Jedi Knight strangely attracted to the Dark Side of the Force. Though I do not dare enter, it feels strong within me. For this is the realm of the Sith. When days are dark, and power has met its toll. It is time, yes time for the Dark Days of the Sith......

Chapter 1

The days grow long and cold. A black rose out side my door, tinged with purple, lays silent.

"But why?" she asked her Master, "Why these feelings of the Dark Side! No matter how hard, or gently, I take them, they do not go away."

"The force works in mysterious ways Young Knight. It may in fact be your destiny." sadly he turned, "for it is in your blood." Picking up the rose he handed it to her. "Your mother received one of these by your father long, long ago. For it was their destiny to be Dark Jedi and fall in love."

She took it, a tear rolled down her face as she held it.

"You know who sent it .....Don't you..."

She nodded "Indeed.......I do."

The young knight bowed and left her master....* why me* she thought. Her plans had all been different, to become a Jedi Master on the Council and to teach the ways of the Force.

She walked in the light rain outside the temple, her hood covering her short brown curls as she contemplated. It was beginning to get dark at the sun's set and shadows began to appear. A slight fear crept around her....* someone's following me* she turned the corner and, light saber at the ready, listening to the foot steps draw closer to see who it was. The figure turned and she engaged her crimson saber. " Wait! Je'ni! It's me!!" he un covered his hood and she disengaged her saber, "Dark Lord Benil?" she was shocked but in her heart felt joyful. He smiled "Yes dear." as he took her hand. "I see you've received the rose."

"I.....yes, I did."


He turned in front and looked down upon her. "I love you Je'ni, and I want us to be together forever." She looked at him, "but I......I can't" slowing turning her head to the ground she began to cry. "Why not sweetheart? Don't cry." He embraced her and she him. "I love you too" she said. "But..."

"But what?"

She at that moment realized,*why not?*......"I....I don't know..."


Chapter 2

Her mind was made, "tonight?"

"Are you serious?" Ben said shocked and amazed

she held him tighter and explained "Yes, I can't bear it any longer. I truly, deeply love you."

"Well then, it's set. We will be married tonight." A little concerned b asked, "but what of the council?"

"Kidnapped, that's what it will have to be."

"I can arrange that." He said smiling. "Now we have to do this right, so" he knelt down on one knee and pulled a small box from his cloak. "I have had this since the day after I met you. Je'ni, will you marry me?" opening the box was a ring made of gold with a small red crystal, (the kind that Light sabers are made of). "The crystal is a part of my Light sabers."

As her eyes swelled with tears she said "yes, yes of course!" he placed the ring on her finger and they kissed.

"But wait, how could you have known? The day we met I was your master's prisoner and he ordered you to guard me while they attempted to make a trade with the council. You almost killed me that day!"

"I have to be honest, when they ordered me to kill you; I was delighted, another Jedi scum gone. But when I looked into your eyes, I didn't see death, but a new life. It was then that I fell in love with you. I was the one that slipped you the note on how to escape. Then I made this ring and kept in my cloak for all these years"
They held each other tight again.

"Now hurry on, I know you have to get ready. When you are, place this cloth out side you window and be ready to be kidnapped."
She laughed "alright! Haha"

The newly engaged Jedi ran off in separate directions, one to design a kidnapping, the other a wedding dress.

Chapter 3

She wore her engagement ring on her right hand and her wedding ring on her left. That way no one would know the young Knight had broken the code and was married. None the less she WAS just about to be "kidnapped."

She didn't use her normal carry bags, that would look to suspicious, but her simple rucksack. It was beyond full but it was all she could do. *BOOM*

'Blast! What in the name of?!?' using the force she was able to keep from being thrown very far. Her kidnapper had arrived, in just as much as style as a pod–racing accident, but never the less, he was here and sure made it look like she was taken by force.

Of course this is contrary, seeing as he leaped out and carried her on to the ship, making sure he didn't hurt her by his landing.

In a flash they where gone, headed of to one of the Moon of Iego to be married by a holy man.

The next morning Je'ni-ti an woke up to a delicious breakfast in bed prepared by her former mortal enemy, now husband.

'You're famous dear!" Ben said 'just look, you're all over the galactic news." Headlines flashed at the bottom of the morning show they where watching – Missing Jedi Knight – Bounty hunters suspected of kidnapping.

''Bounty hunters? Hahaha.' She said as she took a bite of her toast with strawberry jam.

'I'll bounty your hunters.' Ben said as he crawled across the bed and began tickling her.

'Mmmhmmmhmm…let me she this down before you make a mess of my breakfast…, where were we?' as she spoke she slid under the covers while the news feeds continued to roll…'

The same news feeds were streaming across another screen …….a dark figure rose from his throne. 'Captain, prepare my ship. We have a honeymoon to crash.'


Chapter 4

Later that day as they where laying in bed the young bride spoke to her husband.

"I have to go back eventually you know." She said sadly

"Yes, I know." He began to run his finger through her hair. Everything was perfect, just perfect.

"Just not too soon." She rolled over to kiss him….*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*

They were silent…..terrified….their hearts stopped…..*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*

"I love you" she whispered, she feared for her life. Banishment from the Jedi order is all she could think. "What ever is behind that door is very dark, I can sense it.'

"Yeah, me too." He said. Thinking quickly he ushered Je'ni to a chair and tied her up.

"If anyone's getting into trouble it's going to be me." Quickly giving her a kiss he turned to the door being burst open.

"Ha, Ha, Ha." Through the door entered the Dark Lord of the Sith, Varikan. He stood tall. Black hair to his shoulders, his blue eyes seemed as if they gazed through ones very soul. As he stepped into the room, he brought with it a darkness, a feeling despair.

"Very good my boy." He said putting his arm around his young apprentice. "What a beauty you have captured. She will make a fine slave, or possible apprentice for yourself."

Ben did not understand what he was talking about, but went along with him and tried to keep a straight face.

The Dark Lord then walked to the frightened girl. "Do you fear me?"


"good." He snickered. The couple was somewhat relieved. He hadn't noticed……..yet.

"Bring her aboard my ship and we shall………wait……."

He knew.

"This is delicious. A Jedi in love! With a Sith no less! What has the galaxy come to these days?"

It was too much, she began to cry.

"I wonder, does the Sith love the Jedi back? Obviously not, considering their positions. This would make an interesting tale for your archives called, 'Love and Betrayal.' Not that you'll be alive long enough to document it." He began to walk toward his ship for a second time, and yet again stopped turned and slapped his apprentice.

"FOOL!! How could you fall in love?!?! Such weakness!!!!" Raging with fire he stepped onto his ship. "Bring her aboard quickly….*maybe this will work out better than I planned* he thought.

The young lovers looked at each other, frightened, yet somewhat relieved.

Varikan's guards came out, binding her wrist behind her back they took her away violently into the ship


Chapter 5

The Sith Lord was heartless. Je'ni was taken to a prison cell and Ben was locked in his chamber. The Jedi were looking for her and even offered a fine ransom for her return

Perfect, he could not have planned it better. Ben felt horrid, his love was locked away and it was truly his fault.

Je'ni just wanted her husband, to be comforted, to be safe.

The cell's bars had electric currents running through them, that way the prisoners could not come close to them to harass the guards. She did not know yet.

The Dark Lord brought Ben to the prison, when she saw him enter the room she ran up to the bars "Ben…AHHhhhhhhhh…" she grabbed the bars and shook them....they gave her a terrible shock and she jumped back from them and screamed from the pain. Ben ran up, as close as he could get with out being shocked.

"Don't you dare hurt her." He said to his master. "Now, now my boy. Don't worry, she'll be taken care of." Ben did not like the sound of her 'being taken cared of.'

"Now we must talk, Varikan took his apprentice under his arm and they sat down on some chairs not far from the Jedi's cell.

She was layed on her back, her hands where burning as she closed her eyes…..a memory played through her head……..

Je'ni-ti An sat in the meditation room, eyes closed, pondering on the past. Her master walked in and sat down. "Your thoughts dwell on Ben. More than usual… everything OK? "

" NO, he's falling." She looked up at him with tear stained eyes. "I'm being torn in half."

Her master sighed and put his arms around her while thinking *Not another one* She began to cry more, for she could read his thoughts………

Chapter 6

"What can I do to have her stay with me, so that I can care for her now?" Ben was furious with his master for having the electric bars on.

"She would be a most valuable addition to us. If you can convince her to join she may stay with you."

*But that may take a while, or even never.* he thought, but his thoughts were deceived. Being strong with the force his Master knew everything he was thinking.

That was the last straw.

"I have had ENOUGH!! I want her in my care NOW!!!" Ben grabbed his lightsaber and held it to his master's neck. Heaving with anger, he watched as a sinister smile crept along Varikan's face.

"You are very strong with anger my boy, it makes you more powerful……you wouldn't really have the guts to kill me, I who have taught you everything!

Ben slowly lowered his lightsaber and extinguished it. Falling to his knees he spoke once again. " Let me take her..…… for her……… teach her."

"So you agree?"

"As long as I keep her in m care, then yes."

"Fine," he waved his hand to open the cell door, "love is such a useless thing anyways." He murmured under his breath as he made his way to the elevator.

"I'll be watching you young one, always watching" the doors shut as his last words echoed in the prison.

Ben ran to his love, "Je'ni, are you alright…sweetheart." He lifted her to his arms and kissed her forehead.



"Just hold me"


Chapter 7

Meanwhile, back at the Jedi Temple……..

Master Chi knew the Sith had something to do with his apprentice's disappearance. They just told the media Bounty Hunters. It made the search easier all around. *They have not had major conflicts with them is many years, and why this girl?* he thought, *Why not others much more gifted, not that she wasn't excelled in studies herself, but there where others, more vulnerable to the Dark Side. It was in her blood though, and they probably knew that. And that boy she likes,* Chi was never fond of him. *It was forbidden to have a relationship, but that doesn't mean it never happened in the shadows. His thoughts dwelled on their sad tale…............It all seems so long ago.......

A young boy, a young girl, friends, nothing else. Young Jedi's in training. Smiles on their faces, hugs in their arms, laughs on the mouth.
The girl always one step ahead in training, the boy trailing behind ...a little.
The teen years came. and suddenly the girl became.....different...graceful, pretty even. Feelings where not to be shown. Breaking the code was the last thing he wanted. Still his heart went to her.

The day came to become Padawans. Of course she was picked first. She was always better..........he never was picked. Only a few were.

Ben Sadly walked home, a stranger appeared suddenly. Darkly cloaked, offering power greater than what Je'ni was getting...... A greed came over, the offer accepted.

Dawning a black cloak. Wielding a new lightsaber. He began training. Easier than of before. That's when his eyes turned colors. That's the day he fell.

Chapter 8

Ben took his wife to his chambers and laid her gently on the bed.

Sitting down next to her, he stroked her hair.

He had forgotten his past….more like brain washed.

*How could I have been so stupid……I was young and foolish…*

He was trained to use hate and anger to be his guide. Eight years had past since he left the Academy, eight years of hunting down and destroying the Jedi.

He had even forgotten his young childish crush on Je-ni, until the day of his final test.

With his head resting in his hands, he cried, and remembered….

I never had wanted to enter the Jedi Temple again. But alas the dark side brought me back. Along with my Master I went. We broke in the temple disguised as Jedi. No one noticed us except that one girl. She could feel us, I could sense it. I told my master of the feeling I had. Action must be taken or else the entire mission would have been a complete failure. I turned around and asked her if she would take a look at our ship….it was having 'problems'…. reluctantly she followed. She wore her hood low, over her eyes; it wasn't until we got into the ship that she realized it was a trap. She was put into that same prison cell that she is in now, and I was given orders to exterminate her. She then removed her hood. That is when I saw who she was…..

*No, it can't be.......* I thought *A Jedi now....and even more beautiful.....I cant kill her.....she is my old school friend* I felt like I could have cried. *For what do I have left? Darkness.......*

She stood ready to fight to the death, knowing I was more powerful, and that this would be her last battle.

"Je'ni-ti An" I called her. It was then I knew I loved her, but she could never love me back, it was against her order."

She almost didn't believe it was me.

"Ben?, Is that you?" She said, " It's been so long, So this is what happened to you, you turned on us, on your own people….you turned on me " Tears formed in her eyes as she lowered her sabers and sat in the corner …….and would not speak to me.

As I left the ship I 'accidentally' dropped the code to the prison doors. She was able to escape then.
She in Jedi robes, with a Padawan, herself a future. Myself, an apprentice to the Darkside, with nothing......I shouldn't have left the light...there is no turning back now. The Dark in love with the light, and the Light in love with the dark.........yet they are the death of each other.
The Darkside, is my despair and loneliness, fear and hate, anger and suffering........and ultimate fate.

Ben came back to reality and began to cry…..*I must save her, I must rejoin the Light.*

Chapter 9

Je'ni awoke to her husband crying. "Baby, what's wrong?"

He leaned over and gave her a kiss.

"I have to make things right again. It was a mistake to leave you, and the Academy."

"But dear, if you had not have left, we probably would be in more pain, for we never could have married." She sat up and rubbed her husbands back. " I was fifteen when you left. Some of the masters said it was good, for they sensed my feelings even before you did. I began falling in love with you at academy, it only grew into more when you left."

She cuddled up next to him and turned his head with her hand. " I know you had a crush on me while we where training, it never fully bloomed until you where about to kill me…..You said that yourself."

"Funny how things like that happen" he said, kissing her. "But I do need to get you out of here. It might take a few weeks to come up with a plan, and to waste time before we escape."

"Don't worry, we'll think of something."

"At least we are safe for now….well safe as you can be in a Sith Ship"

Pulling him down onto the bed she said

"Until then mister, we need to enjoy the rest of our honeymoon"

He turned off the lights and pulled her into a deep kiss.


Chapter 10

Latter that night Je'ni –ti An was playing with her rings, she looked into the stone in her engagement ring and something flickered inside. Not in the ring, but within herself. She had felt it before, back when she received the rose. That drawing toward the dark side. Without waking Ben she got up and put on a robe. Using the force to guide her, she made her way to the Dark Lords chambers. He was not asleep, but up and waiting for her.

"How did you know I would come?"

"The force is very strong with me."

"I see," she said questionably. "Then you know why I am here?"

"Yes," he smiled "To save your marriage, you are going to join us."

"Actually, I had other plans" She whipped out her lightsaber, which was carefully hidden under her robe, and held it to his throat.

"You Jedi surprise me, one minute it's all talk about peace, the next war and violence. What is it then you want?"

"I have always had taste for the darker side of the force." She said lowering her saber. "I don't want to join the Sith. I'm going to become a Dark Jedi."

"Yes, I noticed your red blade. But then, why come to me?"

"I want you to free us, and let us be." She was stern in her words, and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Je'ni stood there......The Sith's eyes glaring at her.
She glared right back at him, her griped tightened around her lightsaber handle.

Those eyes.......I've seen them before.........

Then came a flash back she had hope never to see again...........

Little Jen was playing at home when her Father came in. He looked worried, and she sensed something was the matter.
Daddy, what's wrong? She asked
Very troubled he father Wil'ek replied- Someone's coming dear, you must hide.
She stood up and said - I want to help too!
Her father looked at her with worried eyes. No dear, not this time. You're too little. I'll be back, you'll see.
She felt afraid, her fathers words did not comfort her.
Where's Mommy? She asked.
With no intentions of telling his young daughter she had been killed, he replied – She's out, now please dear I……
The door being kicked open interrupted him. A dark figure with blue eyes came in and drew a lightsaber.
This frightening Jen ran to her father screaming. Daddy help!
Her father looked down at her said Run my darling! I Love You! As he drew his lighsaber.
She ran under a table and watched in terror her father fight the intruder. Back and forth they fought, back and forth…until…….
Jen screamed NO! Daddy! Tears poured down her sweet angel face.
Stepping over the Jedi that lay beneath him. The dark creature with blue eyes walked over to the crying girl.
He grabbed her looked her in the eyes and said "I shall chase you down, when you are older, old enough to know what you can become, I will always be after you till then…."
She was shaking as he said this, she closed her eyes and started screaming.
He threw her to the floor and ran off. Saying "I will be back for YOU!"
Je'ni ran out the backdoor and did not stop.

Back to her senses she glared harder and thought. Knowing her could hear her. killed my mother......

The sith grinned back at the young Jedi. "You are strong-willed, young one, and I sense you are strong as well. But you have chosen foolishly. I will not go easy on you."


Chapter 11

He came towards Jen, just grinning. That face that had haunted her dreams for many years.

She took a deep breath ,Never fight in anger she remembered her father telling her.
She took a step forward and swishing there sabers met.
I've never fought anyone with two sabers before...and he's strong.....
Left..right..left..... right.... until NO, no...he's to strong for me she thought.
His right saber caught hers and flung it out of her hand against the wall.
She stood there un-armed as he picked her up by the force and held her right in front of him.
Ahhhhhh Help! Ahhhh! Let me go! she screamed.

Varikan glared at Jen; he tightened and tightened his grip, attempting to knock her out...he had almost succeeded...until...

Ben came from behind and took a swing at the sith's hip. In foolishness, Ben forgot about the sith's attunement to the Force. Varikan took his other saber and defended the blow. As his rage increased, it caused his hold on Jen to let go and fling her into the wall near her saber.
"Fool!" he yelled as he kicked the boy backwards. Ben landed with a thud, his saber spinning away from him on the ground.

The sith returned his attention to Ben and attacked once more. Jen screamed till she hit the wall....and hit it hard…….then fell to the ground.
Tears fell once more from her eyes. ooohhhhh I can barely head hurts.......ohhhhhh Then she noticed her was lightsaber close by.
With what strength she had left she used the force to retrieve it.
At least its not broken she thought as she hid it in her tunic.
Half conscious she laid there, her head turned and watched the Sith and her husband.

Ben had followed her right after she shut the bedroom door. He knew she was going to try negotiating with his Master. And that she would either end up dead or close to it.

Ben got up and used the force to retrieve his weapon. "I told you not to hurt her."

The Dark lord laughed, "Oh, but she challenged me young Padawan. I was just defending myself." Before Ben's weapon reached him Varikan pulled both Ben's and Jen'ni's to him. "Foolish children, you think you can out do me?" Motioning his guards he said "Take them back to their room, I have had enough for tonight."


No Ben thought, I have had enough of you, Sending a mental message to Jen he said It's now or never Dear, we have to escape.

She knew he spoke the truth, they would never to be able to escape the prison with out outside help. We need to focus on the force together, he possibly can't outdo that, She responded.

He winked, they had used this trick as Younglings on the other students. As the guards approached they focused on the force around each other. Then BOOM, as if a bomb had gone off the guards and Sith Lord where thrown backwards on their backs. Ben grabbed his and Jen's blades and ran to her they focused on the force again, but this time shooting them selves upward and to the roof of the building.

"NO! After them!" Varikan called to his guards as he shot himself up toward them. He was too late. The landing platform was just above the Dark Lord's chamber as Varikan watched as Ben flew away in a cargo ship. "NO! HOW DARE YOU RUN FROM ME!" he yelled. Varikan walked back down to his chambers, in his anger he threw the guards down the stairs when he ran into them.

Back in his chamber he slumped in his throne and tried to pick them on radar, but again it was too late, they had made the jump to hyperspace. "AAAAHHHHGGGG! Damn that boy, he is no good to me anymore! For what good is love anyways?!?" He too had been young and in love once, but the rules where more strictly enforced then. And punishment at the Jedi temple was severe……

"Padawan? Padawan where are you?" Varikan's master called for him in the late hours of the night.

"Here I am Master, just out for a late stroll" The young Varikan said, lying through his teeth.

"I see," he said skeptically, as they walked back toward the chambers. "You know that Padawans are not allowed out after hours with out permission of their Masters."

"Yes Master, I am sorry. I just had something on my mind, something disturbing my sleep"

"Which was?"

" The Dark Side of the force, and the rules of the Sith"

His Master stopped walking and stared at him. "What? What do you mean?"

"I mean, how come they are not so tied down by rules, they are so free and…."

" And destroyers of peace and humanity! Everything we strive to maintain."

"what About Love"

"Love?" His master was a little confused about this question.

"The darkside allows people to make more choices and express their emotions instead of suppressing them like the Jedi do." He sat on a bench nearby as they continued talking.

"Not exactly. The Sith are not free to love. Which is something the Jedi do as well. In fact Uthar says that the only thing worse than love is mercy." He could tell there was something more to this question than he Padwan would let out.

"May I go to bed? I am getting tired Master"

"Yes young one, we shall discuss this in the morning."

"Very well" *If I am even here in the morning* he thought, bowed and walked to his room.

I can't believe I got out of that. Varikan thought, stuglling with emotions inside he ran back to the padawan chambers. He wasn't just talking a stroll, he was with the Padawan that held his heart………

Chapter 14

"Where to sweet heart?" Ben said

"The Jedi Temple, I have to let Chi know that I am fine." She said sadly, she didn't want to go through with this but better sooner than later.

"Maybe he can help us" Ben said trying to make her feel better.

They made it back to the Jedi temple, exhausted and hungry. Je'ni was not feeling well at all, very sick to her stomach. They walked though the halls for half an hour before she could feel the presents of her Master. Chi felt her as well, and ran to greet them. She began crying and wrapped her arms around him. "It's been a long time Je'ni, are you alright? Come in here and tell me everything."

The three entered her old room and sat. She told him everything that had happened. Well almost everything. Yes, they got married, but nothing about a planned kidnapping. She hoped he wouldn't be too angry at her.

"I'm just glad you are safe now. But, I don't know what we are going to do about him. He is a Sith, soon the elders will sense his presence and come after him." He could feel the love surrounding the couple and knew they would not want to be separated.

"Can't we disguise him?" Je'ni said, he head was aching and she began to feel queasy.

"I have some of his old robes, they should probably fit." She laid her head on Bens shoulder.

"Are you alright sweetie?"

"I don't know, I don't feel well at all."

"Here, lay her down in bed and I'll get some medications." Her Master began to leave, but began to feel something. He had felt it since he meet up with them, it just began to be stronger……….there was another person present.

Chapter 15


"Sweetie? Je'ni? What is it?"

Ben came rushing into the bedroom. He had been discussing a course of plans with Master Chi. He sat on the bed next to his wife, who had been sleeping for a few hours.

"Oh Ben, it's,……well…something wonderful!"

"Well, what is it dear?"

"Here," she took his hand and placed it on her stomach." Can you feel that? You are a father now!"

His hand quivered, there was movement, a push on his hand. He threw his arms around Je'ni.

"Oh sweetie! I love you! This is so exciting!"

"What's going on?" Chi heard the excitement, he already knew but let them find out themselves.

"Ben and I are parents now!" Je'ni chimed in with joy. "But Master, the only thing that concerns me is how fast the child is growing."

"You mean how fast SHE is growing, dear" Ben said as he placed his hand back on his baby's elbow that was poking around.

"A girl" Je'ni said, sighing

The couple was so happy, they didn't think of how much danger they were in, or this new danger. They were at peace with each other, a family.

" Her midiclorian count," Chi said, breaking the silence, " You are both Jedi. She will grow faster before she is born. Then she will grow like a normal child."

Chi smiled as he looked upon his old Padawan. "Just like you Je'ni. Of course you don't remember. But I remember when your mother carried you. Only three months."

"We have to think of a name now dear." Ben said, leaning in to his wife.

"Well we have three months for that!" She leaned over and kissed him. They where truly at peace. Not knowing or caring what was going around in the universe……..though they should.

Chapter 16

Meanwhile, back in his ship, the Dark Lord sulked and plotted.

*Love…..* he thought *Love will destroy you…..* He slipped into a sleep, a sleep of a dream he hoped to never dream again……

The Jedi Temple gardens were peaceful and green, with the scent of newly bloomed flowers. Two figures sat at the edge of the fountain of Peace, commemorating the old Masters of the Jedi Order.

"They are sending me out to the war" she said, her hair was soft and blonde, her eyes as blue as his.

"But why Lumyia, why are they sending you?" Var said, putting his arm around her. Her padawan robes were soft and brown, and swayed in the breeze.

"They know about us," with that she began to cry.

*No…" he thought *NOOO!* Anger bottled up inside

"No! they cant! He protested" Let me go too, I'm trained as well, I can help, fight beside you."

"no Var, you can not go" said a very stern voice from behind them

Varikan turned to face Lumyia's Master.

" You know the code, attachment is forbidden. You must be rid of it so that you may continue your work as a Jedi."

"But that isn't fair." Var stood, his rage rising with in him self "I love her."

A storm began to close in, others quickly moved inside to keep out of the rain.

"Let go of your anger Varikan, it will destroy you" Her Master scowled.

"No master Chi, if you separate us, that is what will destroy me" his anger continued to grow as he reached for his lightsaber.

"Varikan, please don't fight him, for me please don't. I love you." Lumyia grabbed Varikan's arm and stood behind him. Whispering in his ear "I love you"

"Don't you see Lumyia, they are denying us what truly makes us happy, and I don't see that as the Jedi way" he looked at her, her eyes full of tears and her robes spotted with rain. He leaned in and kissed her. It stopped too soon, Lumyia was pulled away from him.

"Enough!" Chi said pushing her away with the force. "Padawan, back to your room, prepare to leave tonight"

That was it, he snapped "NO!, you can not take her!" Varikan threw himself at Chi and their Lightsabers met with a hiss in the rain.,

"Stop Var! you are only going to get yourself hurt!" Lumyia ran toward him in protest.

"I said go back Padawan" Chi yelled, he could fell the darkness in Var and wanted Lumyia away from his wrath.

"AAAAHHHARR" Var lunged and the fight began. Chi was a Master and far superior in skill, but with his anger Var fought well, that is until…..

"Now stop this! Stop this both of you!" Lumyia yelled, but no neither of them heard her, the thunder of the storm was growing, lightening crashing and rain as thick as the sea fell around them. All Lumya could see was the glow of the lightsabers in combat.

"Varikan!! VARIKAN!!! STOP!!!" She ran close now, with her lightsaber engaed.

Var couldn't tell who was coming, *not another one* he thought. His raged blocked out any force feelings and as he pushed Chi out the way, his lightsaber came down on the one he was trying to protect.