Title: Just One Night – Part One

Author: lonelylittlewolf

Series: Harry Potter/AU

Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter

Rating: T

Warnings: Slash, don't like don't read

Disclaimers: They will never be mine *sob*


"So, you're really come then."

Harry lifted his face and see Draco Malfoy lounging comfortably in one of the couch in the room. His school robe folded neatly and placed on the chair beside the couch. A thick book lay open on his lap. It seems he's been reading before Harry come.

The blond Slytherin looked stunning. He was wearing a tight black leather pants that wrapped his long legs nicely, leave nothing to imagine. That dark blue shirt he wore also looked perfect on him. His usually perfectly trimmed blond hair hung loosely around his handsome face. Harry's mouth has gone dry; all the while begin to reconsider his crazy decision.

"Of course I am," Harry said as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. "After all, it's me who asked you to come here in first place."

"What do you want, Potter?" Draco asked, closing the book and put it aside. He leaned back and gazed at the small brunet. "You said you have an offer for me."

"I do," Harry replied. He involuntarily fidgeted under Draco's intense gaze. He can feel his knees starting go weak. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to, you know. You could refuse it."

"Do what, Potter?" Draco asked with narrowed eyes. "If this is illegal…"

"Oh, it's nothing illegal or dangerous, I promise," Harry quickly assured the blond. He didn't want Draco to left before he could state his offer. "It's just…"

"Just say it, Potter," Draco snapped irritably. "This talk won't go anywhere if you keep like this. Just get to the point! Unlike you, I want to go back to my room and get some sleep before we left tomorrow!"

Harry took a deep breath. Draco was right. They're not going anywhere if he keeps hesitating like this. Besides, they do need some rest. Tomorrow's their Graduation Day. It's most likely they will never cross each other path again in the future, so it's really now or never. He gathered all his Gryffindor courage and lifted his head to look straight into Draco's bluish grey eyes.

"Iwantyoutohavesexwithme," Harry blurted out. His face grew very hot and showing a lovely shade of red.

"Excuse me?"

Harry took another deep breath. This time he tried to say it slow and clear, even if it's so embarrassing for him.

"I want you to have sex with me," Harry repeated. There. He had said it. It's all up to Draco now, whether he accepts it or not. He really wished Draco will agree to it.

Harry never told this to anyone – not even Ron and Hermione – but he had a crush for the Slytherin since his fifth year. He didn't know when did it all started. All he knew is he's awake one morning with realization that he had a thing for Draco. He'd been mortified at first, not knowing what to do with this growing feeling inside him towards Draco. He tried to ignore it, wishing it to just disappear one day, but to no avail. His feeling growing stronger every time he saw the blond or get into fight with him.

He remembered he was so confused and lost at the time. They were supposed to hate each other, for Merlin's sake! Slytherin and Gryffindor will not get along together. Not to mention that they are both boys. But every single time they stood closer and insulted each other, Harry's senses go haywire and he couldn't think straight at all. In the end, he was tired of fighting it and learned to accept that he is attracted to Draco.

"And why would I want to have sex with you?"

Draco's voice brought Harry back from his flashback. He sighed in relief inwardly. Draco didn't reject him outright, so it's a good sign, right? Maybe he had a chance on this. But really, he didn't have an answer for Draco's question.

"Er – so you can brag around that you have shagged The-Boy-Who-Lived-and-Killed-Voldemort?" Harry suggested. He had killed Voldemort shortly after his seventh year started. Finally he has some peace in his life.

"Very funny," Draco said dryly. He glared at Harry. "Why did you come to me and offering yourself like this? If you want sex, there're plenty of girls out her for you to pick."

Because I love you. "I don't like girls," Harry muttered quietly, but loud enough for Draco to hear it.

"Well, well, well," Draco said with a smirk. "That explains why you never dated any girl before."

Harry blushed again. After the disaster with Cho in his fifth year, he never bothered to find himself a girlfriend. Besides, soon after that breaking up with Cho, he found himself attracted to Draco so finding a girlfriend never become his top priorities.

"So, what's your answer?" Harry asked as he fidgeted again. He hates waiting, especially for something important like this. Waiting only made him more nervous. "If you refuse we could go back to our dorm now and pretended it never happened."

Draco studied the brunet in front of him. It's painfully obvious that Potter is nervous if the fidgeting is anything to go by. To be truth, he was stunned by Potter's confession earlier. It never crossed in his mind that Potter swing that way. He was sure that everybody else also never suspected that the Saviour of the Wizarding World is a poof. People assuming the lack of girlfriend was because Potter was too busy dealing with Voldemort and didn't have time for any romantic relationship.

"Tell me, Potter, who else knew that you swing that way?"

Harry blush deepened. "No one."

Draco was surprised. Potter never told anyone. He didn't even tell his weasel and mudblood friend. Some part of Draco felt somewhat giddy that Potter chose to tell him about his preference.

"Why did you choose me?" Draco asked again. "My answer depended on your answer, so you better tell me the truth if you want me to fuck you."

If it even possible, Potter's face became even more red than before. Draco found this amusing. He never met someone who could blush like Potter did now. His blush even reached his ears. He was curious where that blush ended.

"I heard you are the best when it comes to sex," Harry answered, trying to sound nonchalant but failed. He averted Draco's eyes. "I want my first time to be good. I don't want to let some random guy got me laid. I want someone I know and someone I can trust. You fulfill my requirements to be my first time, so I choose you."

Draco was beyond shocked now. He never thought that Potter's still a virgin at the age of 17. He himself has long lost his virginity when he was 14. And Potter wants him as his first. He wants Draco Malfoy, bane of his existence for the last seven years, to deflower him and show him the ultimate pleasure human ever knows.

A warm and pleasant feeling filled Draco's heart. Potter wants him. Potter chooses him. Potter trusts him. Does he dare to take this once in a life time offer? Hell, yeah, he'll bloody take it. This could be his only chance to laid Potter, after all.

He will never admit this to anybody, but he has checked Potter out several times before. The brunet has grew from scrawny little boy to a very attractive and shag-able young man. He often imagines how it would feel to have Potter writhing beneath him in pleasure. Now that he got the chance, he won't let it go.

Draco stood up and made his way to Harry. The smaller boy tensed immediately, perhaps thinking that his answers were not good enough and Draco will leave. However, as Draco stopped right in front of him, he lifted his face to look into the taller boy's eyes. There's a faint line of hope in his emerald eyes.

"I accept your offer, Potter," Draco said with a smirk. "But don't fall into wrong assumption that I want to pursue any relationship with you. This is just a one night thing. No string attached. Understand?"

"Yes," Harry answered. Only the thought that he will finally being touched by Draco is enough to quicken his heartbeat. "Just one night is enough for me."

"And don't even think that I will stop in the middle of it only because you asked me to stop," Draco said. "Mind you, first times always hurt. You asked for this, so deal with the pain."

"I know," Harry said breathlessly.

And then without any warning Draco yanked Harry's collar forward and bent down to crushed his lips in the brunet's. Harry gasped at the sudden assault, unknowingly giving Draco perfect access to deepen the kiss. He let out a small low moan as their tongue meet in a battle of dominance which he obviously lost. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around Draco's shoulder while the blond's arms snaked around his waist and pulled him closer. He gasp loudly as a shot of pleasure attack him when Draco deliberately grinding their hips together.

Draco suddenly pulled back. Both of them were panting hard. Merlin helps him, but Potter's taste is intoxicating! Never in his life had he met someone who could get him aroused by just one kiss like Potter did now. There's something in Potter that set his body and hormone on fire. He couldn't wait any longer to thoroughly taste and ravished the smaller boy.

"Bed. Now." Draco all but growled out. He was pleased to notice that Harry's emerald eyes were clouded by lust and desire for him. Draco bent down to capture those luscious lips once again. Together they made their way towards the massive bed at the far side of the room; all the way keep kissing and touching and discarding their clothes. When they finally make it to bed, both of them has already naked.

No need to say, the rest of the night was filled with cries of passion from both boys.


Harry woke up first the next morning. The room was dim. Faint light of the morning sun shone softly through the curtains. For a second, Harry was confused as he didn't recognize the room. And then, almost as once, the memories of last night's events flashed in his mind. He blushed deeply, with a small smile adorned his face. He will never forget those moments for the rest of his life. He will always remember how it feels when Draco touched him, kissed him, caressed him and claimed him repeatedly all night long. His smile turned wistful because he realized there will be no next time for him.

Harry winced slightly when he tried to move. His body ached in places he didn't know was capable of hurting before. He welcomed the pain, though. It was the proof that last night was not a dream and really happened. He tried to move again. He had to return to Gryffindor tower and get ready for Graduation ceremony. This time he was stopped by a strong arm snaked around his waist and pulled him back.

Harry was startled. He glanced over his shoulder and met with Draco's sleeping face. He didn't expect the Slytherin to stay here with him. He thought that Draco will return to his dorm soon after they finished. Another smile adorned his face as he studied Draco's sleeping face.

He always knew that Draco is handsome, but seeing him sleeping like this, he looked like a small child instead of a young man. His face was very peaceful and innocent and vulnerable at the moment. Harry's heart filled with the love he had for Draco. If only Draco loved him back… He knew it likely will never happen, but he one can hope right? He memorized every little detail of the blond Adonis lying beside him, knowing very well that this might be his only chance to do this.

After spending several minutes memorizing Draco, Harry reluctantly moved away again. As much as he would love to spend the day here, he can't do that. Gently he removed Draco's arm from his waist and disentangled his legs from Draco's before he scooted out of bed slowly. He was careful not to awake the sleeping boy. He silently gathered all his clothes that scattered around the room and get dressed. A simple Tempus charm told him that it nearly eight o'clock. The ceremony will start at eleven. He only got three hours to pack his things and get ready.

Harry stood beside the bed, glancing down lovingly at Draco. He bent forward and softly gave one last kiss on Draco's lips.

"Thank you," he whispered. "For everything you did last night. I won't forget it. Good bye, Draco." And with that Harry left the room.


Draco was awake almost an hour after Harry left. He sat up groggily, wondering what time is it now and why none of his dorm-mates come to woke him up before he remembered where he was. He turned to the empty bed beside him and scowled. The sheet was cold; that only means that Harry has left long ago without waking him. The boy had the nerve to leave before Draco was awake. He rolled out from bed and snatched his discarded clothes which had been folded neatly on the drawer, right beside his school robe. No doubt it was Harry's done.

He couldn't help let his mind wander back to his encounter with Potter last night while he got dressed. It has been… pleasant, satisfied even. Draco was sure he never felt that good while having sex before. His orgasms never felt that intense too. Unconsciously he smiled at the feeling that Potter's body fit with him perfectly, like he was made only for Draco. He was getting aroused at the memories of having his cock buried deep inside Potter's tight arse. Draco shook his head and cleared his mind. This is not allowed. The night he spent with Potter is just a one night thing, nothing more.

Is it really just a one night thing for you? A rebellious little voice at the back of his head asked him.

Draco finished getting dressed and left the room. He trotted along the corridor to the dungeon and slipped into his private Head Boy chamber. He already packed his belongings yesterday, only left out the wardrobe he'd choose to wear today. Picking up the clothes, he made his way to the bathroom to take a cold shower.

Thirty minutes later, a fresh looking and satisfied Draco Malfoy entered the Great Hall for breakfast. He gave a quick glance toward Gryffindor's table and somewhat disappointed when he couldn't find a certain raven haired Gryff there. Only the weasel and mudblood present. He approached his table and sat down on his seat, calmly filling his plate with his favourites before began eating. He completely ignored questioning looks his friends sent to him. He knew they all were wondering why he was late for breakfast, but he couldn't bring himself to care. He didn't have any obligations to tell them everything.

Harry still did not make an appearance in the Great Hall until Draco has finished his breakfast. Feeling somewhat irritated at the brunet's behaviour, Draco went back to his room. He rechecked everything thoroughly twice, making sure all of his possession already packed. Pleased that everything is in order and no one was left out, he shrunken his trunk and pocketed it. He gave the room he's been occupying for the last three years one last glance before he left and returned to Great Hall for the ceremony.

The Great Hall already rearranged. Instead of four table house, it was filled with chairs for the graduates and their parents. Some of the students that already there were grouping with their friend and talking nonsense thing. Parents who have come talked to their children or to another parents. Draco didn't bother to check if his parents were there or not. He knew his parents won't come until the last minute. Even though the Malfoys already changes side before the final battle occurred, some people still act warily towards them. They were trying to build up their good image once again.

Draco's eyes caught Harry's slim body as soon as he entered the Great Hall. That boy already seated with his fellow Gryffindor friends and chatted up with them. It seems they were discussing about what they will do after graduation. As if sensing that Draco has been staring at him, Harry turned his head right at Draco's direction and give him a small smile before turning his attention back to his friends. That smile made Draco's chest filled with unexplainable warmth as he took his seat beside Blaise. Soon enough Draco found himself keep stealing a glance toward the brunet every once in a minute. He frowned at his strange behaviour and forced himself to focus on the ceremony that had just started.

However, ten minutes later, just as Professor Dumbledore has just started to deliver his speech, Draco once again caught himself staring at Potter. He didn't understand why he kept looking at that boy. Or why his heart felt warm every time he looked at Potter's face. Or why he had the urge to smile back to Harry when the brunet caught his eyes and smiled again to him.

Wait. Since when Potter become Harry to you? That rebellious voice asked.

Draco decided to ignore it once again. All he could think right now is how adorably cute is Harry in that silk green shirt and black leather pants with dragonhide boot. Had the Great Hall not filled with students and parents and professors, he would gladly jumped at the smaller boy and snog him silly before proceeded to shag him senseless right here and now. He couldn't shove away the memories of Harry's delicious body writhing in pleasure beneath him last night. He could feel the stir of arousal on his lower body.

Harry chose that time to turn to Draco for the third time. He looked confuse for a minute before he quickly turn away with red face. He certainly could see the lust in Draco's eyes. Draco for his part felt satisfied that he still could have that kind of reaction from Harry. Maybe this time he would make an exception for his one night rule.

After the ceremony over, he will ask Harry out.


Harry noticed his presence right away as a certain blond Slytherin entered the Great Hall. He was planning to ignore Draco completely, for he didn't know how Draco will act towards him after last night. That's why he went to the kitchen for breakfast instead of going to Great Hall. He was determined to postpone their meeting for as long as he could. He needed time to prepare his heart if Draco decided to still act vindictive to him.

Quite suddenly Harry found himself turned his head to the direction where the blond's been standing. He didn't know why he did that. He was startled when he saw Draco watched him with intense gaze without malice in his bluish grey eyes. Automatically he smiled to Draco and soon brought his attention back to the conversation he's been having with his friends. He didn't wait to see how Draco would react to his smile. He was afraid the blond will sneered at him and turned his face away in disgust.

Almost twenty minutes later, Harry once again had the urge to turn his head and stole a glance at the Slytherin's direction. Once again he was startled to found Draco was looking at him with the same intense gaze like earlier. Why did he look at him like that? He couldn't decipher the meaning behind that looks, so he did the only thing that crossed his mind at the moment. He smiled again at Draco before turned his attention to Professor Dumbledore's speech.

For the third time in one hour, Harry once again looked at the blond Slytherin. This time he managed to look into Draco's eyes for one minute full. He was trying to understand why Draco looked at him like that; like he was the most delicious meal in the world. Harry felt his face grow hot when he finally recognized that eyes. Draco had looked at him with those eyes last night, when they were having sex. He could saw the lust in Draco's eyes. He quickly turned away. He was sure that his face already glows all red.

Maybe – just maybe, mind you – after last night Harry actually had a chance with Draco. Maybe he could actually had Draco as his lover. The blond already said that he didn't want to pursue a relationship with him, but the way Draco looked at him earlier gave him a small hope. He really couldn't help to prevent that little spark of hope blooming in his heart.

Please, Merlin, give me a chance with Draco.


Professor Dumbledore finally finished with his speech. The students gave a polite clap for him as Professor McGonagall stepped forward with a roll of parchment in her hand. After the clapping stopped, she began calling out graduates names and asked him/her to stand up and received their Graduating Certificate.

Draco stood up and gracefully made his way to the front row to receive his Certificate when she called his name. He accepted the Certificate and shook hands with all professors before proceeded to exit the Hall as other Graduates do. He stopped near the Entrance Door and leaned against the wall. He will wait for Harry here.

After ten minutes has passed, Harry's name was called. Draco couldn't help a smirk when he noticed that Harry was wincing slightly with every step he took. He felt satisfied to know that it was him who made Harry limping like that and no one else. Harry saw him stood near the door and smile again. This time Draco returned the smile with a true genuine smile; not a smirk or a sneer. He didn't care if there's someone seeing him. He only had his eyes on Harry, his soon-to-be-lover.

Harry was stunned for a second when Draco returned his smile. The blond actually smiled! And Merlin, that smile only made him even more handsome. He quickly gotten over his shock and beamed at him. His own smile grew impossibly wider as he shyly made his way to Draco. He couldn't believe this! He really had a chance with Draco.

Draco was just straightened his body and ready to approached Harry when that blasted pug-faced witch by the name of one Pansy Parkinson launched herself at Draco. Harry's step immediately halted. He eyed the couple with guarded eyes. He had a feeling he won't like whatever comes next if the way Pansy attached at Draco's hand was anything to go by.

"Oh, Dray, finally we both graduate now," she squalled happily in that high pitched voice Draco found irritated. "We can finally discuss about our wedding plan! Mother told me that your parents already contact her yesterday! Isn't that great, Dray? We're going to married soon!"

Draco stared at her in horror. Why the hell did she had to say it now right in front of Harry? Damn her to the deepest pit of hell!! He was minutes away from another mind-blowing sex with Harry and she just had to come and destroyed his chance. Damn!

Meanwhile, Harry stood there in frozen shock. His mind tried to process the words Parkinson had said. She and Draco were engaged and will set into marriage soon. It only took one millisecond for his hope and world and heart broke down into pieces. Draco has a fiancé. Even if his fiancé is Parkinson, he was still engaged. He never had a chance whatsoever with Draco.

Draco turned and looked at Harry. His heart clenched painfully as he saw Harry's sparkling eyes dimmed with hurt and betrayal. He never wanted to saw those negative emotions in Harry's beautiful emerald eyes. He desperately wanted to explain everything to Harry. He needed to makes Harry understood that whatever Parkinson said was a lie. He watched in sinking feeling as Harry change direction and walked away from him. He couldn't let this happened. He shoved Pansy away roughly before running after Harry. He grabbed Harry's slump shoulder and forced the brunet to stop.

"We need to talk," Draco blurted out. He really didn't like seeing the pain in Harry's eyes. "Come with me."

"We have nothing to talk about," Harry replied in bitter tone. "You've said yourself it's just a one night thing and no string attached. By the way, congratulation for your engagement with Parkinson, Malfoy. Now if you excuse me, I would like to go now."

"We have to talk," Draco repeated. He could see tears forming in Harry's eyes. "Harry, please, come with me."

"Why should I?" Harry retorted coldly. He shoved Draco away from him. "I won't go anywhere with you, Malfoy. Go back to your fiancé and leave me alone!"

Draco wanted to reach Harry again, but that bitch once again ruined his chance. She clutched Draco's arm firmly and tugged him to where their parents stood, waiting for them.

"Come on, Dray," he whined. "Leave Potty alone. Let's go back to the Manor so we could start planning everything for our marriage."

"Let me go this instance, you bitch," Draco snapped angrily and yanked his arm free. "I will never ever marry you!"

"Yes, you will," Pansy said. "We've been betrothed since we're child, Draco. Of course you will marry me!"

"I. Will. Not. Marry. You," Draco growled. "Stay away from me, Panse. I have more important thing to do now!"

Draco turned his head to Harry, only to find out that the small brunet has gone…


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