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Resistance Training

Chapter 3 - Anko's Bells


For perhaps the first time in his life, Naruto could honestly say he had no idea what to do. It was just so wrong on so many levels.

The maniacal woman standing in front of him wearing a long coat and little else simply had him that rattled. As they had been all afternoon, the majority of his instincts were telling him to run like the wind and for the love of Kami, don't look back! But what could he do? He'd already tried escaping and all that got him was up close and personal with the bottom of Ayame's oversized cast iron pot.

A pot that he bought her, by the way. It was the biggest one he could find at this ridiculously huge military surplus outlet team 7 happened upona few years back in Grass country. His teammates teased him the entire way back, told him he looked like a fashion challenged Quasimodo lost in the forest with the way he strapped the pot to his back. Bastards. He didn't care though, he knew that the glorious vessel on his back was one of the few in existence that could actually make an entire meal for him in one batch, and that was saying something. The only things even remotely close to the size of his ramen pot were Ayame's eyes when she first saw it. When the cute brunette asked how big it was and he simply responded, "It's Naruto Sized!"

He was right, it had to be with how bad getting hit by it hurt.

Plus, old man Teuchi and Ayame had both seemed awfully upset about being tied up, gagged, and stuffed into the meat locker in the back of the shop as part of Anko's takeover. He apologized profusely to the pair as he brushed away the accumulated ice and ripped off the long strips of duck-tape as fast as he could, but they still seemed to hold him partially accountable for some reason. Something about "Bringing the crazies down on their heads."

One odd thing he noticed was that Anko wasn't very good at tying people up, at least not for an experienced shinobi. For some reason she'd placed several strips of the sticky tape on places that wouldn't do anything at all to bind pair, like the big one she placed straight down the middle of Teuchi's hairy back. 'Ewwwww.' Or the one she put on Ayame's head.

That was when he got the black eye by the way. Ayame had one mean left hook for a prep cook. Needless to say it didn't look like he'd be eating much ramen anytime soon, and it was all Anko's fault!

But none of that mattered now, Naruto Uzumaki didn't run away from anything and that was that. Perhaps not the wisest of policies, but nindo's were as nindo's did … or something like that. And it wasn't like she was that bad. Sure she said hello by slashing his face open with a kunai, but then she always followed it up with a friendly licking of the face.

Maybe she was part Inuzuka?

At least she always smiled at him, that was nice for a change. It sure would be nice if Sakura would smile at him from time to time. He just wished Anko wouldn't eye him from head to toe like a blond Dango stick while she did it. It reminded him too much of the way a lioness would smile at its prey if lioness's were prone to that sort of thing. It was also strangely violating somehow … kind of like that level 4 physical he had last year.


Blue eyes started darting around the clearing, flashbacks of latex gloves dancing in his head. 'Kami there has to be a way out here, there has to be!' His lack of initiative wasn't lost on his scantily clad and maniacally grinning sensei.

"Problem?" she asked silkily.

Naruto sounded just as flustered as he was, "Uh … no, no! Everything's great. Am I like, supposed to attack you now or something?"

"My, my, and here I haven't even said start yet. Getting a bit anxious to start?"

"N-No!" Naruto sputtered, turning redder by the second.

"It's Ok Naru-kun, I like that." She gave a moment for the words to have their desired effect, and if Naruto's increasingly helpless expression was any indication they'd done their job beautifully.

"But as far as rules go," she cooed, "There are only two. The first is no attacking jutsu allowed, for you at least. We wouldn't want you missing the point of our little game now would we? The second is my personal favorite however … every time I kiss those sweet lips of yours you have to take off a piece of clothing!"


"I know, I'm excited too!" Anko laughed.

"Yeah but how is this supposed to help my -- mmmfff!"

Before he even realized what was happening Anko was in front of him and kissing him passionately. He felt a pair of small calloused hands grab his head and tilt it sideways as she deepened the forceful kiss. He immediately froze up and resisted the contact, a million and one panicky thoughts racing through his mind.

How did she move so fast?

Was this really training?

Why was his leg twitching?

Ye Gods! How could anyone's tongue get all the way around …

Any further thoughts went fuzzy and his already pathetic objections melted when her tongue forced its way between his lips and started massaging his. Forgetting exactly why he was here or why in the name of all that was holy would he want to push her away, Naruto grabbed a hold of the older woman and relaxed into her assault. His mouth stopped resisting hers and his own tongue went to work trying to return the incredible feelings she was giving him.

Anko felt his reciprocation and moaned gently, prodding Naruto even further as he actually pushed back against her body. She could feel the heat starting to pour off his body as their position was beginning to turn from one of her kissing him to being one of him kissing her. Sensing the danger of losing control she fought back the urge to pull him on top of her body just to revel in the feeling of his taunt frame pushing down on hers with all of that delicious heat and need …

'Control yourself Anko, he needs to rape you, not the other way around. Too much paperwork if you rape him. Oh, and don't forget that training thing either.'

Anko finally broke the kiss, pulling the blond's head away from hers and watching his face. His eyes were closed and lips still puckered, she almost had the impression that he might not be aware they had parted but she knew better. That thought was proven true as those piercing blue eyes she loved so much fluttered open and his puckered lips stretched into a goofy smile.

"That," he mumbled, "that was -"

"A kiss."

Naruto blinked his eyes dreamily, "Yeah."

Anko smacked him across the face, not hard but more than enough to break him out of his pleasure induced la-la land. A look of surprise mixed with fear took over his face and he brought his hands up to his mouth.


Anko accepted his accusation with her trademark grin. "Hmmm, you're right I did. But if memory serves you sure didn't complain about it now did you?"

Naruto looked as guilty as a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "But - But I was saving myself for Sakura-chan!"

"Really now?" Anko asked impressed. No wonder he was being such a bitch about this. "Well that explains a lot. You know there aren't a lot of guys like you around these days, most men are no better than a dog with bone when confronted with a beautiful woman like myself. I respect that Naruto, I really do."

"You do?"

"You bet, shows you're a stand up type of guy," Anko nodded seriously. "A real keeper."

Naruto felt his chest puff out and pride swell in his heart. Finally, someone noticed! On top of that, it sounded like this crazy bitch actually understood that he already had a girlfriend! Well, not officially of course. Officially she couldn't stand his very existence and reacted violently to any sudden reminders that he was standing, sitting, lying down, hanging from a tree, or apparently existing anywhere near her person.

'Weird, that sounded a lot worse in my head than it is in real life. Sakura-chan's not that bad is she?'

No of course not, Naruto was pretty sure that was just a cover, she was just shy that's all. He was knew that Sakura was going to come around eventually, she had to! He made sure to present her with daily reminders of his undying love, and then she presented him with daily tests of his devotion. Usually it was something along the lines of a tragically one sided beat down, but Naruto was a trooper of course and he always bore the good natured abuse with a smile.

Though secretly he wished she would try something a little more original once and a while. Was there anything so wrong with a nice game of Shogi? A race? Thumb-war? Did it always have to be a beating? Hell, hadn't that pink haired harpy ever heard of damn scavenger hunt!

'Whoa there boy, that's angry Naruto talking, and nobody likes angry Naruto. Simmer down now, no need to get upset. Anko-sensei gets it now, she just said so. There's nothing at all to be worried about, she's most definitely not coming on to you.'

That realization was a huge relief to Naruto, he was really starting to get worried that Anko wanted more from him than the standard teacher-student relationship. He felt like a gigantic weight was lifted off of his shoulders.

"Thanks Anko-sensei, I really needed to hear that," he said smiling easily. When she returned the affectionate expression he sighed in relief.

"No problem kiddo. Now take off your pants."


"You know you've been saying that a lot lately, you might want to start paying more attention to what we're doing here. I kissed you … therefore you lose an article of clothing.


"Lady Tsunade!"

"Gaaa, Pfffffttttt!"

Tsunade nearly choked on the expensive imported sake she was attempting to enjoy, and was instead forced to spit the precious liquid all over her newest cabana boy. This really pissed her off for at least three solid reasons, the first was alcohol abuse, the second was cabana boy abuse, and last but definitely not least was that said boy had stopped what he was doing!

"Damn it Shizune, I told you I was not to be bothered for the next hour! You do know how long an hour is don't you?"

Shizune looked absolutely scandalized, "Lady Tsunade! That is not what your personal ANBU are for!"

Tsunade waved a dismissive hand, "Whatever. The Hokage's feet hurt, and unlike some of her other subordinates, Dorei-san here actually cares about his Hokage's podiatric health." She turned back to her masked foot massager and smiled, "Don't you Dorei-san?"

The ANBU kneeing in front of Tsunade and holding her foot raised his head to look at her. He wore a mostly white mask with a large crooked nose that was painted to look like some kind of demented clown, its face forever twisted into a terrifying grin. It actually reminded her of Anko's smile that way. There was of course no way to know what kind of facial expressions the man was truly making but if Shizune had to guess she'd bet the man inside was a lot less satisfied with his job than his mask appeared to be.

"Lady Tsunade that's not fair, he's not going to argue with you."

"Baa, don't be such a killjoy. He loves his job, look, he's smiling!"

Shizune could already feel the sweat accumulating on her brow, "That's a painting on his mask!"

Tsunade huffed in irritation and blew a few strands of stray hair out of her face. "Fine! If you're so hell bent on seeing me hobbled as a young Hokage," she turned toward Dorei and winked, "Dorei-san, you're dismissed."

With an almost imperceptible nod the man replaced Tsunade's shoe (prompting an eye roll from her assistant) and vanished in a swirl of leaves. Tsunade spun her chair back around to face forward again and frowned, "There, are you happy now? All joy has left the room." She hated acting like the Hokage sometimes, didn't people understand that Kage's were people too?

Shizune was about to snap back with something about duty and honor but stopped herself, no, she was not going to let the cagey blond side track her this time! She shot a glare at Tsunade and held up a scroll in her tiny hand, "And just what is this?"

"How the hell should I know, you just brought it in here," Tsunade replied smoothly. She tried not to laugh as her assistant turned red. Tsunade knew exactly what the hell that was. In fact she'd been waiting for this for half the day now. It figured on the timing though.

"This," Shizune blurted out pointing at the little scroll, "is the mission assignment you gave to Anko Miterashi this morning! And do you know what it says?"

Maybe it was the sake, but Tsunade was fighting a losing battle on the whole keeping a straight face thing. Ok, it was definitely the sake, but she was a trooper and did her best to look shocked, "Why I have no idea –"

"You gave Naruto-kun to her!" Shizune blurted out, she even stomped her foot for emphasis.

"So what?" she asked innocently. "She's perfectly qualified and he needed the training. What are you so worried she's going to do?"

"You know exactly what!" Shizune snipped.

Tsunade simply shrugged. "Ummm, nope. Sorry, drawing a big blank here."

"She'll do … you know … THINGS to him! Bad things!" Shizune moaned, making some kind of wild and vague gestulations in the air.

The wide back and forth motion did it. Tsunade burst out laughing and doubled over behind her desk, she just couldn't hold it in anymore watching Shizune's ridiculous gestures. This only served to upset the brunette further who proceeded to blush and stomp her foot on the floor again.

"Lady Tsunade stop it, you're making fun of me!"

Several minutes later Tsunade gathered herself up and managed to hold the laughter down to a few chuckles before trying to address her longtime companion. "Look, he'll be fine," she giggled. "I like Anko and she seemed very ... enthusiastic about this assignment. It's a lot more than I can say for the last girl."

Shizune looked crestfallen, "Oh I'll bet she was enthusiastic, she's probably out there right now just … wait, what did happen to the regular girl? I just saw her in room 320 recovering from –"

"Training accident."

"Training accident? How did she get hurt like that giving resistance training?"

"She has a big mouth," Tsunade shrugged, looking around the room to avoid eye contact.

Shizune was dumbstruck, "What do mean 'she has a big mouth'?"

"Look, we're getting off track here," Tsunade said, suddenly getting serious. No need for her nosey little assistant to go digging around into things that didn't concern her. "You're worried about Naruto right? Well don't be because I'm not, this isn't even a combat assignment, it's resistance training. There's no chance of anyone getting hurt, OK?"

Shizune quirked her head to one side, there were seventeen broken ribs, a high grade concussion, and a cracked jaw in room 320 that seemed to say otherwise. Although she was still a bit mystified as to how that could have happened during resistance training she filed the question away for later. "Yeah but are you sure? Anko's just so advanced for someone like Naruto. Couldn't you find another girl?" she asked hopefully.

Tsunade sighed, why did everyone have to question her judgment all the damn time? She wondered for a split second what it would be like to be Garra, nobody back talked that crazy bastard. Well, nobody but Naruto. That at least would be pretty much the same as she had it here, but she'd bet the rest of his day went a lot quieter than hers did.

'Hokage-sama, this simply will not do!' Squish.

'Hokage-sama, we have to talk!' Splat.

'Hakage-sama, the council demands your presence!' Crunch.

Shizune watched in mild fascination as Tsunade's face lit up bit by bit, it was like she was lost in her own little dream land of happiness. "Lady Tsunade, are you just going to sit there and ignore me all day?"

The blond Hokage shook her head and locked eyes with her impatient assistant. 'Crunch.'

Shizune raised an eyebrow, "Why are looking at me like that?"

Tsunade sighed and pretended like she didn't hear the question. "Shizune, to be quite honest I couldn't find anyone else willing, they're all afraid of the ... you know."

Shizune gasped and covered her mouth, nodded her head in understanding. "Didn't you tell them there's nothing to be afraid of?"

Tsunade nodded.

"But they're kunoichi! How could they not understand?" she asked, tears starting to form at the edges of her eyes. "He doesn't deserve that, he's so pure. Anyone with half a brain can see he's not that thing!"

Tsunade quirked an eyebrow, yeah sure the kid had it tough, blah, blah, blah. That was old news. Hell, if the blond turd-ball didn't let himself get down about there wasn't much use in getting upset despite him. Was Shizune just being hormonal or something? "Shizune, it's Ok."

"No it's not! Those bitches don't deserve to know him if that's how they think. I would never do that to him, if he needed training then I'd do whatever it took to help him reach his dream," she said sadly.


A big cheshire cat grin spread across Tsunade's face and she strummed her fingers across her grand desk happily. Shizune sensed the mood shift and gave her Hokage a questioning look. "What?"

"I see what's going on here," she grinned. "You wanted to be the one to give our little Naru-kun his resistance training. Shizune you dirty little girl, I didn't know you had it in you!"

Shizune blushed furiously. "What, no I just - Naruto-kun isn't the - help, he needed help!"

Tsunade raised her hand, "I know, I know, he really is turning out to be quite the attractive young man isn't he? I tell you what, I'll make sure you're scheduled for his next level 4 physical Ok? Just don't say I don't ever do anything for you."

"Eeeeep!" Shizune squealed. The brunette ran out of Tsunade's office as fast as her legs would carry her. The Hokage waited until she actually got outside before belting out in laughter.

Pulling out a new medical requisition form she started filling it in. 'Kami, I really am a dirty old woman aren't I? Speaking of which, how the hell did Shizune get in here in the first place?'

That thought brought a frown to her face. Normally during her 'foot rubs', her ANBU guards would ensure her relaxation time wasn't disturbed. But for some reason Dorei's partner hadn't done his job and run interference.

The little prick.


"But you already took my jacket and my shirt, I'm halfway stripped already!"

"Wow, that's some tough luck there kiddo. Now hurry up and make with the naked."

"I'm not getting naked! You said pants, and I've still got my underwear and my shoes and my headband!"

"Awww, you wore underwear?" Anko pouted.

"Y-Yes I wore underwear," Naruto blustered. "Didn't you?"

Blue eyes widened in fear, Naruto couldn't believe he just asked that question. It was like it wasn't even him, an outer body experience while someone else took over and blurted out that terrible perversion. In fact he was already planning on using that as his defense when she moved to kill him for daring to yell out something like that. Anko was definitely not like any woman he knew so it was hard to say exactly how she would react, but if she was anything like the other women he knew … he was dead meat. Kami knew Sakura would --

'Oh shit! Sakura! Why would I … I still love Sakura don't I? Sure she's mean and she beats the crap out me but Anko cuts me so that's even worse! Just because I want to see Anko-sensei's delicious little fur burger and slide my -- Whoa. That's a bad sign.'

Anko grinned and moved her brown coat aside, giving Naruto a full view of her body underneath. She was pleased to see his expression blank and his eyes roam her body like a man in the desert eyed water. She wondered idly if he would notice the first bell now that it was right in front of him.

The purple haired kunoichi wiggled her eyebrows and let her let her fingers ghost the bottom hem of her short skirt. Naruto meet her eyes in boyish shock, showing he understood her silent tease. She hooked a finger under the fabric and tugged a little, drawing it up and exposing an extra inch of leg.

His eyes shot back down to her taunting hands and then back up again. His breathing had picked up she saw, and he was acting like he was afraid to look down at that part of her body even though she was obviously daring him to do just that.

She was again taken aback by how innocent he really was … and it was really starting to make her juices flow.

"Catch me if you can," Anko winked, before disappearing into the forest. "And leave the pants!" her voice carried back.

"What the … damn it!" Naruto growled. Against his better judgment he tore off his pants leaving himself covered dressed in nothing more than his boxers, forehead protector, and sandals. A deal was a deal, and Naruto wasn't one to go back on his word.

Stupid nindo.

"Get back here psycho!"

A kunai appeared as if by magic and cut a shallow slice into Naruto's cheek. "Gah! Sensei! I meant Psycho-sensei!"


Sakura stomped along with her ever growing scowl.

She had no idea what was coming over her, this was just so out of character! Sure she was a little bitchy sometimes, she wasn't too proud to admit that. Hell, any girl who'd started their cycle would admit to that at least once a month, and who could blame them?

She barely suppressed an evil cackle at that thought of any of her useless teammates bleeding out the ends of their --

"Sakura wait up!"

"Fucking Sasuke," she muttered, to low for him to hear.

Her hands slapped up against her mutinous mouth. 'There it is again! What the hell is wrong with me?'

"What was that?" the raven haired boy asked, jogging up next to her.

"N-Nothing Sasuke-kun! I'm just mad at Naruto. Come on, let's go find the idiot and make sure that psychotic slu -- uh -- jounnin doesn't kill him," she managed, cursing her slip up.

Sasuke snorted. "No kidding, if anyone else kills him I'm out an upgrade."

"Wait, what did you just say?"

"I said if anyone else … milks him I'm going to be … outraged?"



"WHAT did you just say?"


"Good, that's what I thought I heard."



"Ah ha!" Naruto screamed in triumph.

It had been no easy task but he'd finally gotten a hold of the slippery snake woman, and not a moment too soon. He was already down a sandal. Currently Anko was struggling half heartedly in-between two of his shadow clones, each of them holding onto one of her arms and trapping her hands to prevent hand signs.

It was the half heartedness that was making him wary.

But the way things were going he decided to just go for it, who knew how many other chances he was going to get at this? Much longer and he'd be streaking buck naked all the way home, and he was really hoping to keep the forehead protector.

There was a lot more fabric than most people realized on those things, though if it came down to it he'd already sworn to himself that he'd never tell Iruka-sensei exactly what he'd tied the keep-sake around. Shaking his head slightly Naruto cast those thoughts aside and set his mind to the task at hand.

Naruto approached the questionably detained kunoichi very cautiously, wary of any traps or hidden weapons that he was sure might be sprung on him at any moment.

Anko could barely suppress a giggle. "What's the matter Naru-kun? Would you rather tie me up first?" Three identical pairs of blue eyes got as wide as dinner plates.

"N-No you don't!" The original stammered. "I'm not falling for your perverted tricks anymore!"

"Tricks?" Anko echoed innocently.

"Yes tricks! You've been trying to trick me into doing perverted things with you! You're up to something and we all know it!" The two clones on either side of her were nodding in agreement.

Anko lit up a grin that would make the devil proud. "No tricks Naru-kun, just training."

Naruto could only shake his head, "I don't even care what you're doing anymore, all I care about is that this little game of yours is over and I'm getting my cloths back."

With that he took a quick step forward, yanked open Anko's coat, and spotting a flash of silver grabbed the bell she had hidden on herself and gave it a quick tug.

"Oh fuck yes!" Anko practically screamed out.

Startled by her outburst and the fact that the bell didn't seem to leave her person, Naruto and both of his clones looked down.

"Ho -"

"- ly"

"Shit," Naruto groaned, finishing his clone's thoughts. Time itself seemed to take a momentary reprieve, probably to go smoke a cigarette in honor of what it just saw.

In retrospect he figured he probably should had seen this one coming, but sadly he had to admit he never had a clue. But honestly how was he supposed to know? He was positive now that Anko's outfit was most definitely not legal. It couldn't be. Even though a small part of him that he liked to keep hidden from the world felt it should be.

They were simply magnificent.

Never in his short life had Naruto ever imagined something so utterly perfect could exist in this world as Anko Miterashi's breasts. Not even Naruko's measured up and that was saying something. Large and round, they stood out plump and proudly with nothing but a thin mesh shirt to hold them down. Each supple mound topped with the most perfect little pink nipples imaginable, nipples that were currently as hard as rocks, once more so than the other.

His groan was from the realization that suspended from each erect bud was a small silver bell, hanging by a simple cotton string. The reddest and puffiest of which was tied to the bell that was currently resting in his hand.

Naruto could already feel his brain starting to get fuzzy.

Anko cackled internally, she couldn't have planned this out any better. Those gorgeous blue eyes of his were already starting to glaze over again, a sure sign of his body taking over and a promise that she was going to get exactly what she wanted. It was enough to nearly make the war hardened veteran squeal in girlish delight. In just a few more seconds she'd have that dirty little blond secret she'd been dreaming about for all these years!

Well, masturbated too at least. Damn she loved those eyes! Now all he needed was one little extra push, and her libido's favorite suggestion nearly made her swoon.

"Oh fuck Naruto," she hissed in only partially faked pain, "Look at what you just did, look how fuckin red it is! Did you do that on purpose you perverted little bastard? Is that what you like?"

"What?! N-No! I mean yes! Wait, I mean no! I didn't mean to -- holy crap I'm so sorry, you have to believe me!" Naruto pleaded in a mounting panic.

Anko grimaced as jolts of pleasure and pain racked through her body. The little bastards wild gestulations weren't helping the situation much but they sure were interesting! But as much as she enjoyed a little nipple torture that was just an appetizer. Now it was time to head for the main course.

"Then get the damn thing off of me before it does some permanent damage," she groaned. Naruto immediately let go of the bell and started to try and untie the string from Anko's tortured nipple.

"Not like that, massage it first!" she snapped.

"I have to what?" Naruto was starting to look so flustered that he might pass out. Anko sincerely hoped he didn't, what a waste of a setup that would be.

"I said massage it, just grab my tit by the base and knead it like it's a big piece of dough. That damn string cut off the circulation."

"Are you kidding me?!" the freaked out blond roared.

"Do you want me to lose my nipple or something you sick bastard?!" Anko screamed back.

Naruto felt like he was having an outer body experience, not only was he staring at his first set of up close breasts ever, now he had to massage them! He was sure beyond a shadow of doubt that he would have passed out with a massive nose bleed already if this wasn't a medical emergency. In fact, he was having some serious trouble even categorizing what was happening. Did this even count as a sexual experience? He was pretty sure it wasn't supposed to, but his growing erection was confusing the shit out of him.

"Nooooo," he whined.

"Then start kneading!"

Doing as he was instructed, Naruto took a firm grasp of Anko's breast and tried his best to blink away the insanity of what was happening, then he started massaging it as best he could. He knew it was wrong but he couldn't help but marvel at the feel of soft flesh between his fingers.

'Oh Kami that feels sooooo good! So soft!'

Anko was really starting to moan now, and Naruto was entering the first stages of a anxiety attack. "Oh Kami, am I hurting you again? Am I doing it wrong?"

"No you're doing it perfectly, it feels muuuuch better than before," she moaned. "Now get the knot off my nipple."

"Ok," Naruto replied shakily, moving his hands toward the knot and her now angry red nipple.

"Don't stop massaging!" she barked. Naruto's hands went back to work in the blink of an eye.

"But then how am I supposed to get the knot loosened? I can't do it with one hand!"

Anko grinned but managed to make it look like a pained grimace, "You can't use your fingers anyway, you'd just hurt me more. The only thing that'll loosen that knot is saliva, you have to use your mouth."

Naruto immediately sported a healthy nose bleed along with the second stage of his anxiety attack. "Hey! Gentle on the dough kneading!"

"B-But I can't put my mouth on your -- I can't! It's not right, it's perverted I know it! Oh man Tsunade is gonna kill me for sure!" the blond wailed. "I've done a lot things to a lot of sensei but this is waaaaaay out of bounds!" Anko filed that bit away for later, there had to be some great stories in there somewhere.

"Please Naruto, I promise I won't tell anyone what you did to me if just get this damn string off, it hurts so much!" Naruto couldn't have possibly looked more conflicted.

"Damn it boss, just do it you fucking pussy!"

Both Naruto and Anko both paused to look at the clone hanging off of Anko's left side. He had a massive nose bleed several times larger than Naruto and clad in nothing more than boxers (just as his creator was when the clone was manifested), his full salute was obvious to everyone, as was the wickedly animalistic gleam in his eyes. Even Anko raised an eyebrow.

The clone on the other side tsked, "Damn bro." Anko took the opportunity to strike like the snake she was.

"Quick, before he fucks us all!" she shouted, breaking the calmer clone's hold on her arm and pulling Naruto's face against her sore bud. It really was time to get that damn string off.

When Anko's engorged red nipple popped into his mouth he was more surprised than anything, and it nothing more than instinct that saw him give a gently suction to her warm flesh.

But when she shuttered slightly underneath the heat of his mouth, something clicked inside of him. All the worry, all the panic, and all of the fear simply melted away from him, and he could literally feel for the first time his body taking over and his mind shutting down.

'I'm in the middle of forest, I'm practically naked, and I'm alone with a woman who just shoved 1 of the 2 greatest breasts of all time into my mouth with a directive to suck.'

And for the first time that he could ever remember, he decided to just fucking roll with it. Giving into his instincts Naruto lavished the perky little bud of flesh with his tongue, working it back and forth and molding tightly concentric circles to make sure he got every last bit as soaked as he could before giving his first hard suck.

"Oh fuck yes!" Anko growled in approval. "Don't stop massaging either."

Naruto's hands flew to both of her breasts, each one getting his attention as the pretense of medical necessity fell off the face of the earth. He alternated between soft and gentle strokes, and harder more insistent ones to gauge her reactions all the while never stopping on his appointed task of freeing her from the bell.

Naruto growled as he felt fingers running through his hair and gripping tightly. He was faintly aware of both his clones popping at the same time, their voyeuristic memories slamming into his already overheated mind and spurring him on even further. His intensity increased and Anko moaned lustily in response, whispering encouragement to her partner and massaging his blond locks.

Less than a minute later Anko was squirming almost uncontrollably against Naruto's persistent suction when she felt like a lightning bolt shot straight from her breast down through her toes. "Holy shit!" she gasped, grabbing onto his shoulder for support.

"Damn Naru, did you get the fucking bell?" she grunted out in between pants.

Naruto was in her face a moment later, wearing a half-lidded expression of ecstasy and with a bell and string dangling from his mouth. "You wan it?"

She snorted and grabbed the back of head, pulling him into a searing kiss that literally took his breath away. "Now get the other one." Naruto was on her other breast in the blink of an eye. This knot came off straight away as he hadn't accidently tightened it but he stayed where he was for several more minutes to make sure each side was given equal attention.

This bell he just spit on the ground as he stood up, and Anko rewarded him again with a healthy dose of tongue. They kissed this way for some time, he honestly couldn't tell you how long. A few seconds, minutes, an hour?

The next sensation he became aware of shocked him, as it was one of Anko's hands grasping his naked shaft firmly. Naruto gasped and looked down in wonder.

"How the hell did you do that?" Against all belief he was completely nude, his last sandal and boxers gone. That had to be the third time she'd removed clothing of his without him having noticed!

She chuckled darkly, "Looks like you've still got a long way to go Naru-kun." Naruto tried to question that rather vague statement but her finger on his lips stopped him. "Shhhh, questions later, training now."

The soft sounds of her hypnotic voice combined with the unbelievable sensations her of hand stroking up and down his skin was more than enough to blank his mind of any troublesome questions. Naruto leaned forward and groaned into her as she continued her ministrations.

Anko Miterashi was on cloud nine. She'd done it, she'd seduced the living shit out of her little blond fantasy, and now she was going to ride that horse for all it was worth. Literally. A true smile, and not one of her fearsome grins gently lit her striking features for the first time in a long time.

Nothing could possibly ruin this perfect moment.


Dorei appeared on top of the Hokage's tower in a light crouch and surveyed the village below for unseen threats to his village's most important Shinobi. He tensed at the approach of another presence but relaxed when he recognized the other's chakra. He waited until the other man settled a few feet to his right.

"So where the fuck were you?" he asked flatly. It wasn't so much that he meant it flatly, it was simply the way ANBU spoke when they spoke at all. Between their masks and their constantly emotionless tones, opponents of the ANBU often wondered if they were fighting men or some breed of terrible machines.

"I got thirsty," came the equally monotone reply.


"What happened?"

"Shizune-san rescued me from my duties as the Hokage's foot masseur," Dorei replied. The two men sat in silence for a moment, continuing their vigil.

"Too bad," the other man finally offered, sipping his coffee.

Dorei nodded, "Hokage-sama was getting pretty sauced too."

His partner sighed. "She was probably going to show them to you then."

"I know." Dorei's comment induced another few minutes of observed silence which, again was broken by the other man.

"This doesn't mean I'm giving you my spot in the rotation you know."

"You're a dick, you know that?"

"I know. Want some coffee? I got two."

Dorei turned to his fellow ANBU and looked down at the cup of coffee that he didn't remember seeing there a moment ago. "Did you just clone that?"


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