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"I'll treat you to a week's worth of ramen at Ichiraku's."

"No way!" the blond sniffed. "Do you take me for an idiot?" Naruto said as he turned his back to the pink haired Haruno.

Sakura sighed and folded her arms. "Two weeks."

Naruto twitched, but still held firm to his original answer.

Rubbing her temples, Sakura played her final card. "Three weeks plus a voucher?"

Springing back around with a greedy look in his eyes, Naruto replied, "You're on!"

Dawn began to creep into the streets of Konohagakure. Three silhouettes were barely noticeable in the early morning glow, as the sleepy village began to stir.

The silhouettes barely moved, with the exception of one, who kept pacing about erratically from time to time, muttering impatiently under his breath. His blond hair reflected the gradually intensitfying light, creating a sort of fuzzy glowing halo around his head. The silent one with spiky dark hair leaned coolly against the bridge, arms folded across his chest.

"Stop kicking a fuss again, dobe," the brunet said irately, a scowl marring his porcelain, almost feminine features.

"But Kakashi's late AGAIN!" Naruto pouted, one of his trademark childish looks on his face.

"And so?" the Uchiha sighed, unable to comprehend his teammate's inability to be patient.

Sakura sighed, pretending not to know either boy as early risers passed them on their way to the market, shooting them weird looks before recognizing the Uzumaki and rolling their eyes in exasperation, used to the unusual behavior.

Naruto frowned, his eyes narrowing into slits. Just then, he got an idea. What better time than to put his plan into action?

He grinned foxily, as he rubbed his hands together in anticipation. Naruto shoved his hands into the pockets of his baggy orange cargo pants casually as he walked towards Sasuke, the latter frowning slightly, surprised at his teammate's 180 degree change in attitude.

"So… Sasuke-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…" Naruto grinned, circling around the wary Uchiha. Sakura's eyes widened as she realised what Naruto was trying to accomplish, and covered her mouth with her hand lightly, trying to conceal her silent mirth.

Naruto came to a stop behind Sasuke, wearing a full out smirk as he felt Sasuke stiffen when he wrapped his arms around the boy's slender waist. He leaned his face forward as he breathed lightly on Sasuke's neck, at his pulse point, feeling Sasuke's breath come in short irregular intervals before whispering seductively in his ear.

"Are you… ticklish?"

Without waiting for the Uchiha to respond, he began to assault the taller boy's ribs with his fingers. Sasuke frowned angrily and pushed Naruto away angrily, lips twitcing ever so slightly. This, however, didn't go unnoticed by the blonde.

"Come on, Sasu-chan! Just laugh out loud; you'll feel much better!" he cried, grinning hugely. The floodgates opened, and Sakura finally burst out laughing, taking out a small camera and starting to click away at the shutter button, trying to hold back a nosebleed when she noticed the position the two boys were in. Ohhh, Ino was so going to love this. She vaguely wondered how much money she would earn for each photograph.

Sasuke growled in frustration as he tried to curb his laughter. Damn Naruto, always bringing out sides of himself he didn't want to show. He glared and tried to fight Naruto's strong hold on his waist, though failing miserably due to the fact that he already had to spend a lot of effort on concentrating on not laughing.

"Dobe… let… go!" he growled. Then, he caught sight of Sakura in a bout of fangirl bliss as she clicked the shutter of her obscenely pink camera non-stop while holding a piece of… bloodied tissue to her nose?! His new-found anger provided him with enough fuel to free himself from Naruto's tight grip, panting heavily.

It was then when Kakashi decided to arrive.

"Sorry. I was…" the jounin trailed off uncertainly when he saw the state in which his three students were in. "Aa…"

Sasuke frowned. He hadn't been able to concentrate on today's training at all; his thoughts constantly drifting back to the tickling incident at the bridge. It certainly didn't help matters when the blond had tried (and failed) again and again throughout the day to make him laugh.

He scowled and tried to push the bad memories out of his head. He'd thought that at home, away from the energetic Uzumaki, he could finally relax, but soon realised that in the silence, his thoughts were much louder and harder to drown out.

Just what was this… feeling whenever he was near the obnoxiously orange boy?

Sasuke hated feeling unsure of anything. And everytime anything involved Naruto, he suddenly felt very much different, and uncertain about himself. What was that fluttery sensation in the pit of his stomach? He felt like a damned girl, for crying out loud!

Feeling peckish, he walked over to the kitchen to retrieve a tomato before returning to his bedroom and lying spread-eagled on his bed. Closing his eyes, he tried to fall asleep, but as soon as his eyes shut, all he saw was images of Naruto dumping ramen on his own head, in one of his efforts to make Sasuke laugh. All Sasuke thought of, however, was how edible the blond looked.

Darn. Naruto even invaded his private space when he tried to sleep! Biting angrily into the tomato, he tried to think of something else, place his focus on some other object, like… concentrating on not spilling the juice from the tomato onto his sheets. Right.

He sighed resignedly. It was going to be a loooooong night.

Naruto hummed a little tune as he waited for his instant ramen to be ready. Once he was sure, he peeled the layer of foil off the cup, and began to slurp down the noodles eagerly. Man, nothing quite beat enjoying lots of ramen after a tiring day of training.

Speaking of which. Naruto realised that Sasuke wasn't really himself that day. He even managed to beat him when they sparred! He frowned, chewing strands of ramen noodle. It wasn't like the raven to be so… spacey.

Maybe it's because of my efforts to make him laugh today.

Yeah. That could be it. Naruto frowned deeper when he recalled wasting a bowl of ramen in one of his numerous efforts to make Sasuke laugh. He didn't even smirk, damnit! All he did was turn a little red. Probably from holding in the laughter.

"Why can't that idiot just laugh, for god's sake?" Naruto grumbled to himself out loud.

Finishing the ramen, he tossed the cup and disposable chopsticks into the bin before heading off to the toilet. As he showered briefly and brushed his teeth, Naruto decided that no matter what, he'd make Sasuke laugh the next day. No matter what.

Jamming his nightcap on his head and swiftly changing into his pyjamas, Naruto hopped into bed to think up more ways to make Sasuke laugh.

Just you wait, teme. Just you wait.

The next day dawned bright and early, and as usual, the three genins waited by the bridge for their ever-tardy sensei. This time, however, Naruto lost no time in approaching Sasuke.

Sasuke, now cautious of the bright foxy grin Naruto was wearing, stood guardedly, making sure that Naruto couldn't slide behind his back. Sakura watched happily from the sidelines, documenting everything in detail.

"Hey Sasuke!"


"What's with the expression? Are you scared that I'll start tickling you again?"


"Aw come on, Sasuke-wasuke! Just laugh for me, please?" Naruto pulled his best doe eyed look. Sasuke stiffened and tried to redirect his gaze to anywhere but the big blue, pleading eyes. My, is that a little spider on the bridge? Wow.

He just looked so… cute.

Sasuke quickly squashed that thought, and pushed Naruto away.

"Get out of my face, dobe."

"Fine then. Maybe since you won't laugh for me, you'll laugh for him!" Naruto grinned, producing a puppy from behind him, holding up the excited canine in front of Sasuke, tail wagging furiously.

"I think he likes you!" Naruto cried in delight. Sasuke looked horrified. And maybe, just a bit constipated. As usual.

Without warning, the little white dog wriggled out of Naruto's grasp, jumping to Sasuke, who caught it by reflex. The pup, now nestled in Sasuke's chest, gave a delighted little yelp and stretched up to lick Sasuke's cheek.

Sakura nearly fainted as she captured the historic moment.

"I was right! He does like you!" Naruto grinned wider, doing a little victory hop. "Go on, you have to laugh at its cuteness Sasuke!"

Sasuke looked utterly disgusted and appalled. He dropped the dog and began to pat down his clothes roughly, ridding it of any trace of white fur, rubbing the saliva dripping off his cheek vigorously. The dog whimpered and ran back to Naruto, who immediately picked it back up, consoling the pup.

"Did the big bad Uchiha hurt you? He did? *Gasp* Oh, the meanie! Don't worry, I'll return you to Kiba later and tell him about it. You don't have to worry about the big bad Sasuke no more! There now, everything's fine…" Naruto cooed, the dog still whining pitifully in his arms.

Sasuke looked mildly amused, despite himself, and Sakura squealed, taking more pictures and videos.

"I didn't know you had a mothering instinct in you, Naruto-kun." Shikamaru said, appearing behind Sasuke.

Naruto smiled and looked sheepish, the dog looking up at the Nara. Deciding to make a new friend, the dog jumped out of Naruto's embrace again, and pranced over to fawn at Shikamaru's legs.

"So troublesome…" Shikamaru groaned as the dog began to lick his calves.

"When did you arrive?" Naruto asked the spiky haired boy.

"I was just passing by. Thought I'd take a closer look at what's going on."

Kakashi took this opportune moment to arrive. "Now shall we?"

Team seven took off, and Shikamaru was left with the fawning dog. He frowned.

"So troublesome…"

The rest of the day passed in relative ease and normality, without Naruto ever trying to make Sasuke laugh. Although he thought he'd be relieved that he wasn't targeted by the blond anymore, Sasuke felt vaguely disappointed in the lack of attention from Naruto, even though he denied it vehemently.

As the trio was walking back to the busy streets of Konoha, Sakura piped up, "You know, it's Kiba's birthday today, and he's throwing a party at his place later tonight. You guys going?"

"It's today?!" Naruto gasped. "Isn't it next week? I… I haven't gotten his present ready yet!"

Sakura sighed. "It's tonight Naruto."

Sasuke sighed. "Dobe."

"I wasn't talking to you, Mr. Grumpy," Naruto scowled at the raven haired boy.

"So, back to my question, are you guys going?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah! I love parties, what are you talking about?" Naruto grinned. "I'll just have to fix something for his present later."

"How about you, Sasuke-kun? You could go with me," Sakura hinted a tad too blatantly.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Maybe."

"Aw come on Sasuke, be a sport!" Naruto said, slinging and arm around his shoulders.

"What is it to you, if I attend or not?" Sasuke said irritably.

"You're my best friend, of course I want you to go," Naruto said. "And you're supposed to be a genius. Gosh," he rolled his eyes.

Sasuke's eyes widened aa fraction. "I'm your what?"

"Are you having some sort of blond moment, Sasuke?" Naruto snickered. "I think the Inuzuka puppy addled your brains."

Unhappy being left out of the conversation, Sakura cut in, "Just go, Sasuke. It won't be the same without you," she gushed.

Sasuke grimaced and distanced himself away from the Haruno. Naruto laughed.

"So are you going?" he asked.

"Hn." Sasuke became vaguely conscious that Naruto's arm was still around his shoulders…

"Is that a yes or a no?"

… And it was unbearably comfortable.

The blond, oblivious to Sasuke's confused thoughts continued to grin that foxy grin of his.

That excruciatingly sexy grin.

Sasuke thought he was losing his mind.

"Oi, teme," Naruto waved his hand in front of Sasuke's face. "You're spacing out again. Are you going or not?"

"Yes, yes, fine…"

"Yeah! I knew you would! See you later! I need to get something together for Kiba." The blond removed his arm, bounding off in the direction of his house.

Sasuke felt cold in the late afternoon breeze without that particular source of heat anymore.

Yep. There was no question about it. He was losing his mind.

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