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Reconciling & Reliving


The sound of her master's voice washed over her. Oh, how long she had waited to hear it again. She knelt before him, submitting herself to him and all his glory before her. Her head was bowed, respecting to not look at him unless he wished her too. She was still dirty from Azkaban, finding no need to clean herself first and foremost since that wasn't the important thing.

"I hear Rodolphus is dead, Bellatrix."

"Yes, my Lord," Bellatrix responded, her eyes still on the floor, her body still hunched over. She tried to lie, tell him that he was caught in the cross-fire, but found that she couldn't. She could never lie to Him. "He angered me."

A slight laugh was heard, and amusement tainted his voice with the reply that she got, "Not a hard thing for him to do, I would imagine." There was a pause, and slight fear gripped her chest, knowing she most likely was going to be punished for killing one of his own. But she knew that if he chose to that she would deserve it, and she would take it willingly. "But his loyalty was wavering, so it is of no big loss. Rise, Bella. Take my right hand seat."

Bellatrix was surprised she had gotten away with such a thing, but did not question it. Instead she rose, a wicked smile adorning her features from being chosen as his right hand again and sat where she was designated. She looked around at the faces in the room, and her eyes landed on where Lucius stood. He was practically cowering rather than standing, the pathetic man, due to the Dark Lord already using him as an example as to what happens when loyalties waver a first time. A second time, and well… there would be no third.

Narcissa was not in the room, not being able to attend a Death Eater gathering due to her not being sworn in. She as after all, only the wife of Lucius. Only the sister of Bellatrix herself.

Plans were made; things were set in motion for the forthcoming of the Potter boy's forthcoming demise. After a few hours, he dismissed them all, leaving in a flash of smoke and glory. Everyone rushed to leave, except Bellatrix and Lucius. They stared at each other, almost in challenge. He knew why she wasn't leaving.

"I need to speak with my sister," she told him. "Privately."

"I don't like you hanging around her, Bellatrix," he replies, his fingers idly playing with this wand like he was foolish enough to use it on the Dark Lord's right hand. She cocked an eyebrow at him.

"That's unfortunate for you, then," Bellatrix replied as she moved to walk out of the room, about to go into the parlor where Narcissa was waiting for her husband. She stopped before she opened the door and turned to him, a look on her face that he dare not challenge. "And when I mean privately, I mean privately. I'll take her back to your home, but don't foolishly think for a minute if you anger me that my Lord would be distraught over your demise. You have already angered him once today; it's fresh."

Lucius set his jaw and Bellatrix could see it clench. The hand that held his wand shook for a moment, but then it was down by his side again. He knew she was right, and he hated that.

"You have one hour," he told her.

"Two," she corrected, before she watched him narrow his eyes at her, and she could see how much burning desire he had in him to hurt her, and it made a small smile creep onto her lips from her own power. Then he was gone, disapparating immediately.

But then her eyes are on the door, and the worry in the pit of her stomach started to creep up on her like some sort of muggle disease. What is Cissy didn't forgive her? What if she lost her? Rodolphus was no loss, he might have been her husband but he was a bloody tool and a wanker to beat. But Cissy… she was everything.

When she opened the door Narcissa looked up, her long blonde hair flowing behind her gently in the grace of the movement. She stood up from the chair in which she sat, and looked at Bellatrix angrily, though she kept her voice steady. "Where is my husband?"

"He gave me two hours," Bellatrix replied softly, feeling such like a child again from being in the presence of her younger, but more magnificent sister. "He's gone." She had the fleeting thought that she wished she had cleaned up a bit more. She had since taken a bath, but her hair was in desperate need of attention, along with a few other minor things.

"Well you didn't need it," Narcissa said, her voice trembling a bit as she looked at her dark counterpart. She was feeling betrayed by her sister, her own flesh and blood, and it cut deeper than anything ever could. "Goodbye, Bellatrix."

"Cissy, wait!" Bellatrix cried, the desperation falling from her voice in such an obvious way. She put her hand on her arm to still her, or maybe just follow her wherever she disapperated to, it didn't really matter.

"What Bella?" Narcissa let out in an angry tone, a sob choking through her lips, trying to get herself out of her sister's grasp but finding it futile. "What could you possibly say to make it better? You let your husband watch us!"

"I didn't have a choice, Cissy. He knew long before that. He held it over my head since the day we got married, he threatened to tell people," Bellatrix told her, her desperation reaching new heights. She couldn't lose her, not now. She took her hand in hers and pulled her a bit so Narcissa was facing her, looking her in the eyes. "I couldn't let him ruin your life like that. Mine, the rubbish with Mother and the family, I could deal with that. I'd hate every moment of exile but you… you couldn't survive that. I couldn't do that to you. Have you lose everything, have you lose Lucius, who I know you love so much."

Narcissa looked down and sniffed a bit as she bit her bottom lip as it threatened to tremble again. She was silent for a moment before she looked back up to meet Bellatrix's gaze; dark brown into icy blue, and she replied softly, "You killed him, didn't you? I heard what they were saying inside, just bits and pieces. It was you, wasn't it?"

"Of course it was me," Bellatrix told her seriously. "You think I would let anyone ever rob me of that pleasure? He tried to… he almost…" she fell silent for a moment, then asked because she wasn't even sure. "Did he?" she asked in a small voice.

"Did he what, Bella?" Narcissa asked softly, but she was pretty sure she already knew the forthcoming question.

"Did he make me lose you?" Bellatrix asked, her own voice cracking from the emotions behind the question as her grip on Narcissa's hand tightened, not wanting to let go for fear that he had, in fact, did.

"Oh Bella…" Narcissa said with a little sigh. She looked down, biting on her lower lip harder before her eyes rose to meet her sisters as she took her other hand and rested it gently against her cheek. "You could never really lose me. I'm your blood."

Bellatrix closed her eyes lightly at Narcissa's touch, the familiar warmth spreading through her body like fire. "Do you still love me?" she whispered as she tilted her face into her hand to she could kiss her palm lightly.

Narcissa smiled, just a slight tug at the corners of her lips. "Yes," she whispered and pursed her lips together as she stepped closer to the other woman. "More than anything, or anyone. You should know that."

Bellatrix opened her eyes then, looking at her sister. She stepped closer to her hesitantly before bringing her hand up to brush lightly across Narcissa's lips. "It's been fourteen years…" Bellatrix whispered, the need built so much in her that it felt like it would explode. Narcissa closed her eyes a bit at her touch and nodded slowly.

"Feels like forever," she whispered.

"Is it wrong for me to want to relive our past?" Bellatrix asked her softly, needing to know if Narcissa still felt the same way as she did. Narcissa took a hesitant breath, and Bellatrix's own caught in her throat from the fear of what she could say.

But then Narcissa took another step forward, and their bodies were pressed against each other, their robes tangling a bit. "No," she said breathlessly. "Is it wrong I thought about being with you again every day you were gone?"

Bellatrix smiled a bit, closing her eyes as she leaned in and brushed her lips tentatively over her sisters. "If it is, then I was wrong as well."

Narcissa's breathing had picked up significantly and it was her turn to brush her lips lightly against her sisters. "I need to feel you again, Bella. You're the only thing that ever makes me feel whole…"

"Then feel every inch of me," Bellatrix whispered, before not being able to take it any more. Her lips met Narcissa's in what was meant to be a soft kiss, but from how long it had been since their lips have met, it quickly become more passionate than gentle.

Narcissa let out a soft moan as their tongues explored each other again, feeling as if it had been a lifetime ago. Bellatrix's hands wandered as she started to disrobe her sister, walking towards the couch as Narcissa backed up slowly. Hands grasping, tongues dominating, clothes falling to the ground like nothing more than wasted material. Bellatrix pushed Narcissa lightly down onto the couch as she removed the rest of her garments, and when she slid on top of her, they both gasped from the feeling that before seemed like it was only a dream.

"God, Bella…" Narcissa moaned softly as Bellatrix's lips fell to her neck, sucking on the pale skin lightly as her hand roamed down every curve of her sister's body. Narcissa's hips shot up immediately; needing to feel her touch, but Bellatrix didn't want to rush this. It had been over a decade after all.

Her lips fell down to Narcissa's chest, wrapping her dark lips around a pale nipple, making Narcissa gasp out and grasp at the edge of the couch, all of the old feelings coming to surface so rapidly she could barely stand the anticipation. As Bellatrix's tongue worked her like no time had passed, Narcissa's breathing started to come out in short bursts, and she closed her eyes as she grabbed on to her sister's back, just needing to feel her close to her again.

Bellatrix's hand started to go lower then, brushing her fingertips lightly across her sister's clit, teasing it softly. Narcissa bit her lower lip hard and then gasped out, "Please Bella… please, I need you…"

"Shh my love…" Bellatrix hushed her as he lips came up to rest lightly against Narcissa's neck, her breath tickling her ear. "I've been waiting a long time for this…"

"I know, as have I... but…" Narcissa gasped out as her nails dug into Bellatrix's back again as her sister's fingers came to rest between her legs, though still for the most part unmoving. "I need to be connected to you, I just need it right now, Bellatrix…"

Bellatrix smiled and kissed Narcissa's neck softly before sliding two fingers inside of her, making Narcissa gasp out her name again and arch her hips off of the couch, straining to be closer to her. She started rocking her hips against her hand as she lay her head back heavily, eyes closed, mouth open just slightly enough to let out the most erotic sounds Bellatrix had ever heard in her life.

The speed of Bellatrix's fingers escalated, finally making Narcissa start to gasp, pant, scream, moan, and everything else that is good in between. "Oh god, oh god Bella… Bellatrix…" she gasped out, and Bellatrix could feel her tighten around her fingers as her mouth opened in a scream, but nothing came out for a second. Her whole body stilled, tightening even more, before she exploded.

It was like a wave of passion mixed with ecstasy as she rode out the wave, grasping on to her sister as if her life depended on it. When she had finally come down from her high, she turned to her sister and crashed her lips to hers, still panting slightly against them.

"I love you, Bella. God, I love you so much… Don't ever leave me again…"

"Shhh…" Bellatrix shushed her younger sibling again; a smile adorning her usually maddened features. "I'll never leave you again, I swear on my own life…"