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And so, after the event-filled week, things finally began to settle down.

Sasuke and Naruto were official, and Sasuke moved into Naruto's house after much protesting, discussion and fighting, even though the former denied it fervently in public.

Sasuke finally laughed in front of Sakura when Naruto kissed him in public.

Naruto got his ramen reward.

Sakura went broke, but earned back quite a sum selling the photos of Sasuke laughing and with the puppy, etc.

Kakashi cancelled training until the following week for things to settle down. And also to give himself time to mail the photos of Naruto and Sasuke to Jiraya for his new book.

Kiba's puppy grew attatched to Sasuke and became the newest addition to Naruto's house.

Ino finally let Shikamaru take her out.

For his birthday, Naruto got Sasuke a tomato and a punch in the face, followed by a heated makeout session. Kakashi got him a bottle of strawberry flavoured lube.

It got used up after three days, but Sasuke didn't particularly mind, because he liked to see Naruto walking bow-legged. Until Naruto decided to exact his revenge.

When training started up again, Kakashi excused the two boys on account that they both couldn't stand upright.

And throughout the whole hullaballoo, Tsunade smiled as she watched all of them from her high vantage point in her office.

"They sure do grow up fast."

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