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Summary:Sakura Haruno is the only child of a great warlord. Her fathers enemies sons are both supposed to court her. One is cold and distant while the other is a little too friendly. When betrayal, murder, and a contract is signed what will happen to her. War soon breaks out because of choices made. What will happen and will Sakura get a fairytale or a disastrous ending. Rated T but may have a little M later on. Haven't decided.

Chapter 1

A young woman stood on the terrace overlooking the multi-colored gardens below her. Her long blue satin gown moved slightly in the breeze that had come up. The gown accentuated her petite form and the shapely curves that made up her body. Her pink hair danced lightly in the wind. Sighing she closed her eyes recollecting everything that had just transpired. Slowly her eyelids opened revealing emerald eyes that shone brightly. She was trying to regain her composure her mind still reeling from what her father, the king, had told her concerning her future.

'Sakura, you are my only child and though it pains me to have to tell you it is time for you to fulfill some of your obligations as a daughter of a warlord and to your country. I have arranged a marriage for you." her father spoke. "An arranged marriage?" she cringed just speaking the words that would seal her fate. "To whom?" she asked quieter. Her eyes met her fathers. His seemed to be filled with regret and sorrow. "As you know we have no alliance with the Uchiha or Miashi Kingdoms." her eyes closed knowing what would come. "Both kingdoms have a prince a year older than yourself. At the last Great Council it was decided that you should marry one of the princes. I met personally with the other Lords and we have decided that a marriage between either country would be satisfying as well as advantageous. Once the marriage has taken place all three of us will sign a contract that the newly formed countries will be allies. Though complications could arise we hope that none will." her father looked at her defeated face. She knew she couldn't say no. When it came to the Kingdoms any treaty that signified an alliance was highly favored and usually there was no alternative route. Bowing her head she spoke "I agree." walking out of the room she heard her fathers voice thanking her.

That was how she found herself in the situation she now in. Sighing heavily she set her elbows upon the stone surface of the terrace.

For as long as she could remember there had been six great kingdoms consisting of the Uchiha, Miashi, Nara, Uzumaki, Hyuga, and of course the Haruno. The three strongest were the Uchiha, Miashi, and Haruno and were constantly at odds with another. They always seemed to always be in skirmishes with the other. Border disputes mostly. All three had been able to retain power over their kingdoms. Now it seemed that the three were trying to settle disputes that had lasted centuries. The catch a marriage. Her marriage. A marriage not for love but for a peace treaty. Though it seemed rather outrageous that the three actually talked. They usually couldn't stand to be in the others presence. Shikaku Nara, King of the Nara Kingdom, seemed to have a great influence upon all three. She was sure that he would have liked her to marry his own son Shikamaru but seeing he was already married to another. His wife was a Yamanako Ino from the Yamanaka family a wealthy prominent family within the Nara Kingdom. She was sure that she would have an arranged marriage but being a princess when all the other kingdoms had princes left little to chose from and especially since all the other kingdoms princes had wives already. Each Prince had married a girl from within their country except for the Uzumaki prince having married a princess out of the Hyuga Family. That left her and her father's enemies sons. The other countries had sons to carry on the family heir and lineage while the Haruno Kingdom had had a daughter.

Her parents, she knew had tried for another but it brought complications to her mother. They had nearly lost her in childbirth to the second child of the Haruno Kingdom. It was a boy but died days later due to complications. Her father had been devasted at the loss of his future heir. For days she had avoided her father knowing how the loss had affected him. She could at times see the pained look in his eyes. She knew that he didn't want her to have to court his enemies sons but in times of uncertainties it was best to go along with the Great Council. She knew that she would have to marry but marrying one of her father's enemies son made his rage and her lose all hope of being loved by a man. The thought horrified her.

Her father had informed her that the princes would be coming to her home to meet her. She had also gained the information that the Uchihas would probably arrive first. Border reports to her father that she had caught told her that they were waging small battles with the smaller kingdom of Sound. That was another fact she hated about being the daughter of a warlord and a soon-to-be wife of one also. War. She had always hated it. Every time she saw her father ride out of the gates she would always get an uneasy feeling that he might not come back. She always knew there was a great possibly that he might not come home from battle.

"Milady." a voice spoke from behind her. "Yes?" "The King has gotten word from Lord Fukagu Uchiha. He says that him and his son will be arriving within the week." "Thank you." she whispered. The maid took her leave. "This is how it begins. Them cominng to knock on our door." the wind blew her hair around her small face. "I wonder what he will be like?" turning from the gardens and the wind she made her way into the palace a look of pleading in her eyes but also that of determination. She would do this for her father and throw her dreams away. Before fully entering the palace a gust of wind came up picking up her hair and throwing it in different directions. 'Give me strength.'

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