It was a conversation that every male homosexual couple has at least once.

"Wouldn't it be fun to have a baby?" Cloud asked one nondescript evening, lying in Sephiroth's arms, still covered in cooling sweat and panting slightly from an especially passionate session of lovemaking.

"You'd get fat." Sephiroth warned.

"You'd have to be home more." Cloud reasoned.

"You'd have to crap it out."

"You'd stay with me though... right?"

Sephiroth nodded and whispered romantically, "I'd be there to point and laugh at you for the rest of your life."

Cloud rested his head on Sephiroth's chest as the conversation had drifted to other, more realistic plans. What did they want out of life? Sephiroth wanted to die in battle. Cloud wanted a pool. Sephiroth wanted to retire from his position in ten years. Cloud wanted to take a vacay to Icicle Town. Sephiroth wanted to murder a royal. Cloud wanted to finally make it into SOLDIER. The conversation drifted further until it fell apart, become two sets of snoring.

It was the sort of exchange of useless, but individually important information that was easily forgotten about. And yet one year later Cloud found himself thinking back to it while floating in a place of near sleep, of almost dream. His mind wouldn't let itself completely go, because Sephiroth had been gone for weeks on a mission, and he was finally returning tonight.

Cloud heard him come in, waking from light rest as a dolphin comes to the surface for air, searching for what he needed and lacked. He rolled over to face the door, waiting for the man who would bring an end to his month-long marathon of living alone in the world.

He smiled in the dark, listening intently to the dropping of baggage and the unraveling of gear. He saw the echo of shadows play in the hall when Sephiroth flipped the kitchen light on, heard his groan of disdain or perhaps laziness, and then sudden darkness as light was flipped off.

Sephiroth's tall silhouette crossed the doorway, slow and quiet. He closed the door behind him tenderly, obviously trying not to wake Cloud. He walked to stand in front of the open closet, his usually brisk footfalls shuffling softly.

He would have loved to watch him undress in the dark like a voyeur, but it had been too long, and Cloud couldn't stand it for one more second.

"..Sephiroth!" He whispered joyously.

The General took a pause, his own version of jumping into the air like a startled cat, and then continued unbuttoning his coat in silken motion, "You're up."

Cloud sat up in bed sleepily. "I could smell you coming in."

Sephiroth grunted, "I guess I need a bath, then."

"No. You smell good., " Cloud told him, settling back against the headboard, "I missed it. Missed you."

Sephiroth turned and stood in the dark, outlined by slits of white light from the window, "Did you?"

Cloud smiled, "Yes, Sir."

Sephiroth's coat slipped down his shoulders and hung off of his frame before he shrugged it to the floor. He removed his belt with the faintest hint of care before letting that fall as well. He didn't bother unsnapping his suspenders, simply swayed out of them with a tilt of his head, and after a short rip of his zipper in the dark, his pants drained off of his body to pool around his feet.

Cloud began to shift up to his knees, preparing to beg like a dog at the dinner table, when Sephiroth said, "Don't move."

Cloud stopped, looking at Sephiroth in wonder.


Cloud drifted back down, blinking.

Sephiroth took a step towards the bed, and paused, maybe even hesitated, as though he needed to think. He then continued, coming to a stop at the foot of their bed.

Cloud was worried. Was there bad news? Did something go wrong on his mission? His entire behavior was abnormal, and it was evident in his light, breathy respiration, his hesitance to get into bed, the slightest hint of insecurity in his demeanor.


And then, Cloud heard a noise that he had never heard before. Sephiroth shushed him. It wasn't the shrill shush of an uppity librarian. It was a long, low, sensual note. Soft, almost musical to Cloud's ears. He felt himself relax against the headboard, waiting.

Sephiroth put one knee on the mattress, the mere shifting down of the bed enough to tease Cloud's senses as it pulled the comforter, sliding it across his lap just slightly.

Sephiroth's other knee joined the first, again tugging the blanket covering Cloud, again igniting anticipation in him, and an almost frantic brand of anxiety. Something was different, and this was a new territory, a different sort of behavior for his usually domineering lover.

Cloud watched as Sephiroth's palms joined his knees on the mattress, and he stopped on all fours, almost posing, the green glow of his eyes lighting his face in the dark.

Oh, how Cloud had missed that handsome, angular face. He had missed those eyes, that mouth, that nose. He had missed that hair, that skin. Terribly.

He drew in breath to speak something tender to his lover, but the eyes narrowed, "Don't talk."

Cloud whimpered, now past wonder and into full on wierded out, "Se –"

Sephiroth shushed him softly again, and Cloud found his lips slowing and stopping at the erotic sound.

Sephiroth put an arm out, and moved the opposite knee. And stopped. Then put the other arm out, sliding the opposite knee forward on the bed.

Slowly, Sephiroth crawled toward Cloud. As soon as he was in a reachable distance, Cloud put a hand on his face briefly, before Sephiroth turned it.

"Don't touch. Not yet."

Cloud's hand fell back next to him on the bed, as the only thing he was apparently permitted to do was breathe.

Sephiroth reached out and pulled the blanket down off of Cloud, revealing his body slowly. His obvious arousal was no surprise to either of them as it tented beneath his flannel sleep bottoms. Long fingers tucked into the waistband, and Cloud lifted his hips and moved his legs to be rid of them.

His hair fell forward over his shoulders as Sephiroth pressed his lips to the top of Cloud's foot. Everything about it took Cloud's breath away. Sephiroth never usually let his hair fall over his shoulders, it was always behind him, or perhaps twisted over one as he sat, but it cascaded in silver streams over the mattress, and over Cloud. And to see the man he loved and admired kissing his feet? Cloud's eyes rounded with shock.

Sephiroth's lips dragged slowly up Cloud's leg, pausing at his knee to flick his tongue around the protruding bone, then made a series of soft, warm kisses up his inner thigh.

Cloud was trembling by the time those lips reached the juncture of his thigh and the delicate skin of his testicles. He drew in a sharp breath when they kissed over the light blonde downy hair there, and he was emitting needy sighs by the time the kisses had worked to the top of his confused, but rock-hard erection.

Sephiroth took his time, wetting the head with his tongue, flicking it over the thick vein, lapping the entire length base to tip before descending upon it. Cloud moaned as the silver hair shifted, tickling his stomach and thighs as the precious head of his lover bobbed on his cock, taking him all in and suckling wetly.

Cloud gasped in appreciation when his green eyes drifted up to look at him, his full lips framing the thickness of his length, his cheeks drawn in slightly. After a few breathless moments, the head emerged from between Sephiroth's lips with a wet swirl of his tongue, and he pushed up on his hands, putting his face close to Cloud's, seeming to be sizing him up, inspecting him.

Sephiroth's knees moved across the mattress until he straddled Cloud, looming above him, seeming to have a million words on his lips that he just wasn't saying.

"Se – ?"

Again, Sephiroth shushed him.

And again, the watery, supernatural sound made Cloud shiver, and his cock twitch in anticipation. Cloud inwardly sighed, because if Sephiroth was in the mood to tease, as he obviously was, it might take hours before he'd finally feel his lover inside him, relieving him. The best thing to do was to obey, and so Cloud resolved to just shut the fuck up.

When Cloud's lips stopped moving and pressed together in obedience, Sephiroth's fingers brushed his face. He turned into the touch, pressing against the strong, warm hand. Sephiroth leaned forward, looking down at Cloud through the thick curtain of his eyelashes, letting their noses brush, their foreheads press together, their lips linger parted and near, both men feeling the slightly labored respirations of the other.

Finally, Sephiroth's warm lips touched Cloud's, pushing his pink lips apart and open, his tongue slowly sliding its way into the patiently waiting mouth. When Sephiroth kissed him, Cloud felt like he was freefalling. Sephiroth always had that way with his kisses, they transported Cloud to somewhere shadowy and sensual with only the touch of his lips and the slightest flicking of his tongue. Cloud did his best to keep up, savoring the badly missed taste of him, relishing in the warmth and intimacy of their mouths making love.

Then, it happened. So slowly, that the transfixing kiss almost concealed it. But then again, it happened so quickly, there was nothing he could do to either help or stop it.

Cloud jolted as if he had been hit by lightening, realizing that he was now buried inside of Sephiroth. He trembled in naked shock but Sephiroth didn't move, didn't make a sound, only sat on his lap gazing down upon him.

A few frantic moments passed where there was no noise except for Cloud's deep, harsh panting, when Sephiroth softly spoke.

"Touch me."

A sob caught in Cloud's throat as his arms shot up to circle the tall man on his lap. They held his waist, feeling the hard muscles of his back and sides, drinking in every bit of sensation that Sephiroth had to offer, and yet trying almost guiltily to ignore that incredible heat, the almost painful tightness.

He was inside Sephiroth. The very thought made him double over against him, "Oh, Seph! G-god..! Honey..." He stammered, putting his face to the strong, hard chest almost in shame.

There was a trickle of silver teasing Cloud's chest as Sephiroth rose halfway to his knees, silent as he usually was during intimate moments. He brought his long arms up, and slowly wrapped them about Cloud's shoulders as he came back to rest against his lap.

Cloud's trembling fingers gripped Sephiroth's back, his lips helplessly scattering kisses across Sephiroth's chest and collarbone, the mismatched lengths of their torsos preventing him from reaching his lips again. He craned his neck up and moaned, begging to be met halfway.

Looking at the display of naked want for a moment, enjoying it, Sephiroth then bent down and gave what Cloud asked for, as he always eventually did. He pushed his soft, calm lips against Cloud's trembling ones, stilling them before pulling away, letting them stick together and slowly peel apart.

Cloud stammered, petting Sephiroth's hips as if in apology for doing something terribly wrong, "Seph, w-we didn't prepare... y-you... didn't use anything... lemme –"

Sephiroth again emitted the low, soft noise that calmed Cloud, stilled his nerves, and ceased his worries. His hands stopped gripping and instead smoothed. His mouth stopped spewing that senseless apologetic bullshit and glided along Sephiroth's skin, his lips leaving a warm, wet trail.

The sound came out again, and Cloud looked up, his eyes full of only desire and no troubles. Sephiroth didn't need to be told to relax, to breathe, to take it in slowly, he always was the stoic one in bed, never rushing or working too fast for the sake of a snappy climax. He liked to fuck slowly, thoroughly, completely, no matter what his little blonde begged for.

He took his sweet time, rising to his knees to let Cloud's virgin cock slip almost all the way out, then take him back in to the balls, pushing against his hips to get as much as he could. Sephiroth rolled his hips on Cloud's lap, biting his lip as he felt the blonde's heartbeat pound through the cock inside of him.

Cloud knew by now that the real show during sex with Sephiroth was on his face. As silent as he tried to keep himself, his features always revealed a very different side of the story. And now, Sephiroth looked almost anguished with his brows furrowed, his tongue snaking along his lower lip in concentration, the sealing of his lips together to suppress any unwanted noise.

Cloud knew it had to hurt. How could it not hurt? But the way he rode, the fluttering of his thick eyelashes, the intoxicating feel of being inside... it was easy to just... not care.

So what if it does hurt? Cloud thought suddenly, his fingers digging into the round, chiseled ass that was never in such a grab-able, convenient location before. But then he immediately regretted such a bitter thought against his lover. For every time Cloud had been mercilessly and thoroughly drilled, there were five dozen more where he had tears rolling down his face from sheer, raw pleasure. He couldn't stand the thought that this might not be giving Sephiroth the same sort of satisfaction he was given time and time again. Cloud smoothed his hands up Sephiroth's back, and vowed to do just that, to make it good, to make it count.

Sephiroth sucked in air through his nose when Cloud's hips thrusted off the mattress. Just once, just to see if Sephiroth liked it. Or to see if he would get smacked. His blonde eyebrows and wet, blue eyes turned up innocently at the electric green ones that narrowed slightly... but not exactly in warning. So, Cloud put his hands on the mattress and pushed up again, this time maintaining his air time, rolling his hips slowly, guessing at what Sephiroth might like, searching for the delicate button that was sure to be waiting inside of him.

To his amazement, Sephiroth didn't use his weight to force him back down onto the bed, he let Cloud move inside of him as he willed. And when Cloud found it, pushing his cock into it, Sephiroth moaned.

Cloud gasped back up at him, almost whimpering. It wasn't a clipped moan. Sephiroth let it play out, let the sound fill the space between them. Cloud let his hips settle back down on the bed, and then he thrust up again. And again, Sephiroth moaned.

The General pushed his mouth to Cloud's, seemingly not in attempts to dampen his cries of pleasure, but to feed them to Cloud, letting them fly into his mouth for him to swallow, to keep.

"Fuck me," Sephiroth hissed down at him.

Cloud began to do just that, listening to the beautiful music that he never knew Sephiroth could make. Feeling the rhythmic slap of Sephiroth's neglected cock between them, he settled one hand behind him for leverage, leaving the other available. He wrapped his fist around him and stroked slowly, firmly base to tip, just the way he liked to fuck, while Cloud thrust up fast and hard... the way he liked to fuck.

And like a beautiful picture of willowy perfection, Sephiroth arched against him, his long torso flexing, his hair trickling over his shoulders, his mouth parted in submissive, wordless pleas for more.

Cloud almost laughed. He could so get used to this!

As if Sephiroth sensed this, his sensual moaning halted and waned down to more characteristic growls, and Cloud bit his lip before picking up where he left off. He gasped and moaned loudly into Sephiroth's strong chest, his tongue flicking out at the tiny, hardened nipples before him.

Then he felt a small smack on the side of his head. Sephiroth didn't usually like his nipples bothered, but Cloud thought he could at least try, as everything else was reversed for this unusual night. It was no great loss, because Sephiroth leaned down to busy his mouth, his tongue trying for last minute dominance, and Cloud could sense that urgent need. So, while he fucked Sephiroth's ass, he let Sephiroth's tongue fuck his mouth. The mix sent him throttling towards the edge, and the steady pulsing of Sephiroth's cock in his hand told him that his lover was near as well.

Cloud nipped at Sephiroth's lips, then dared to snarl up at his superior, "...Come for me."

At that, Sephiroth straightening up all the way, looming over Cloud as if he could scrape the sky, bracing his hands on the headboard above his head, "...Make me, you little bitch."

Cloud smiled as he growled and twisted Sephiroth's cock, wringing it hard and thrilling at the harsh gasps that Sephiroth presented to him, almost spoiling him on dominance. Digging his aching hand into the sheets behind him, he shoved all if his weight back on it, and began to fuck Sephiroth with earnest, loving the slap his balls made against Sephiroth's previously untried ass.

The long, powerful body shuddered as Cloud worked him over, throwing his slim hips up at him until he reached a fever pitch, unable to fuck any harder, and unable to last another moment.

Just as he was teetering on the precipice of ecstasy, ceasing to care if the larger man was ready or not, Sephiroth threw back his head and gave a growling roar that sent dark chills through Cloud's body, gassing every inch of his brain with a smug, thick pleasure.

He watched Sephiroth come, his heavy cock shooting a thick load across his chest, then pooling hotly around his hand. Free falling into sensory overload, Cloud brought both hands forward to grasp Sephiroth's ass, holding him close. He manhandled the General, forcing him hard up and down on his aching cock until he gave a shattered, guttural cry of release. His cock pulsed and draining up into the tightness that surrounded him, Sephiroth's heavy breathing causing his insides to pulse softly, to milk him. Cloud collapsed back against the headboard in exhaustion.

Pitching is damn hard work.

But Sephiroth had none of it, and grabbed him up, holding him. Cloud let himself be held by his love, feeling the strong arms grip him as if one of them might fly away. Sephiroth shifted, letting Cloud slip out of him.

Thick tears rolled down Cloud's cheeks. He wasn't sure why he began to cry, or when, perhaps his entire body needed release after that unbelievable experience. He was hosed down by emotions; amazement, awe, and startlingly fierce love. He wondered if Sephiroth had ever felt this way when he himself had the grace to open up to let him inside.

Cloud sighed as long fingers tickled up the flushed skin of his neck, and burrowed into his sweat-damp hair.

Then pulled his head back sharply.

Cloud gasped and swallowed, looking up at his lover with large, apologetic eyes.

"I hope you enjoyed that..." Sephiroth said dangerously, accusation and a nasty sort of humor sparkling in his eyes, "...because that is the only time it's ever going to happen. Got it?"

Cloud nodded, blinking his silly, reverent tears away.

Sephiroth's fingers loosened their grip, then petted, smoothing his hair down. It was as close to an apology as Cloud knew he would get, and nuzzled into the touch.

Then Sephiroth asked, "... Did you enjoy it?"

"I kinda figured this was a one time only deal," Cloud grinned shyly up at him, and bit his lip childishly, as though he had done something naughty, " I made it count."

Sephiroth chuckled and pressed his lips to Cloud's damp forehead.

Cloud caught his lips to kiss them, then pulled back, "…Did you enjoy it?"

The perfect angel's mouth swished to the side in thought, then parted to say, "I'd say it counted."


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