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x two ponytails x


Sometimes Sakuno catches the barking of Tomoka's laughter as it falls and she tries it for herself. Her own quiet chuckles sound dull compared to her classmate's. She admires Tomoka's exuberance and frowns when people call her annoying, irritating, irksome even.

Her friend is none of that. Her friend is more than that.

It's just that the overwhelming outside blinds people to what is softly secured inside.

"You have a heart outside, proud on your sleeve and another inside, waiting in the wings," she tells Tomoka. Tomoka hesitates then guffaws.

Sakuno giggles along, but she still knows she is right.


x two braids x


Sakuno's smiles are angelic, soothing, caring and so very her that Tomoka wonders why she is vaguely reminded of another person.

So Tomoka scrunches up her face and examines her friend. When Sakuno flushes in self-consciousness, she remembers.

She remembers a day in her childhood when she had spent the whole afternoon baking cookies with her grandma watching her tenderly. Visits back then used to be such fun, but then her grandfather ruined it for her by falling sick. After that, Heaven forbid she laughed or made noise. And the angelic, soothing, caring smiles of her grandmother ceased to be.

Perhaps the resemblance to that cherished woman is why she likes Ryuzaki Sakuno so much.

But she doesn't utter a word about the young girl smiling like an old woman.

She can have tact. Sometimes.


x together x


Tomoka and Sakuno laid on the soft grass of the latter's backyard, in a dreamy post-giddy mood caused by Seigaku's victory at the Nationals. Stargazing fitted perfectly. Every now and then, one of the two girls would say something about the day and the other would answer fervently, and they'd chat like this for a couple of minutes before quieting down.

Suddenly, Tomoka jerked upwards and pointed at the dark sky. "Look, a shooting star! Make a wish!"

Sakuno looked up and grimaced. "I really shouldn't. That's kind of a plane."

"I know that's a plane. But there was a shooting star! I'm not lying. Did you blink?"

When she didn't answer, Tomoka sighed and let herself fall back to the ground.

"It doesn't matter. I made a shared wish, anyway."

Sakuno smiled, Tomoka laughed, and if she had wished for ideal friendship completion, the stars were prompt for it was granted already.


x till the end x


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