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"So let me get this straight…you dragged me through that chick talk, you made me act like a girl to my girlfriend…and then you went and got yourself your own invite?" Mark groaned as we climbed out of my car. "That's not damn fair."

"Well I didn't expect to talk to her," I pointed out. "And she gave me a really good way to invite myself, I couldn't have foreseen that."

"You're an idiot."

"I'm not an idiot," I frowned. I wasn't an idiot, I wasn't an idiot at all. This was actually really smart, or at least it felt smart because it had worked. I was going to see Meredith, the tiny blonde that I couldn't get out of my head and that was all that mattered. It didn't matter that Mark thought I was an idiot. "This is…it's better."

"It's better that you made me act like a girl?"

"No," I rolled my eyes. "Well yes, but that's not…it's better that she invited me. I don't seem like a stalker."

"But you are a stalker."

"You're an idiot," I laughed, shoving my brother's arm and frowning slightly when he didn't move at all. I had to bulk up. I couldn't even push Mark around and I was fighting for a hot girl that could probably have any guy she wanted. This was insane but I wasn't an idiot or a stalker. I just liked listening to her giggle and I liked looking at her and talking to her and all of that was normal. It was normal to do things to let you be around the girl you liked, and I liked Meredith. I had actually asked so definitely not an idiot.


"Shut up."

"Big Grey's never going to go for you."

"I…just shut up," I shook my head as he pounded on the door. I knew he was right. The only girls that had ever gone for me with my scrawny frame and crazy hair were the bookish types that spent most of their time in the library which made Meredith Grey completely out of my league, even if we had amazingly long conversations on the phone. I knew I was fooling myself coming over here and thinking that she was going to be the girl I was going to marry when really she probably just saw me as some dork that wouldn't leave her alone but that didn't stop me from trying. And at least I got to see her if I came over, even if she didn't want me, I could see her.

I was aware I was sounding emo and depressed but I was about to see the girl I liked, so I was pretty sure it was allowed.

"Mark! Derek!" Lexie exclaimed, smiling widely as she opened the door. "You're here."

"Of course," Mark nodded, kissing his girlfriend quickly.

"We're ready for you," Lexie nodded, leaning into him, her eyes falling on me and I'm pretty sure her smile widened. "Meredith's in the living room if you want to go say hi."

"Great, now you think I'm a charity case," I groaned.

"What? No. No, definitely not. It's cute. You and Meredith, you'd be cute, you two would be adorable and just go say hi."

"Fine," I sighed, because really no one had to fight with me to go see Meredith, even if she was going to shoot me down flat when I eventually worked up the courage to ask her out. Which would happen eventually, it would.

She looked completely different today.

Which was probably a bad thing as I had considered her beautiful when she had been a mess from her rather long flight, but right now she looked even better, sitting on the couch with her legs pulled up under her. She hadn't noticed me walking in, she was too busy staring at the remote like it might do something just by her looking at it so I took the second to drink her in. The blonde hair that had been in a messy ponytail was now falling down around her face in casual waves, and the ratty tshirt had been replaced by a purple sweater and…she looked perfect. She looked annoyed and perplexed but kind of completely perfect.

"Hey," I smiled widely, watching as her head suddenly snapped up, a small smile playing at her lips and I was probably imagining that her cheeks picked up a pinkish blush.

"Hey," she breathed.

"Having problems with something?"

"I…" she sighed, her eyes falling to the remote again. "I'm supposed to be turning on the stupid thing and it's not working or something and I…we're watching movies and having beer and snacks and I can't…oh, crap, do you want a beer?"

"Would love one," I nodded, reaching for the remote. "Give."


"Give it to me while you open my beer, I'll figure it out," I shrugged.

"Oh of course," she rolled her eyes and somehow, I kind of loved that she was rolling her eyes at me. "Because you're a man so you know how to work this kind of…stuff."

"I do," I smirked.

"You're going to fail," she giggled, grabbing for a bottle on the table and popping it open.

"Are you insulting my manhood?"


"I'm glad I came to be abused," I laughed, grabbing the beer from her as I fiddled with the remote, because I was pretty sure that I needed to get this to work.

"That's what you get for being a fourth wheel."

"Hey! If I wasn't here you'd be sitting by yourself, swearing at the remote and waiting for the other two to stop making out in the other room, so you should probably think about who you're insulting," I smiled triumphantly as the DVD flickered to life. "You should be happy I'm here."

"Oh…" she breathed. "I…I am. I'm happy you're here."

"Oh…" I echoed, looking up from the remote to look at her again. She looked different, her eyes drawn down in shyness, her cheeks tinged pink. And something about the soft light of the lamp made her kind of look ethereal, which wasn't even a word I ever used but she did, the way the lamp made her golden hair glow made her look nothing like the girl I had picked up at the airport, she looked ethereal. I shifted slightly, not even thinking of it, just wanting to touch her soft hair, feel her skin beneath my fingers and I had to touch her but my slight movement caused her eyes to snap up, green meeting me. Although they weren't green, in the soft light, gold flecks were jumping out at me. She was beautiful, she was so insanely beautiful and ethereal and my brain was racing. I was a calm, cool, rational surgical intern and the woman beside me was so beautiful that my brain was racing with the need to touch her.

"Okay, we've got the food…woah, did I interrupt something?" Mark's voice snapped me back to reality.

"No…ummm…no," Meredith giggled nervously, shaking her head slightly before turning her attention back to Mark and Lexie. "Der…Derek got the DVD player working so…we're good. We were just…and we're good. Movies. Movies and food and we're good."

"Okay," Lexie frowned slightly, putting down a plate full of food on the coffee table in front of Meredith and I. "Well, I don't know what we should watch first."

"Funny, put something funny on," Mark suggested.

"Baby Mama?" Meredith asked.

"Good choice," I smiled at her, or at least I think I smiled. Smiling was hard to do when you were considering killing your brother for interrupting a perfect moment to touch or do something that you still desperately wanted to do.

"Do you want to show off how big of a man you are again and put it on?" she giggled.

"And there you go insulting my manhood again."

"I am not!" she gasped slightly. "Compliment…I was contemplating your manhood, you got the stupid DVD thingie working, didn't you?"

"DVD thingie?"

"Shut up and put on the movie," she pouted. I hadn't seen her pout before, frown but not actually pout. When she pouted her nose scrunched up and her eyes got darker and she looked so completely adorable that I didn't actually want to move to throw the DVD in the machine because it would involve stopping looking at her and that didn't even feel like an option.

I was pathetic and so in over my head and I was aware of this but I wasn't sure I could help it or even if I wanted to.

"I'll get it, Shep," Mark groaned, moving to grab the Blockbuster case off the floor. "Fucking woman."

"I…I was going to do it," I frowned. "Patience."

"Yeah yeah."

"Be nice and just put it on Mark," Lexie sighed. "And you two, help yourself to the food. It's just munchies and stuff so…start munching or whatever."

"Thanks, Lex," I grinned.

"Meredith helped," Lexie shrugged. "She…she can't cook but she…she can work the oven so she helped."

"Thanks, Mer," I smiled, looking over at her again, which was probably a bad idea as I was really trying to not look at her and act slightly like the normal person that I knew I had the ability to be.

"You're welcome," she breathed.

"Now shut up so we can watch the movie," Mark sighed, grabbing for his own beer as he sat down, pulling Lexie onto his lap.

"Shutting up," I nodded, stealing a quick glance at Meredith before turning my attention to the movie. This was good. We weren't touching, we weren't even close to touching but this was nice. I still hadn't managed to get Meredith out of my head so it was nice to sit with her and be with her. The fourth wheel thing had worked out and maybe…we could laugh or something and end up sitting closer which would be nice, even though the thought sounded more than a little dorky in my head. I was pretty sure Meredith Grey made me feel like I had never actually done this before, and I had. I had dated before. I had actually dated plenty, I had just never wanted to date anyone like Meredith.

Because she was something completely different than every girl that had ever noticed me.

And because I was pretty sure she was it.

"I love Tina Fey," Mark laughed as I leaned forward to grab a jalapeno popper from the plate just as Meredith leaned forward to grab the same one, our hands finding each other's instead.

"Oh…" she breathed, pulling her hand back quickly. "Sorry."

"It's okay," I murmured, looking quickly at Mark and Lexie, whose eyes were still glued to the screen. "Ladies first, you can have it."

"I don't think anyone has ever called me a lady before," she giggled.

"Now that's a shame," I smiled, grabbing for the jalapeno popper we had both grabbed for and handing it to her, smiling wider as our fingers brushed against each other.

"Th…thanks," she whispered.

Our eyes met again, the golden light in her eyes being slightly muted by the light the television was now emitting. But somehow, I still had no desire to move or to look away. She was beautiful. She was tiny and delicate and ethereal and mainly just beautiful. I barely knew her and yet somehow, I had fallen so deep and so fast that I couldn't even manage to look back the television to see what was happening on the movie. It was sad and pathetic and maybe Mark was right and I was a woman, because all of my thoughts were far too cheesy to be anything close to manly, but somehow the golden flecks in her eyes and the soft way she smiled made it impossible to look away.

Mark and Lexie suddenly laughed loudly at something on the screen.

Meredith blinked at the noise, shifting her head to look at them as I moved back to lean back against the couch, sitting closer to her than I had been before.

I could sit for hours

Finding new ways to be awed each minute

Cause the daylight seems to want you

Just as much as I want you

So...Derek's plan has worked and he has found himself with Meredith, being forced into a situatiion where it really is the two of them and he's basically just left in complete and total awe of her every five seconds because he likes her that much. However, this is young Derek so he's still a little on the dorky side, because Derek is a dork and he has no idea what to do but well..yeah. I think if I keep going I'll give you guys spoilers so shutting up now.

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