Author's Note: Yeah, so I got hyper with Kayla... Yeah... and Crack-fics are what come out of it! And, for those of you who know me (or know my hyper tendencies) you'll know that this is nothing compared to what I've put out before! -laughs-


(Oh yeah, this is technically written for Kayla! WHOOO! And the song is In The Ayer by Flo-Rida. A song on our Hyper Playlist!)

The Dance Partay

From the outside of the apartment, faint sounds of hip songs could be heard playing.

Yeah, hip ones. Not cool ones, not awesome ones, not even popular ones; hip ones.

Curious as to why his new neighbors were playing music ridiculously loud, Chuck took a slight detour in-route to his apartment and went over to the new neighbor's apartment.

As he got closer, the music grew louder and he even started bobbing his head like a cool kid.

A perfect way to meet the new neighbors, he said to himself.

As he knocked loudly on the door he could hear girl's laughter and loud singing... or yelling... He couldn't tell.

Figuring they didn't hear his knock--not that you could hear much anything other than the music and their loud voices in the room--Chuck welcomed himself into their apartment.

"OH HOT DAMN!" The two girls said at the same exact time as Chuck entered the room.

Not bothering to notice who had intruded on their dance party, the two girls, one blond and the other a brunette, kept dancing, their hands in the air and jumping in circles.

"THROW MY HANDS IN THE AYYERRR!" They yelled again as they both happened to jump towards the door and see Chuck.

"OH!" The brunette yelled in surprise and quickly went over to the stereo to turn the music down.

"Hi," the blond blushed by his charming good looks. "I'm Natty."

She stuck out her hand and he gratefully accepted, shaking it and giving her the butterflies.

"And I'm Kayla." the brunette spoke up. They too shook hands.

Chuck stood and stared at the two beautiful girls. "OH!" he laughed. "I'm sorry! I'm Chuck!"

"Hi, Chuck." The two girls said in unison.

"Would you... Would you like to dance with us?" The blond asked.

"Yeah! I'd like that." Chuck answered and Kayla went back to the stereo and blasted the music.

Together, the three of them yelled at the top of their lungs the song.


The three of them danced in a very close circle into the night... A night without rest and a lot of partying!

The ennnnddddd!!!

(Or is it? HEHEHE)