What does it say about the times in which we live that there are humans responsible for the creation of vampires?

By orders of her Majesty, the Hellsing organisation moved in to shut down an underground lab responsible for manufacturing FREAK chips. Or rather, one agent moved in. It was a short, one-sided battle. With gun, hands and fangs, Hellsing's resident vampire Alucard gleefully created an artwork of gore and blood on every surface.

"Oh? I presume I'll be allowed to kill humans, then?" he had asked Sir Integra when she had given him his orders, and her eyes had immediately narrowed with suspicion.

"Only within the confines of the mission," she had replied firmly, seemingly leaving no room for loopholes.

Now, apart from insects, arachnids and vermin, three of the higher ranking scientists were the only life forms remaining within the warehouse turned research facility. One of them looked at him defiantly while her compatriots cowered in the background, eyes glazed as they suffered nothing short of a nervous breakdown. "You're Hellsing's pet," the relatively calm one sneered. "Why do you serve the hunters of your own kind?"

"I have my reasons," he replied, and aimed the Jackal at her forehead. "Tell me who engineered this, and where to find them."

She spat at his feet.

"London!" one of the others shrieked in blind terror. "They're in London, right under Hellsing's very nose!"

It took only a very little intimidation to produce further details, and then he was feasting on their blood. The crimson liquid confirmed their belief in what they had told him. He doubted that FREAK's true masterminds would reveal themselves so readily, but it was enough. He had been ordered to destroy the chips' manufacturers. Nothing had been said about limiting that to the lab.

Mr. Petrovi and Mr. Blair sat in the latter's lavishly decorated dining room. Seated at the mahogany table, they lifted their wineglasses in a toast under the light of a sizable chandelier. "To our… business pursuits," said Mr. Blair. Mr. Petrovi nodded, and the clink of glass hitting glass was echoed by dark, inhuman laughter. Two pairs of hazel eyes widened, and wine spread its stain across the fluffy carpet when a glass slipped out of chubby fingers' grasp.

"Who are you?" Mr. Blair snarled at the red-clad figure that had most certainly not been grinning madly in the corner just seconds ago.

"I'm the Hellsing organisation," Alucard replied, and then, in an entirely unexpected gesture, lowered his gun so that the muzzle was pointed at the floor. "I understand that a number of knights are currently holding a meeting next door." The humans gave each other nervous but puzzled looks. "You've got ten minutes, and then I'm coming after you." He sounded almost playful.

Petrovi grabbed Blair's arm and dragged him out the door. "What the hell you think you're doing?" the latter spluttered indignantly.

"It's Hellsing's vampire. He'll slaughter us without a second thought… unless we have leverage."


"Like noblemen." Blair gave a blank look. Petrovi rolled his eyes. "Like knights, you fool."

Blair made a small noise of comprehension. Neither of the men questioned why the vampire had told them about the meeting nor why he had given them a head start.

That is why the Knights of the Round Table minus Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing found their meeting interrupted by two desperate criminals in suits and ties. Those few who had thought to bring weapons were swiftly disarmed, and by the time Alucard arrived the bound Knights formed a living shield. "Save us, vampire!" cried one of them upon recognising him. Alucard grinned.

"My orders were to search and destroy the chips' manufacturers. It seems that you're in the way."

"No! I command you…"

"You're not my master. But I promised Seras vengeance."

An older Knight chuckled bitterly. "I see. Then you'd best get on with it." The others protested, but he waved them down with one impressively steady hand. Less than a minute later this room, like the decrepit lab, was a tapestry for the No Life King's macabre art.

"Search and destroy!" Integra had told him. "Allow nothing to get in your way!"

"And if they do?" he had asked, mad grin in place below sardonically elevated eyebrows.

His master had hesitated, and then her lips had thinned and her eyes had narrowed. "You have your orders, vampire," she had hissed, punctuating the statement by slamming her fists into her desk.

That was one order that Alucard was delighted to obey. After all, he always kept his promises.

AN: Just in case anyone happens to be interested, the table referred to in the chapter title is the Round Table.