Part XXV

EPOV (Edward)

The next morning she came to visit me bright and early in order to stop me before I arrived to her house. She was not cooperating. I really did get that her parents hurt her but they were her parents and they deserved to know by our mouths at the very least.

"Edward." A silky sweet voice said. I turned to find Alice Hale.

"Mrs. Hale, how are you this fine morning?"

She gave me a curt nod. "Well, the maid let me in. I came to look for Bella."

I turned in the direction I heard her approach. "Here she is now."

"Hello Bella, went to look for you at your house but your parents had not a clue where you were. Naturally I came here."

"Well, Edward and I are on our way to my parent's."

"That's a disaster waiting to happen."

Bella laughed nervously. "I warned him but he will not hear of it."

"Might I inquire as to why the visit will take place?"

Bella looked up to me, waiting for approval.

I shrugged. "I'm not opposed to telling anyone, if I had my way all of England would know."

"Edward proposed to me and he wants my parent's approval."

Alice never truly liked me, she was on Jacob's side so that dislike was greater now. "Can't say that I'm surprised but you could've waited until he was back in Spain."

"Alice please, I know how you feel but I love him. You can't hate him forever."

She smiled bitterly. "I can try, on a lighter note I've come to ask you to be my daughter's godmother. Jasper has no real preference but he prefers we chose a couple and…I truly trust you with my life but Mr. Masen…I do not."

"I do, I trust him with my life. Alice I will not ask you to accept him as your daughter's godfather but please believe that he is trustworthy."

"Truth is that I suspected this and asked Jasper, he said that Edward Masen would be a fine choice. He chose her name, I choose her godparents. I suppose that I can conform. I see that you are off, I invite you to dinner tonight."

Once she left Bella and I continued on our course to her home. She resisted the entire way but I didn't let her turn back. When we arrived I knocked and after a few moments the door was answered by Loretta Swan. Her eyes widened once. "Bella, what is he doing here?"

"To what do we owe you gracing us with your presence?" Her father asked clearly intrigued.

"I'm not here at my own will." She replied. "If I'm here it is because Edward has forced me to come but if it were up to me he would not be here. I know you'll never accept but I don't care, I'll leave, I will not let you sabotage my happiness." She hissed and peeled away. She walked off towards Argo whom was one of the horses that pulled the carriage.

"She…" I struggled to find the words. "She needs a moment."

Charlie studied me. "Edward I want the best for her, I didn't think you were going to be able to give her that. I did what I had to do but it seems that she wants something very different."

"Mr. Swan you have every right to keep me away from her but I have equal rights to defy you. I love her and a marriage to another man hasn't changed that. I know I am not a golden boy but I am willing to change for her, I have changed for her. Your daughter means the world to me, she makes me better."

"Is it all true?" Her mother asked.

"What is it that you speak of?"

"Jacob is gone back to Spain, he annulled the marriage and he has given you my daughter. You have plans to marry her."

I nodded. "Jacob annulled the marriage. He gave her what she wanted. He left with a heavy heart but even he has hope that I can be better for her. I have always wanted to marry her, as far as I'm concerned he was the other man, I was first and she was always going to be my wife. Although the situation changed my sentiments and intentions did not. I want her to be my wife but I come to ask for you blessing. I want to do things right, I want her to be happy and, she says she won't forgive you but I think in time she will. All she wants is an apology."

"She won't get it. I did what I had to do." Her mother interjected just as she stormed back into house.

Charlie sighed. "She takes after her mother. They are hard headed and persistent. I will talk to her. If you seek my blessing then you've got it. Either I welcome you into my family or I say farewell to my daughter. So I welcome you with open arms. Give me a moment while I go talk to my wife." I nodded.

Once he left I walked over to Bella. "Bella, your father has agreed to our marriage."

She was still and then she turned to me. "Really?" I nodded. She smiled. "That's good, that's what I needed even though she'll never accept his wrongful actions."

"You'd be surprised. Bella let it go, we're together and that's all that matters everything else will fix itself, if you let it."

She sighed. "She was wrong, she took you away from me and it is so hard to get over that."

"People make mistakes you mustn't hold them to it for the rest of their lives. It was a horrible mistake but let it go, otherwise we can never live in peace."

"If you say so, if you can forgive them then…so can I."

I smiled. Just as Charlie predicted, his wife let it go. She apologized to her daughter. Their relationship was strained but in time it would get better.

Things happened as my mother said. Everything seemed to resolve itself. Emmett waited two months before he made his relationship with Rosalie public, by that time we all knew. He respectfully took her to his parents and then she took him to hers. Her parents were reluctant to accept but they did. They were scheduled to get married in May a month after Bella and me. Those two were just about giddy with joy. William and Adela had eloped, of course the families of both parties were furious but nothing could be done. Adela never spoke to her family, despite Bella's pleads for her to go see her brother.

Alice had become Bella's little helper. I had not a say in anything and I didn't mind. I didn't care for the details, I just wanted a legitimate wedding, that way everyone would know she was my wife.

Loving her was effortless, our relationship was effortless. My family welcomed her and her friends and family did the same, more or less. Her parents warmed up to me, Alice's parents appreciated me, even Jasper and I had free time to talk while they talked wedding. Jasper and I got to know each other, I also spent much time with his daughter, my goddaughter. He truly loved her and it made me look forward to having a child of my own. Rumors spread like wild fire but I didn't mind them, I don't know where I would be if I did.

Now, a day before my wedding, I began to get nervous. It's probably the normal nerves every man feel before the wedding…night. I most certainly shouldn't be nervous, I'm definitely not proud of it but I have been with my share of women. I shouldn't be nervous but somehow I am. I tried to swallow my insecurity and get through this day, because tomorrow we would be Mr. and Mrs. Edward Masen.

The entire palace would be full. We had invited as few people as possible but it was a lost cause. We ended up with as many guests as when Robert married Charlotte.