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The Destiny Island sun, when placed right in the center of the sky, produces the most unbearable heat of any sun in any world that Riku has been to. On this particular day, only 5 days after his and Sora's homecoming, the last thing he wanted to do was to be out on the beach, at noon, standing in the sand where there was absolutely no shade, baking in the sunlight. It bothered his eyes, made him miss his blindfold more than he should have, as he wiped sweat off his brow. No one else was out on this beach now; none of the islands residents were silly enough to leave their houses in the middle of this heat wave, and they hadn't spent the last year and a half surfing through much cooler worlds.

Well, there was one other person out here. Nothing was shielding this second person, who was currently asleep in the sand, dressed in all blacks and dark blues, the light jacket under his head soaking in his head. Riku had to question his friend's mental capability; sure, that outfit was cool for the Keyblade master saving the worlds, but when living on Destiny Islands one should dress in something less… heavy.

Sighing, Riku simply shook his head, sweat falling in droplets onto the sand. As he approached his napping friend, it didn't take long for him to notice the miniature sandstorm Sora was causing as he thrashed around him his sleep. Noticing his friend's pained expression and hearing incoherent grumbles and moans, Riku picked up the pace and rushed over to him.

"Sora. Sora, wake up!" He said sharply, the ocean eyes opened.

"Huh? Riku?" He asked, after which he shook his head a little. "What happened?"

"You were sleeping out on the beach in 100 degree weather having a nightmare. You tell me what happened." Riku answered, and Sora turned his gaze away from his silver haired friend and out to the ocean. Man, did he want to go jump into that clear, blue water…

"Don't try it, you'll get sick if you get drenched while you're covered in sweat." Riku advised, and Sora nodded.

"So, are you going to tell me what's been giving you nightmares or what?"

"How'd you know? About the nightmares, I mean…"

"Kairi mentioned it, said she found you sleeping here on the beach 2 days ago, thrashing and crying. It's how I knew where to find you, when you're mom told me you were gone. She's worried about you too; says she feels like she doesn't know her son anymore." Riku explained, and Sora remained silent for a moment. Throughout his travels, he'd missed getting the opportunity to talk to Riku and Kairi, or anyone his age for that matter, but especially his best friends. Now that he was back, he was much less reluctant to share his problems with his friends than they had been, so he asked the question that'd been bothering him for days.

"Did I do the wrong thing, getting rid of Organization XIII? I mean, I know they were Nobodies, and that they were selfishly hurting others for their own benefit, but in the end all they wanted were there hearts back. They only wanted to be whole again, and I took it away from them."

"Is that what had you worried?" Riku asked, almost taken aback. "Listen, Sora, you did the right thing. Do you know how many hearts they would have needed to complete Kingdom Hearts? Millions of people would have to die, just for 12 Nobodies to get their hearts back. You did the right thing." He finished, forcefully, trying to beat the idea into his friend's mind.

"I know, but… if I did the right thing, then how come Roxas won't talk to me?"

"Roxas?" Riku repeated, confused by the random subject. "Didn't he fade back into you?"

"Yeah, but it's like, I can still feel him in there, his thoughts and his memories. Kairi told me that Naminé talks to her all the time, but Roxas never says anything to me."

"Yeah, well, he was pretty moody when I met him." Riku commented, annoyed at the younger nobody that was part of the cause of his friends anguish. It's not Sora's fault he was fulfilling his duty as Keyblade master.

Sora chuckled, "Yeah, he is kinda moody. But, at the same time, it's like I really wanna get to know him, you know? Roxas seems pretty cool, when he's not all emo-y in there."

Riku had to smile at that. "Don't worry; I'm sure someday he'll get so bored of doing nothing he'll start talking to you. Then you'll become friends, and then he'll realize just how annoying you are and he'll wish he never started talking to you." Riku joked, ruffling his friend's spikes a little, but quickly realizing his mistake as he wiped the sweat off onto his pants. At that, Sora laughed too, and the smile stuck on his face.

"Thanks Riku. You're the best."

"Ya ya, don't start getting sappy on me, it's way too hot out here. Now come on, let's go back to where there's shade."

"Okay then, race ya!" And up Sora went, grabbing his jacket and sprinting down the beach to the docks.

"Sora! It's too hot to run! Come on Sora, stop running, I'm getting hotter just looking at you!" But there went Riku, running after his friend anyways, as the sun pelted them with it's intense rays.

The End

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