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She awoke in the morning warm, though naked. She was nestled against the warm body of her husband. Her husband. She could now call this man her husband. She watched him as he evenly breathed in his sleep. His raven tresses resting against his face. She adjusted her body so she was on her side next to his body laid out flat on the bed. She carefully moved away a few of his tresses as he slept recalling their activities from the previous night. She felt him stir next to her. He groaned softly in protest of being awoken. His onyx eyes soon found her emerald ones. He smirked at her as if he too was remembering their night. "Last night was wonderful." She said as she laid her head on his bare chest. She began to feel his fingers running through her hair. "Liked it did you?" She knew he was smirking so she nodded her head. "Well then, we will just have to reenact it." and she found herself under him being passionately kissed.

The two were later outside in the House's gardens. Sasuke was leaning against a tree as he watched Sakura peruse the gardens, looking at the different flowers that were together. There was a vast array that were here in these gardens that weren't at the castle gardens. Onyx eyes soon closed as he found himself relaxing just being outside and watching Sakura.

A hand tilted a flower's face up so the person could smell the flower better. Sakura had taken a long hot bath after again finishing business with Sasuke. The water had eased her sore muscles that she didn't even know existed. She had then talked Sasuke into going out into the gardens as she had seen several flowers that she hadn't seen at the castle gardens. Emeralds looked over to where her lover was leaning and she saw his eyes closed and his form more relaxed. She chuckled lightly and knew that he too must be a little tired and then turned back to the flowers.

They spent the next few days wandering Konoha as Sasuke took her around the city. Sasuke showed her some of the better places to look around at. She met several people that were ranked higher within the Kingdom. The people of Konoha were a peaceful people and very polite. Always performing some kind of acknowledgment when they passed. She could tell the people respected and liked their Lord. Sakura would at times gasp in surprise when she found something she liked when they would walk amongst the street vendors.

The Royal House was another place Sakura loved to wander around. The house was made of a beautiful wood and stone. The gardens were immaculately taken care of. The house was large and spacious and she loved wandering around the halls and looking at the many paintings, vases, and other decorations that were placed through out the house. She also spent time in the nicely sized library the house offered. But she loved to be outside. There was a small pond in the midst of the gardens that had a bridge over it that she would go to and look into trying to spot the fish.

A week passed and Sasuke needed to return back to the castle. So a week after they had been married they returned back to the castle and to the welcoming arms of Mikoto who had told Sakura later on how she had missed the younger woman's presence.

A few days later Sakura and Mikoto were in their parlor when Mikoto suddenly stood up after receiving a message from a servant. "Come Sakura, I want to show you something. A belated wedding present." Sakura rose and followed the older woman. Sakura was led up the stairs and to a room with closed doors. She had never been to this room. Mikoto turned to Sakura. "I know how you feel about the other art studio. So I took the liberty to have a new studio furnished for you." Mikoto then turned back to the doors and opened them revealing a room with nearly all windows.

Sunlight filtered into the room from seemingly all directions. Sakura moved into the room. There were new eisles waiting with canvas already on them. There was a long narrow table covered with an assortment of brushes and paints varying in colors. Sakura turned to Mikoto. The older woman was then enveloped in a hug. "Thank you." The younger one murmured into the dresses shoulder. Mikoto laughed softly and returned the hug.

Two Years Later

Everything that Sasuke had wanted had come true except one thing. A child. Sakura had wanted a child ever since they had been married but there had been no sign of her conceiving. No matter how many times they tried, there were no signs of her being with child. Sasuke wasn't getting impatient but he knew Sakura was. The last few months she had been more down. Her eyes had grown a little more sullen and even when they made love she seemed less interested. He knew she had begun to doubt herself.

She sat on a bench outside in the gardens. Her head down and a hand placed on her lower stomach where she wanted a child to be. Two years and she still hadn't conceived. She highly wondered if she could ever have children. It had been hard on her mother to even have her. She felt a shadow fall over her. She looked up to see Mikoto standing there. "May I have a seat?" Mikoto asked and Sakura nodded. Mikoto then took a seat beside the downcast girl. Sakura felt a hand on her back. "It will be alright." Mikoto started and it was enough for Sakura to start crying.

"How will it be alright if I can't have a child?" Sakura started to wail. She felt her body being placed into the embrace of her mother-in-law. "Everything will be alright. Sasuke is worried about you. He misses you." Mikoto stated starting to stroke the cherry colored hair. "He wants his wife back." "But I can't give him a child." Sakura continued to wail. "He may want a child but when the time is right you will have a child." Mikoto soothed. "Its been two years and nothing." Sakura pointed out, still crying. Mikoto looked down at the cherry head. She pushed the girl slightly away from her and tipped her head so that onyx met emerald. "You will have a child in time. Just be patient and go back to the Sakura that Sasuke fell in love with." Mikoto smiled a small smile. "Okay." Sakura nodded her head.

One Year Later

Sakura looked down at her semi-swollen stomach. After almost four years of trying she had finally become pregnant. When she had first found out she had cried like there was no tomorrow. Sasuke had come into their chambers and found her crying and had immediately thought something was wrong. He had moved swiftly to her and had asked her what was wrong. She could only shake her head no and mumbled something of 'nothings wrong'. He had become even more worried after that. When he had finally calmed her down enough to speak clearly she had told him that she was pregnant. Sasuke had been shocked to hear that at last they would have a child. Sasuke insisted upon her being checked out by Tsunade their medical doctor. Tsunade had indeed confirmed that Sakura was indeed pregnant.

They had told Mikoto and Fugaku the next night at dinner. Mikoto had held in her excitement but Sakura could tell that she was happy knowing that she would a grandmother. Fugaku, too, had a look of pride in his onyx eyes, similar to the look that Sasuke held. There would finally be another heir to the Uchiha Kingdom seeing as Fugaku was ready to hand the Kingdom over to Sasuke.

That was three months ago. Now she was at five months. A hand placed itself on top of hers where it rested on her stomach. She looked up into the proud eyes of Sasuke. She smiled a warm smile, a motherly smile. "How is he?" Sasuke asked. "How do you know it's a he?" Sakura teased. "I just know." Sasuke teased back. "Only four more months before we find out for sure." Sakura smiled warmly. They were going to have a child.

Four Months Later

Sasuke was riding contently on his horse with Kakashi next to him. They were coming back from the Nara Castle. His father had been unable to make the Council meeting and Sasuke had gone in his stead. "When is Sakura due?" Kakashi asked making small talk. "Sometime after I get back. She said soon, though." Sasuke mused thinking about his pregnant wife.

The brush was placed lightly on the table next to the easel. The woman sitting on the chair removed herself from it and stretched her back. She ran a hand over her swollen stomach. She knew Sasuke would be back any day now. He had been concerned before he left about her delivering, but she had told him that he would probably be back before she had their child. "A boy. I want a boy." she said to herself. She left the studio and was making her way towards Mikoto's study where they would usually meet around this time to talk.

She was near the stairs when she felt a pain run through her. Her hand immediately went to her stomach. Her breath she noticed became slightly labored. Another pain. Her mind went blank with the pain she had felt. She heard the footsteps of someone coming closer to her. "Sakura?" it was Mikoto's voice. Her head lifted and pink hair fell in front of her face. She saw Mikoto round the corner. The woman's face became serious when she saw the condition of her daughter-in-law.

Mikoto rushed over to her. "Sakura, are you okay?" The older woman asked. Sakura shook her head. Sakura felt the grip of her mother-in-law encase her shoulders as she led her towards her bedroom. "Get a messenger and call for Lady Tsunade." Mikoto barked an order. A servant nodded and quickly disappeared.

When Sakura had been laid on the bed Mikoto left momentarily to send a messenger to find Sasuke. "Tell him to hurry back to the castle." Mikoto said. The messenger nodded and strode quickly to the stables. Fugaku had been notified and was waiting for Mikoto outside of Sakura's room. Both entered the room.

Time passed and soon Lady Tsunade was barging into the room. Mikoto looked up at the busty woman. Tsunade, though a thin woman had quite a bust. Her honey colored eyes were alert and eager to do what she did best, delivering s children. Tsunade snapped at several kitchen girls to fetch hot water and towels. Tsunade then turned her attention towards the pained woman lying on the bed. "Well, let us begin."

Sasuke knew they were no more than a few hours away from the castle. He had come to recognize the forest nearest to his home. The two men still kept the easy pace. Sasuke looked over at Kakashi who had his one eye squinted. "What?" Sasuke asked. "A rider." the reply came back. The two men pulled their horses up. Sasuke soon caught sight of the rider coming towards them. After several minutes the rider came to stop in front on them. "Prince." the rider got out before taking another breath. "It's Lady Sakura. She's giving birth." Sasuke paled. He turned his head sharply to Kakashi nodding slightly and then spurred his heels into his horse's side.

"Breathe Sakura, breathe." Mikoto comforted the young woman as she younger one groaned in pain. Mikoto's hand ran over the pink hair that was now damp with sweat. Emerald eyes were shut, scrunching every so often from the pain. Mikoto looked over at Tsunade. "How much longer?" Tsunade looked over the lady. "A little while longer." Tsuande answered. Mikoto looked down again at the about to be new mother. "Where's Sasuke?" the cherry haired woman got out. "He'll be here soon." Mikoto comforted as another groan escaped the younger woman's lips.

He had to hurry. Sakura was giving birth and he wasn't there. He put more pressure onto his horse's sides. The horse began to pick up its already fast pace. He knew he was nearly there. 'Just a little further.'

A scream pierced the room. Sakura's chest heaved with exertion. "The baby is coming." Tsunade let them know. Sakura gripped Mikoto's hand tightly. "Breathe Sakura, keep breathing." Mikoto tried to reassure the woman.

As soon was Sasuke's horse slowed to a walk he was off. Sasuke ran up the steps and towards the room where Sakura was at. He passed many of the servants who had begun to come out in anticipation of their prince's first child. Sasuke heard a scream of pain and ran faster. He slowed when he came to the room. He opened the door and immediately went to Sakura's side. He looked down at his wife. She was breathing deeply and there was a sheet of sweat over her body. He took her other hand and looked across the bed to his mother, who smiled at him.

"Its okay Sakura. I'm here." Sasuke soothed his wife. "Sasuke." a weak reply came. Sasuke smirked. "The baby is crowning. You're going to have to push Sakura." Tsunade informed Sakura, who nodded her head. "Okay. Push." Sasuke saw his wife struggle. "Come on Sakura." Tsunade said. "Push." another push. Sasuke couldn't feel his hand any longer. "And push. You're almost there." Sakura let out another howl of pain and then Sasuke heard it.

The cry of a child. His head snapped to where Tsunade was at. Her assistant Shizune at her side with blankets ready to cover the child. Sasuke's attention turned back to his wife, who was panting. "You did good." He whispered to her. He stroked her sweat dampened hair and kissed her forehead. "Congratulations Prince. A healthy baby boy." Tsunade announced.

A son. He had a son. Him and Sakura had a son. Sasuke and Mikoto helped Sakura sit up a bit further so she could hold their son. Tsunade placed the small bundle in Sakura's arm. Sasuke sat next to her looking at his, their, son. The boy had a little crop of black hair near the top of his head. He looked like Sasuke. "He's you." Sakura commented quietly though Sasuke heard. "He's us." Sakura smiled weakly. "What are we going to name him?" Sakura asked looking up at Sasuke. "Ichiro. He is our first son." Sasuke said looking down at his son. "Ichiro Uchiha. Our son."

The end.

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