"…And These Children that you spit on

As they try and change their worlds

Are immune to your consultations

They're quiet aware

Of what they are going through…"-David Bowie


We Are Not Alone


November 22, 2008

Forks High

Forks, Washington

7:53 am

Won't you come see about me?

I'll be alone, dancing, you know it, baby

Tell me your troubles and doubts

- giving me everything inside and out

Love's strange - so real in the dark

Think of the tender things that we were working on

Slow change may pull us apart

One a life gets into your heart, baby

Don't you forget about me

(Don't don't don't don't)

Don't you forget about me

"Bella!" Charlie yelled as he ripped off my headphone out my ear.

"What?" I yelled back.

He Looked at me furiously, he tried to compress himself, trying to contain his anger. After all, it wasn't looked up properly if you loose control outside your daughters High School. "Listen to me, sweetie. This is the last time, hear me Bella-" He said frustrate as I looked out the window, he turned my head to face him. "-This is the last time, I repeat, the last time you pull something like this? I don't want to hear you had another Saturday due to that friend of yours," He said. OOOh his "fatherly" tone scared me. Not.

"What does Jacob have anything to do with this? And since when do you talk about him disgustingly? He is your best friends son after all," I argued. Hypocrite.

"Jacob is a hopeless case. A Basket case. And Billy has nothing to do with the way his son is," He contradicted me. Sure, like parents weren't the reason their kids were the way they are. Like Im not a screw up because of my family history. Or my home life. Who was he trying to Kid? Better yet, who is he trying to convince? He is just fooling himself.

"No more screwing around Isabella, you understand? Don't blow your ride. No school is going to give a scholarship to a discipline case," I rolled my eyes. Scholarship? Ha, because no dead-beat cop wages can get me into college.

"Later Charlie," I said as I grabbed my skateboard out of the backseat, I shut the door roughly and watched as my father, Chief Swan, drove away in his cruiser.

Will you stand above me?

Look my way?

Never love me?

Rain keeps falling - rain keeps falling down, down, down

Will you recognize me?

Call my name, or walk on by?

Rain keeps falling - rain keeps falling down, down, down, down

(Hey, hey, hey, hey!)

Don't you try and pretend

It's my feeling we'll win in the end

I won't harm you or touch your defenses: vanity; insecurity

Don't you forget about me

I'll be alone, dancing, you know it, baby

Going to take you apart

I'll put us back together at heart, baby

Don't you forget about me

(Don't don't don't don't)

Don't you forget about me

I walked into the Library, shutting off my blasting Ipod.

"Nice of you to join us Swan," Mr. Volturi said rather annoyed. "Take a seat," He said pointing to the back of the room.

I noticed as the other five students stared at me as I made my way to my own table. They followed me, like I was something interesting. Like a creature they have never seen before. Like I was the most amazing thing, and I just happened to be walking in the same room they are sitting in.

"Well Well, here we are," The Dean began, his regular 'tough love' speech. "I want to congratulate you for being on time," He said.

A Pale arm, shot through the air. "Excuse me Sir, I think there's been a mistake, I know it's detention but I don't think I belong in here," Said the Blonde sitting on the first table. The Room was silent, and Mr. Volturi looked at her unimpressed.

"It is now 8:06," He said ignoring the whiny gorgeous blonde. "You have exactly 4 hours to think about why you ponder the rhythm of your ways" He stopped as the big bear-like guy sitting in the back row, laughed lightly. "You may not talk," He said looking at the grizzly of a student. "You may not move, and you will not be sleeping," He slammed his fist on the table occupied by another blonde, a male.

The Dean stopped at the two back tables, Looking directly at me, but shifting his eyes to the brawling guy in the back row. "Any screwing around is ill-advised. Is that clear McCarty, Swan?"

The Grizzly looked back at him, he wasn't stirred by the rough look on Aro's face. "Crystal," He replied, and I nodded.

Aro Volturi, took one long look at us. He was trying hard to get his eyes and facial expression to be threatening. And with one last useless gaze, he walked out the library.

"That man, is full of shit," McCarty said. I chuckled. "Swan huh?" He said looking at me. At first glance this guy looked aggressive, intimidating, but once you got a good look at his face, he wasn't intimidating at all. With his dimpled cheeks, curly brown hair, and hazel eyes, he was just adorable looking.

I nodded. "Im Emmett McCarty, I've seen you before, you know?" He said as he stretched out his giant hand.

"Isabella Swan, but call me Bella, and I've seen you before too Grizzly," I said, shaking his hand, and pounding his fist.

"What's your name?" I said to the blonde boy who was staring back at us. He looked around and pointed at himself. "Me?" He asked surprised. Like if no one ever paid any attention to him.

"Yea," I said, sounding like it was obvious.

"Jasper, Jasper Hale," He said with a small smile.

"Nice too meet you Jazz," I said, and his smile became larger.

"Jazz?" He said amusedly impressed.

"I can call you that right?" I asked.

"Totally," He said.

"Hi! Im Alice," Said a small girl sitting in the middle section, a table away from Jasper. "I'm Alice Brandon," She said happily and energetically.

"Bella," I smiled.

"So why are you in here?" She asked. I looked at her curiously. Did she honestly expect that I was going to have a heart to heart with her? That I was going to tell the pretty petite girl why a lost case like myself, was stuck in the school's library for most of her Saturday? Do I look stupid? Did my face show opening-ness to people?

"Um never mind," She said looking away due to my hesitation.

(A/N: Hey Guys! Well if most of you havent notice, this story is a cross between Twilight and The Breakfast Club. I'll try to put much of the Movie into the story, but things will be altarted. I prefer a diffrent ending than the one to the movie, The Breakfast Club. Thanks! And I hope you like it :)