out to be poisoned by the potion. Tuesday arrived and Hermione woke the boys early. She was excited and frightened. She had been to check the potion, it had stopped bubbling and it no longer had any smell, it was ready. At six that evening they had finally plucked up the courage to step in to the unknown. Harry drank a goblet of the potion while Ron and Hermione cast the required spell. Nothing seemed to have happened for a minute or so, then Ron noticed that Harry was fading away.


Chapter 2. Before Halloween.


Harry opened his eyes; above him was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds slowly drifting by. He watched them as he let his body relax and his mind settle, it was obvious the spell had worked. Then he was distracted by a quidditch player flying across that same sky. The thing he noticed most about the flyer was the fact he did not look real he had looked like a childish painting. That potion must have had a strange effect he thought, then he realised he was not wearing his glasses, more startling was the fact he did not seem to need them as he had done before, he was squinting yes, but only a tiny bit.

Confused Harry turned his aching head to see where he was. He was suddenly confronted by bars, for one moment he thought he was in prison but the bars ended just a foot or so above his head, so this could not be a prison. Harry reached up toward his head; he had a habit of running his hand through his hair when he was confused. He stopped half way through the action and stared at his hand, it was not his hand, it was a small podgy child like hand, he quickly sat up and looked down at himself. It took him just a few seconds to realise he had gone much further back in time than the few months he had expected.

"Oh bloody hell!" he said, using Ron's favourite expression.

"Harry James Potter, where ever did you hear such language?" a soft female voice came to him from over on his left.

Turning to see who had spoken he gasped "Mum?"

His mother walked to the door over in the left corner of the room, Harry watching every move she made, "JAMES POTTER, get up here now, and I mean NOW," she yelled out of the door before turning to look at Harry, who watched from the child's cot he was in.

James Potter came thundering up the stairs, skidding to a halt, he looked around the room his wand at the ready.

"Your son just swore James, what have you been teaching him?" Lily asked a bewildered James.

"Heck Lily, I thought there was something seriously wrong, hang on, what do you mean he swore, what did he say?"

"Your son said 'bloody hell', that's what he said," she answered as she walked over to Harry and picked him up.

"Mum? Dad?" Harry said not recognising the voice that came from him.

James called down the stairway, "It's all ok up here Padfoot, you can relax, till Lily gets her hands on you that is, teaching Harry to swear I don't know what next?"

"Sirius downstairs?" Harry said his brain in overdrive. He was franticly trying to figure it all out and what to do.

"James did you hear that, Harry knows Padfoots name," Lily was staring at her son in awe.

Harry found himself in a quandary, did he try to explain to his parents that he was nineteen years old. Was there any way they would believe him or did he act like a bright one year plus some odd month's old till he figured it all out, he ran it through his mind as Lily carried him down stairs and into the large kitchen. He decided that for now he would keep quiet, see if he could learn anything about where he was or even when he was.

As he listened to his parents and Sirius, Harry decided he would just try to act like a child for now. He knew it was the best way he would be able to get things to go his way. He also decided he should take a look around, get accustomed to his surroundings. Leaving the adults talking he wandered around the house. He was time and again taken by surprise by the size of things; every thing it seemed towered above him.

Having finished his tour of the house Harry realised he needed to know if his magic still worked, thinking of his mother sitting in the kitchen, Harry disapparated, reappearing on his mothers lap. The look of astonishment on the adult's faces was, Harry thought, a picture worth remembering.

"Harry- -how- what –James did you see?" Lily stammered.

Sirius and James just sat staring mouths open, Harry found this so funny he decided he would do it again and with a pop he vanished.

"Where'd he go?" James said as the three of them began to panic.

Hearing the note of panic in his fathers voice Harry called out "here."

Three heads appeared under the table looking at him in amazement. He crawled out from under the table and climbed on to his mother's knee. This little act bought back the thought he had always had; he regretted that he was never able to remember being held by his mum. He wrapped his arms around her neck and snuggled into her hair. The discussion between James, Lily and Sirius, about Harry disapparating was in full flow when Harry looked at his dad and asked for his wand.

"I want a wand, I want a wand," Harry chanted trying to get his father to give him his wand.

James having decided it would not be safe to give his son his wand conjured up a toy one and gave it to Harry.

Harry threw it on to the floor then looking at his father's wand he thought 'Accio wand' the wand flew in to his hand and he gave a triumphant smile to James.

Before his mother could remove it from him he pointed it at Sirius and thought 'xako peja eitn mpwr apalaf' then he put the wand on the table.

"Sirius has no magic," he said, pointing at his Godfather "Sirius has no magic." Harry was enjoying himself as a one year old he could get away with anything.

James, Lily, and Sirius, continued their conversation eventually revealing to Harry that it was two days before Halloween. He had two days to work out a plan to stop Voldemort and end his evil forever. Some time later Sirius said his goodbye's, kissed Harry on the forehead and then tried to dissaparate.

"I thought you were going?" James said with a quizzical look at Sirius.

"I tried, nothing happened," Sirius said looking worriedly confused.

"Harry took Sirius magic," Harry said into his mother's ear "funny," he began to laugh as Sirius face turned red.

"James we may have a fifth marauder here," Lily said nodding at Harry who was laughing and pointing at Sirius.

"What do you mean Lily?" James was as confused as his best friend.

"Well your son said he has taken Sirius's magic."

"Nonsense Lily a full grown wizard can't do that, how can a baby?" James said.

Harry struggled from his mother's arms and she placed him on the floor. Putting a small toy on the floor Harry looked at Sirius.

"Make it fly," he said still with a huge grin on his face.

"Fresh pancakes," Sirius said as James looked at him in shock.

"Paper undies, er, nasty rats, wart nose," Sirius was looking desperate the harder he tried the worse things became "McDOOGALS KNICKERS," he yelled in desperation.

Lily had joined Harry in laughing at Sirius, while James kept telling them as he wiped away the tears of laughter that rolled freely down his face "This is not funny."

"No it's not bloody funny," Sirius shouted "not funny at all," he said in a slightly quieter dejected voice.

Harry looked at his father and said "Want a wand." This time James reluctantly passed his wand to Harry. He pointed the wand at Sirius and said so they could hear him "Apalaf Oabol."

He gave the wand back to his father, then looking at Sirius he pointed one more time at the toy "Make it fly," he said.

Sirius looked at the serious look on little Harry's face, pointed his wand and said "Wingardium leviosa," the toy floated gently upward following the wand tip as it did, Sirius collapsed into a sitting position on the floor, looking with astonishment at Harry. James sat at the table looking just as shocked as his friend; Lily picked Harry up and hugged him.

"James we have a genius for a son," she said.

"Wait till we tell Moony and Wormtail," Sirius said as the fact started to sink in.

"No," Harry shouted "Pettigrew's a death eater."

The looks on the faces of his family were looks of complete horror, how could a baby know of death eaters and Wormtail's real name, they were totally baffled. "I think we should send for Moony, he is the one with all the information, maybe he will know what's going on," Lily said.