Chapter 25

*beep-boop-bo-beep* (I don't think you are doing that right, doesn't the red cord connect to the green one?) Spoke M.A.K., a Multi-tasking, Android, K edition, and long time companion to Dismas.

"shut up MAK, Yes I know what I'm doing." Dismas said impatiently.

*boop-bop- beep-beep" (I beg to differ meat bag)

Dismas kicks MAK to the opposite side of the cockpit. *WEEEEOOOO*

"There, the power is back." Dismas had unfortunately ran into a set of traps laid out for tresspassers that shut off his ships power leaving it motionless in the nights sky.

"Do you still have the ships position?" Grabbing a glass of java juice he sat back in his seat very relaxed.

"Bee-bop" (Of course I do)

"Good, let's go take down more space scum." The computer lit up and began to reboot.


"No, I don't want any of your rainbow sticks" He said to the Droid as the ship began moving once again through the stars.


M.A.K beeped happily and rolled down to the supply room. Dismas shook his head and carefully guided his ship without setting off any more traps. His radar blinked back on and picked up a few ships in the distance.

"Just a little closer…..closer….hmmmm" *whats this?* he thought. It was a strange ship, something he had never seen before. "M.A.K., set the scanners on that ship, see if there are any Force users."


"There is a ship in the distance Master," Xip reported.

"Keep watch on it Xip, They might just be passing by." Taz began to walk out of the room. She gave him a look and he knew that was not true.

"Alright then, just keep an eye on it. Let me know what you sense as soon as possible."

Tazaki headed down to the main room where Joan, Jen and Ben where coming up with a plan. "There's a ship approaching on the radar and Xip doesn't like the looks of it."


Var was busy in the lab when the ship lost power, throwing him against the computer as it stopped abruptly.

"KAL!?!" he yelled to a very frightened girl. She didn't know what was going on and her master had never used that tone of voice before.

"I don't know whats going on Master, everything just stopped. I'll turn on the emergency lights and open the stairway hatches." As she spoke she noticed a ship headed right towards them.

"uuuaahhhhhh Master, theres a ship headed toward us."

Grumbling, for a great portion of his vials had broken, leaving a strange goo mix on the floor. Varikan headed up to the cockpit.








"Stop the ship Xip, go hide behind that meteor, Now!! Maybe they haven't detected us." Taz said franticly, he wasn't expecting this. He sat down in the captians chair and helped her with the levers…."Xip??" "XIP!!"

The girl had blacked out, slumping in her chair.

"Oh death sticks…..Help! I need some help up here." He maneuvered the ship and landed it on a large rock. Jen and Joan ran up franticly.

"Whats going on Taz?"

"Get Xip, she's passed out, take her down the medical room. Please, make sure she's safe. There's something out there, something disastrous."

The women carried her down as Ben showed up.

"Taz, what's going on."

"I honestly don't know old friend, I just don't know."


"Hahaha, there are force users. Good job M.A.K."

"Boop, beep, boop" ( yes, thank you, hold your applause.)

"Prepare to board the ship." Dismas grinned, more Jedi to capture, more money for him.

"Beepop-bebep" (Ready to stun the engines sir)

"Alright, let's do this."

The ships engines roared as the stun device was set out.

"Got it"

Slowly the bounty hunter's ship loomed closer on the smaller transporter until it magnetized the ships together.

"Alright M.A.K, lets go meet our new friends."

"beep" (hahaha)


"It doesn't look good Ben." Taz was all in a jumble. His padawan was passed out, something gloomed over them. And this ship stopped moving. He began flipping switches and pushing the emergency buttons.

"What happened to Xip?" he said very worried.

"Foreshadowing, she saw something terrible, and I'm guessing this is it….Oh, no"

"Why aren't we moving Taz??"

Pointing at the ship in front of them, "That's why Ben, That's why.