Epilogue: Looking Forward

Glorious days to come...


Terra's grin widened four times as the door to the girls' shared room slid open. First revealed to her was Raven in her radiant white cloak; hovering over the sofa with a look of utter contentment on her face. Below, Starfire was using a lock of her long, fiery hair to tickle at Jinx's nose whenever the half-dozing woman let her guard down. Jinx had her head resting in Starfire's lap, gazing up at the hovering Raven with dreamy, half-lidded eyes. Then Terra spied Jinx's swollen belly; the little one-to-be.

"Good morning, ladies!" she happily called, strutting over to the sofa to place a kiss on Jinx's belly. "Especially you, ya little cutie! C'mon, give your favorite auntie a little kick!"

Jinx swatted at her.

"Don't encourage her! She's been tap dancing on my bladder all day! And it's half-passed noon, you damn slacker!"

Starfire used the distraction to sneak in for some more tickles. Jinx was only able to fight halfheartedly against them. Satisfied with her teasing, Starfire raised those gorgeous emerald orbs and gave me a radiant smile.

"Hello, friend Terra! You appear to be in a mighty mood of goodness today."

"Maybe," she said, patting a pocket and feigning nonchalance.

Raven chose that moment to let out the luxuriously silky laugh she'd developed over the last five years. Now, Terra was a spoken for woman and she'd fight to the death anyone that tried to interject themselves between the three of them... but hot damn that laugh could send tingles to places.

"Oh she's practically bursting at the seams to tell us all about it, whatever it is." Raven said.

"Hey, no emotion peeking!" she said with a laugh.

She was about to say more when Jinx lifted a hand, one finger extended, and gave it a lazy little twirl and flick. From the finger appeared a fine glowing golden thread, following through the twirl in a spiral before flowing into a canister mounted into the wall. The golden energy joined with the swirling mass of it already inside, pulsed twice, and then settled.

"More than enough good fortune saved up already," the pink-haired woman said dreamily, bringing the extended hand over to caress Starfire's cheek. "But a little extra won't hurt anything now will it, Firebug?"

Starfire's golden skin colored a little at the casual drop of her pet name. Terra shook her head.

"Still think y'all are crazy to get a second one before you even see what kinda mischief this one is gonna make. Plus, ya know, if you think our little Jinxie can mood swing, imagine the damage a hangry preggo Starfire could do!"

Starfire blushed even deeper, huffing indignantly.

"I will be a perfectly pleasant lady creature when I am carrying Raven's child!" she announced, then reached over to caress her fingers along Jinx's belly. "And our beautiful little Joy will be the perfectness of the picture with sweetness and loves for all!"

Raven's eyes opened to gaze down at Starfire, one hand extending to run her fingers through the alien woman's hair. She turned her eyes to Terra and lowered herself gently down to the floor. That cool, piercing gaze regarding her for a long while. Terra couldn't help the butterflies that started fluttering in her stomach.

"Alright, I'll talk!" she said with a laugh, hand slipping into her pocket. "Well, it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. And the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't imagine myself not doing it. These last five years have been amazing, and I owe so much of that to you three. If not for you girls, I wouldn't have met the love of my life," her voice began cracking a little as she pulled the little ring box out of her pocket and opened it for them to see. "I'm gonna ask Julia to marry me!"

"Oh! Oh!" Jinx shouted, reaching out like a toddler wanting to be picked up until a giggling Starfire reached down to ease her into a sitting position. "Oh my Goddess, she's going to love it!" Jinx squealed, bouncing up and down in her seat.

"Yeah?" Terra asked. Her life had changed in a million ways for the better after Jinx had set her up with Julia and she highly valued the woman's input. "I didn't really know what I was doing so I just kinda went with my gut."

"Oh yeah, and she'll love it even more if you tell her that. You know how squishy she is about the lovey dovey stuff."

Terra grinned and nodded. Jinx's face suddenly changed from glowing giddiness to casting a panic stricken look at Starfire.

"I gotta pee!" she cried. Starfire snapped to attention and smoothly lifted Jinx into a perfect princess carry, flying her the short distance to the bathroom. "Don't you dare leave, Blondie! I'm not done with you yet!" she called over Starfire's shoulder.

Raven watched them go, glowing with love and adoration before turning that piercing gaze back onto Terra. She quirked an eyebrow.

"So, any ideas about the Maid of Honor? Jules will snatch up Jinx, no doubt, but what about you?"

Terra gave her a wicked grin.

"Oh yeah, but neither of you need to worry because both positions have already been filled."

"You wound me!" Raven gasped, clutching her chest in mock pain, dramatically feigning insult in a way that was so unlike her in the past.

Terra rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the heart warming feel that came with it. Raven had changed so much over the years, all for the better.

"Actually, I wanted to ask if you'd be the one to marry us. I mean, you're like a sort of priestess already and the pictures would be super badass with you up there in your spiffy white robes. I'm sure Starfire wouldn't mind joining Julia's side with Jinx."

Tears welled in Raven's eyes.

"I'd be honored, Terra," she said, smiling softly. "but then, who did you have in mind?"

"Well, Remember a few months ago when Cyborg and BB challenged me to an all-night gameathon?"


"And remember how we kept ramping up the bets before I totally kicked their asses?"

"Nah, I left early to go have sex with two beautiful women instead because I'm not a total nerd."

Terra full on laughed this time and swatted at Raven good-naturedly.

"Well, let's just say the two of them are going to have some lovely little dresses waiting for them on the big day.

Raven's smile was positively radiant.

"Now that will be glorious!"