Harry Potter, Hippogriff Fertilizer

Harry was riding Buckbeak. It was an exhilarating flight, quite different from a broom.

Harry got a bit worried when Buckbeak hadn't turned back after ten minutes.

They were headed for the mountain crags.

"Buckbeak," Harry pleaded, "where are we going?"

Buckbeak took Harry up to a huge mess of sticks. Harry was confused. He got off and started poking around in the mess, and he didn't see Buckbeak coming up behind him.

Buckbeak ripped Harry apart and ate him alive. He went back to Hogwarts a week later. Hagrid told Dumbledore, and the Order set out looking for Harry. When the ministry found out, they had a field day. Minister Fudge made a big show of ordering the Aurors after Harry.

They never found him.