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Just One Night – Part Three


Harry stared dully at dancing fire in his fireplace without really looking at it. His mind was fixated on something – or rather someone else. He sighed heavily as he slumped backwards, mindful with the hot cocoa he had in his hand. He ran his free hand through his hair in rather tired gesture.

It has been two months since graduation. During this past two months, he had managed to found himself a nice two-store cottage in a small Muggle town outside Edinburg as well as earned a job as a part-time teacher at a kindergarten nearby in the morning and as librarian in the afternoon. He was staring to get well with the neighbours and people in the town. They were nice and kind people and already taking a liking in him, an orphanage eighteen years old boy who lived all by himself. His natural polite manner also gave him credit with that.

But that wasn't enough.

During the day, when he was busy handling ten hyper toddlers to stay out of danger and trouble or cataloguing the books in the library, he could easily forget about him. He could push his face out of his mind. But those bittersweet memories he had vowed to lock deep inside his heart always come back with vengeance at night when he had nothing to do. He would sit at this very spot every night and within seconds his mind would always ventured back to the only person that had plagued his dreams for the last two months. He told himself over and over that he really should stop dwelling in the past and moved on, but no matter how hard he tried his image just won't go away.

Harry sighed again. How could he forget about Draco when he knew how it felt to be held in his strong arms? How it felt to have those beautiful silvery blue eyes looked at him with so much passion, to witnessed his handsome face contorted with pleasure as they made love, to heard his name being screamed by his perfect soft lips as they climaxed together.

Yes, that one night he spent with Draco still haunted him until now, leaving him unable to try pursuit any relationship with other people. He had tried to date a man he knew from town, but it turned out bad. He couldn't help but kept comparing him with Draco, even when he knew it wasn't fair for the man. He was also aware of the flirtatious remarks or blatant seduce several people throw at him; he just couldn't bring himself to care. He knew deep inside Draco was everything he ever want.

Harry stared blankly at the ceiling. He hasn't heard anything about the wizarding world since he moved here six weeks ago. He had secluded himself from the world he had live in for the past seven years, mainly because he didn't want to hear anything about Draco's marriage to Parkinson. It would surely become first page in Daily Prophet, no less. The other reason was the fame he had after killed Voldemort for good. He wanted – no, determined – to have a normal live. He was sick with all those reporter followed his every move and his silly title. That's why he chose this little Muggle town without any wizarding community nearby. No one would ever recognize him here. He could be just Harry and enjoyed being a normal eighteen years old teenager.

A soft knock from his back door brought him back from his thought. He put his half-cold cocoa on the table before stood up and sauntered over to the kitchen. A quick glance to the clock hanging in there told him it was nearly eleven. Only one person will ever visit him at this hour. He opened the door and come face to chest with a man dressed in black robe.

"Severus," Harry greeted with a smile as he looked up. He stepped aside and opened the door a bit wider to let the man slipped in.

"I'm sorry if I disturbed you," Severus said as he entered the house.

Harry waved his hand dismissively. "You're not. I'm still awake."

Harry never told anyone about his friendship with the snarky Potion Master. No one would believe him after all. He and Severus had dome sort of truce after he apologized for the pensive incident. Ever since then, they began to build tentative friendship secretly. Not even Dumbledore knew about this. It would do neither of them any good if Voldemort ever heard that they were getting close. During the last two and a half year of his education, Severus had been a great help and became his most trusted confidant.

Harry closed the door and went to the living room. Severus was already there and seated comfortably in one of the armchairs. In the well lit room, Harry noticed that Severus looked really tired. His face was haggard and his hair greasier that usual. He had no doubt Severus had just come back from his latest mission.

"Do you want something to drink?" Harry asked as he stopped in the kitchen doorway. "Or something to eat, maybe? You looked like you've been starved."

"A cup of black coffee will do," Severus replied. "I don't think I could eat anything now."

"So, where is it this time? Anyone injured or dead?" Harry asked from the kitchen.

"…" Severus said. "No one dead and only minor injuries to several Order members. We managed to catch three Death Eaters. One of them was Goyle senior."

Harry raised an eyebrow. So Goyle Sr. was still alive. The man had been missing right after his Master's death. People said he was killed in the battle, but his body was not found.

He entered the living room with a tea tray. He placed them in front of Severus and let the man help himself.

"Thank you," Severus said. He poured down his 'coffee' and frowned at the brown liquid. "This is not coffee!"

"I'm not giving you any caffeine," Harry replied. Severus grumbled under his breath but drank his tea anyway. "You looked horrible, Sev. What the hell have you done?"

"Spying underground and under disguise to get information about the remaining Death Eaters where about," Severus said nonchalantly. He looked at Harry. "How are you?"

Harry snorted. "I'm not the one who looked like he will collapse anytime soon," he replied. He stood and gave a stern look at his ex-Professor. Severus couldn't help but thought Harry was quite intimidating like this. "Finish your tea. I'll prepare your room. And you really need a bath. You're stink; even worse than dungbomb."

"Hey," Severus exclaimed indignantly. Had he held no respect at all from the boy? "I don't stink! I smelled fine."

"Says you," Harry retorted from the hallway. "Don't you dare fall asleep before I return. You need a proper rest."

"Yes, Mother," Severus said obediently, only to annoyed Harry. He chuckled lightly as he heard the young man stomped upstairs.

Severus relaxed and leaned backwards. He always felt relax and calm here; maybe it was the effect of having heard the steady sound of sea waves near the cottage. He liked this cottage and made this place his secret sanctuary after every mission. He even had his own room here! He knew the other Order members were curious about where he disappeared after completing a mission, but he couldn't care less. He had no intention to reveal this place to anyone. Harry had trusted him about this and he wasn't going to betray that trust.

"You're not sleeping, are you?" Harry's accusing voice startled him. He opened his eyes (when did he closed them?) to saw Harry stood in front of him. "Go take a bath now. You know where your room is."

Severus nodded. He stood up and went to the stair. He wanted nothing more than a nice hot bath to relax his sore body and a warm bed to sleep. Personally he prefer just went straight to bed, but he knew better than do that. He had learned his lesson when he did that the first time he slept over here. He was fast asleep when Harry levitated him straight into the tub and then proceeded to chastised him about cleanliness for two hours full. He never knew the boy was a clean freak. Ever since that day Severus always made sure he took a bath before went to sleep.

After Severus went upstairs, Harry gathered the tea tray and the abandoned cocoa and brought them to the kitchen. He washed them and placed them in the dryer. He knew several handy household charms – due to Mrs. Weasley courtesy – but he rarely used them except if he was really busy to do the cleaning himself. He enjoyed living as a Muggle and only used magic to straighten and kept his wards intact. Even so, he made sure to always carry his wand with him wherever he went, just to be cautious.

He exited the kitchen and went to lock the front door. After that he checked if the windows were all closed. He didn't know why he even bothered doing this. It's not like a thief could get pass his wards. He turned off the lights and went upstairs. He stopped in front of Severus' room and knocked before opened it. The older man had just emerged from the bathroom, wearing a silk pyjama's bottom and a black shirt.

"Dried you hair before you sleep," Harry told him. Severus snorted and gave Harry 'I-know-that-you-don't-have-to-told-me' look before waved his wand. In an instant his dark hair fell softly around his face. "Goodnight, Sev."

"Goodnight, brat."

Harry smiled and closed the door. He went to his room at the end of the corridor and getting prepared to sleep as well. Just right before he drifted to sleep that he realized he haven't thought about Draco for this past two hours.


Harry woke up first the next morning. He sighed when he saw his bedside clock showed it was already eight o'clock. He was always an early riser, but this past week he always woke up late. Not overly late, but late enough. He rolled of the bed and took a quick shower before went downstairs. He took a moment to peek into Severus' room when he walked pass it. The older man was still asleep. He didn't have the heart to wake the man up. Severus needed his rest, so he let him.

Soon as he got downstairs, he went to the front door to pick his morning paper and milk. He was glad the lady in groceries offered to deliver his milk every morning. He brought them back to the kitchen and set to make some coffee for Severus. While waiting for the water to boiled, he turned on the CD player he set up at the living room and soon a soft piano sound could be heard around the cottage. He returned to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. After several minutes contemplating on what to made, he pulled the eggs container and place it near the sink. He was in mood for some omelet this morning. He was sure Severus wouldn't mind. The man rarely complained about the food he made. Soon enough Harry was absorbed in his cook, his newly found hobby.


Severus stirred and slowly opened his eyes. He blinked several times to clear his bleary eyes. He actually got a pleasant sleep and felt less tired than before he went to bet. He knew he could sleep for another hour, but the delicious smell of omelet coming from downstairs made his stomach grumbled and demanded his attention. He dragged his tired body away from the warm bed into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. He didn't appreciate being commented of having dragon breath by Harry. He also changed his night clothes to something comfortable before went down.

"Good morning," Severus greeted as he entered the kitchen.

"Morning," Harry replied without turned around. "I've made you a pot of coffee. Help yourself; it's on the counter."

"Thank you," Severus said. He took the cup and poured the coffee in it before sipped it. He need at least three cup of coffee to function properly, but as he intended to go back sleep after breakfast, he only drink one cup. He brought his cup to the high table and made himself comfortable there while Harry finished the omelet.

"How are you this morning?" Harry asked. He took two plates from the shelves and filled it with the omelet. He arranged the plates on the table before poured himself a large glass of milk and settled down across Severus.

"Still tired," Severus answered. He dug in his omelet like a hungry wolf. Only when he raised his head to drank his coffee he noticed the milk beside Harry's plate. He gave the young man a weird look. "Since when did you have milk with your breakfast?"

Harry shrugged. "Since your last visit I guess," he answered. "When will you leave?"

"After lunch," Severus replied. "I don't think it's wise to apparate home while I'm still tired. I don't want to get splinched."

Harry laughed. "I have to go work at nine, but I'll be home by lunch to see you leave," he said. "Maybe I can fix you some lunch, too."

"I appreciate it," Severus said as he paused to drink his coffee. "I still don't understand why you choose to work at that kindergarten."

"I love children," Harry replied simply. "They are cute and adorable."

"They are monsters," Severus retorted.

"Because you don't know how to handle them," Harry replied again. He drank his milk. "This is pretty good, you know. I heard they're fresh from the cow. I know you don't like milk, but you should…"

Harry abruptly stood and ran to the bathroom, leaving a bewildered Severus behind. The man looked startled by this. His confusion turned into concern and worries when he heard Harry vomiting rather loudly. He quickly made his way to the bathroom and arrived just a mere second after Harry flushed down the toilet. Harry sat tiredly beside the white porcelain and summoned a clean towel from the shelves to clean his face.

"Sorry you had to see that," Harry said. His voice was muffled by the towel.

"Why don't you tell me that you're sick?" Severus asked as he helped Harry to his feet.

"I'm not sick," Harry replied. He banished the towel to the dirty laundry basket at the wash room. "I'm just felt a bit nauseated. That's all."

They returned to the kitchen. Harry pushed his half-eaten omelette aside and instead he grabbed a box of sweets from the drawer. They always helped calming his stomach after vomiting. Not to mention they also helped cleared away the foul taste from his mouth. He chose the mint-flavoured one and smiled in relief as he felt the sweet worked.

"I won't say feeling nauseated and then vomited while eating as 'not sick'," Severus said dryly. "How long have you been like this?"

"Uuum… I think it's been a month, give or take," Harry replied after a moment thought about it. "It didn't happen every day, so I don't think much about it."

Severus groaned. "You've been like this for a month and you never see it fit to owl me about it?" he demanded. Why in the name of Merlin this boy never pay attention to his own health? He pulled out his wand. "I'm going to cast a simple checking spell on you."

Harry shrugged. "If that makes you happy," he said. It was easier to let Severus had his way rather than arguing with him. It was rather tiresome to argue with him.

Severus muttered an incantation Harry knew all too well from his numerous stay at Hospital Wing during his school year. The older man frowned when his wand tip glowed with a beautiful gold colour. Thinking that the result might be wrong, he casted the spell once again. It still gave the same gold colour.

"Oh Merlin," Severus breathed in shock as he sank back to his chair with wide eyes.

Severus exclamation of shock made Harry frowned. "What is it, Sev?" he asked worriedly. He never saw a gold colour before; only various shade of red, depending how grave his injuries were. This gold colour might meaning something bad if it could made Severus shocked like this.

Severus looked at Harry with slightly disturbed eyes for a moment. He seemed to try calmed himself. After a couple of minutes, he finally opened his mouth and gave Harry the most unexpected question. "Do you aware that you're pregnant?"

Harry was sure his jaw hit the floor as his brain caught up with Severus' question. "I'm WHAT?!"

"Pregnant, you foolish boy," Severus snapped. Oh, he didn't have a problem with Harry being gay. What upset him most was the fact that the boy is now pregnant. "I've always told you no sex before you married but you just had to go all the way and let yourself knock up! Merlin, Harry! What the hell were you thinking?!"

Harry didn't hear Severus' rant. His mind was still stuck at pregnant part. Oh, he knew wizards could get pregnant. He read about that a couple of years ago in the library. He also knew to be able to conceived, the submissive party had to drink a fertility potion before they had sex. Now, the problem in HOW in hell he got himself pregnant? He was one hundred percent sure he didn't drink any potion that night.

But even in his confused state, a big part of his mind felt extremely happy with the new. He felt he could bust out with happiness. He was being giddy at the thought of having a part of Draco growing inside him. He couldn't help but grinning like an idiot. Merlin, he is pregnant with Draco's child. He knew this is the blond ex-Slytherin's child; he never been with other person after Draco. For once in his life, he was thankful that weird and impossible things always happened to him.

Severus stared at Harry. He was ranted like a mad man here, and the boy just sat there and grinned like an idiot! He never felt the urge to strangle the boy like now. He saw the boy's shock at the news, but it only lasted for a second before that grin appeared.

"Do you even listen to me?" Severus said exasperatedly.

"No," was the immediate answer from Harry. He jumped off from his chair and circled the table before he threw his arms around Severus and hugged him. Happiness was written all over his face. Pure joy could be heard in his voice as he spoke. "I'm pregnant, Sev! I'm pregnant."

Severus sighed as he patted Harry's shoulder. He was still a bit upset about the pregnancy, but if it makes Harry happy like this, then he'll do his best to deal with it. Everything that could make Harry happy was okay with him.

"That you are," Severus said in resigned tone. A soft smile appeared on his face. "Congratulation, Harry."

Harry giggled in delight. "Thank you, Sev," he said. "Can you tell how long I am?"

"Two months," Severus instantly answered. They had moved to the living room and made themselves comfortable on the couch. Their breakfast was all but forgotten. "Now, care to tell me who the other father is?"

Harry's happy face vanished in a second and being replaced with a grim look.

"I… I can't tell you," Harry said in low voice. A wistful smile adorned his face. "I'm sorry, Sev, but it's my secret to keep."

"Did you two break up?" Severus asked carefully. He hated to see Harry sad like this.

"We were never together," Harry answered. His heart once again gave a painful stab. Oh how he wished he and Draco could get together. "There was never 'us' between me and him."

Severus stared at Harry. "But…"

"What I had with him is just a one-off," Harry interrupted him, knowing that it was what Severus wanted to ask. "It was the last night before we graduated. I asked him to sleep with me."

Severus' gaze turned blank. He must heard wrong. The Harry he knew would never ask such thing. The Harry he knew wanted a relationship, not a mere one-off. Is this young man sat beside him really Harry?

"Why?" he asked weakly.

"I loved him," Harry said simply. His wistful smile turned into a soft, loving smile. "I was afraid I will never see him again after graduation. We lived in a separated world. Even if I can only have him for one night, it's still better than nothing at all."

"Did he know that you love him?"

Harry shook his head sadly.

"Are you going to tell him that you're pregnant?"

Again, Harry shook his head.

"Why?" Severus asked. "If your lover is a pureblood, than children is important to him. He will surely marry you."

"He didn't love me, Sev," Harry replied sadly. "And I happened to know that he was going to get married with his fiancé soon after the graduation. I won't use my pregnancy to tie him to me. Forced relationship like that will never last long."

"What if he find out about this?" Severus asked. "What if he knew and asked you to marry him?"

"I'll deal with it later," Harry said calmly. "If he only asked me to marry him out of responsibility, I'll tell him to sod off."

Severus regarded the young man beside him in silent. He could see the determination in his green eyes and seriousness in his voice. It saddened him to see that Harry was so close to have a family of his own but unable to have it. He knew Harry will stick to his words. He was one of the most stubborn people he ever met. No matter what Severus said, his decision will never waver.

"I understand," Severus finally said. Harry relaxed visibly and his smile returned full force. It was good to see him happy. "Well, don't you have to work?"

Harry's head snapped to the clock and groaned as he saw it already nine. He immediately jumped to his feet and ran to the front door. He quickly tied his shoes, grabbed his jacket and snatched his keys.

"I'll see you at lunch, Sev," he yelled before slammed the door shut.

"Be careful," Severus yelled back, even he wasn't sure if Harry could hear him.

Severus stood and returned to the kitchen. He proceeded to cleaned up the room before he went upstairs. He wanted to catch up with his much needed sleep, but before that he had an order to deliver.


When Harry arrived at the kindergarten, he already ten minutes late. Without wasting any more time, he quickly made his way to the class he shared with Anita Langley. She was a petite woman, with wavy brown hair, warm blue eyes, a very kind heart and fierce dedication to the children. They immediately became good friend since the first meeting. Harry even thought her as an older sister.

"Sorry I'm late," he blurted out soon as he got into the class. He leaned to the doorframe and tried to catch his breath. "I'm really sorry, Anita. I lost track of time while talking with Severus."

Anita smile kindly as she waited for Harry to regain his breath. "It's okay, Harry," she said. "We haven't started yet. The children wanted to wait for you."

"Really?" Harry asked in surprise.

Before Anita had chance to answer, a chubby little boy named Alan stood and waved to Harry. "Come here, Harry," he called. "You promised you will show us how to fold a paper crane today."

"He didn't," a girl, Sylvia, yelled from the other side of room. She gave a rather impressive glare for a five years old girl to Alan. "Harry promised me we will draw a picture today!"

"He promised me first," Alan retorted hotly. Then they proceeded to have a glaring match. Neither of them will give in willingly. Both wanted to play with Harry. It was a common situation in this class.

"Now, now, don't fight, you two," Harry said with a smile. "I did promise to you both and I will keep them. What about this? I'll teach you all how to fold a paper crane, and after that we could draw some picture together?"

The other children readily agree with that. Alan and Sylvia glared a bit longer to each other before nodded their head.

"Good," Harry said. "Let's start now."

He moved to the children circled around the table in the centre of the room. He pulled out a stack of paper and began taught them how to make a paper crane. He learned how to do it from Luna last year and was glad he could teach these children as well.

Fifteen minutes later, when the children already knew the basics and learned how to fold it without Harry's help, the young man retreated to Anita's side. The woman didn't do too many activities, seeing that she had just recovered from a particularly bad flu.

"You seemed pretty happy today," she commented as Harry sat at the empty chair beside her. "That mega-watt smile hasn't leave your face since you arrived."

Harry chuckled. "I got really good news this morning, that's why."

"And what that might be?" Anita asked curiously. She had known Harry for almost two months now, but this is the first time he saw the young man looked truly happy.

"That's secret," Harry winked.

Anita sighed. "I hate secrets," she mumbled. "So, I heard today's lunch is chicken stew and fried rice."

"I won't take lunch here today," Harry said apologetically. "I promised Severus I'll be home for lunch."

Anita raised an eyebrow. "That's the second time you mentioned that name," she said interestedly. "Who is this Severus guy?"

Harry pretended to thought about it for a moment. "You could say he was my self-appointed guardian," he said with a cheeky smile. That was kind of true. After the final battle that cost him both Sirius and Remus, he fell into slight depression for a couple of week. It was Severus who had always been there for him during his recovery. The older man always made sure he ate properly and didn't do something stupid. He had come to love the man as a godfather.

Anita opened her mouth to ask some more question, but she was beaten by Alan who demanded Harry's attention back to them. The young man gave her an apologetic smile before returned to the children. Oh well, there's still plenty of time in the future. She could ask Harry later. With a smile, Anita returned to the paperwork she had to finish today.


All too soon, without him even realizing it, lunch has arrived. After put the children to nap, Harry quickly leave the kindergarten. Lunch break was only two hours, minus the time he need to walked back home, it only one and a half hour left for him to talk with Severus. He knew he could apparated back home but he loved walking down the street, so he rarely did that.

A delicious smell hit his nose when he opened the front door. He put his jacket on the hanger and changed his sneakers into his brown fluffy slipper before walked over to the kitchen. There, looking rather fresh after a bath, was Severus busying himself with cooking equipment. Harry smiled in amusement.

"I don't know you can cook," Harry commented from the doorway.

"I'll be long dead by now if I didn't know how to cook," Severus replied dryly, not ever surprised by the slightest at Harry's sudden comment.

Harry made a soft hum and moved to sat on his chair, but not before he picked a pitcher of lemonade from the refrigerator and glasses for them. "What did you make?"

"Only a simple lasagna," Severus said. "You need to go shopping soon, Harry. Your refrigerator is almost empty."

"I'm planning to do it this weekend," Harry replied. "Are you leaving after lunch?"

"Yes," Severus answered. He took the plates he had prepared and placed the lasagna on it before brought them to the table. He sat across the brunet who already wolfed down his food and raised an eyebrow. "My, my, a bit hungry aren't we?"

Harry shrugged. He swallowed his food before opened his mouth to speak. Severus hated it when people talked with their mouth full. Maybe that's the reason he easily irritated by Ron.

"I'm eating for two here," he said. He drank his lemonade and ate in slower pace. "So, is there anything I should know about my pregnancy?"

"I already ordered books on male pregnancy for you," Severus informed him. "They should arrived by tomorrow. As for the potions you need, I'll make them for you. I don't trust the potions sold in apothecary."

Harry chuckled. "Thank you, Sev," he said. Then he added in more serious tone. "You didn't tell them you need those books for me, right?"

Severus shot the young brunet a 'do-you-think-I'm-that-stupid?' kind of look. Harry smiled sheepishly at him.

"Sorry, stupid question," he said. "Of course you won't tell."

"Glad you know it," Severus drawled. Then he asked a question that been nagging him since this morning. "Did you really not aware that you're pregnant? I mean, there must be some symptoms."

Harry looked up at him. "Seeing that I was as shock as you were this morning, yeah, I really had no idea that I'm pregnant," he replied. "Maybe there's symptoms, but didn't think much about it. I remembered being rather tired during the first week after I moved here, but I thought it was because all the work I did to make this cottage habitable."

"Only that?" Severus asked. "No weird food cravings, mood swings or frequent urinated during the day?"

Harry though about that for a moment. "Well, three weeks ago I owled Honeydukes to send me their entire chocolate stock," he started slowly. "And I asked Ron to send me two bucket of Florean's caramel mint choco chips ice cream last week. I'm not so sure about mood swings, but yes, I barely had any sleeps at night because I kept going forth and come to the bathroom during this last month."

"Thanks God you didn't crave anything disgusting," Severus said in relief. "What will you do next, Harry? You only have five months left before you delivered the child. Not to mention you'll start showing next month."

"I'll stay here until I'm too big to hide under loose shirts," Harry replied. "When the times come, I'll tell the people I'm going to take a little vacation to mainland Europe. After I gave birth, I'll return here. I loved this town and this small cottage is my home."

"The people will ask about the child," Severus stated.

"I'll tell them I adopted him," Harry said with a shrug.

Severus raised an eyebrow. "Him?"

"I had a feeling it's a he," Harry said. He brought his hand to his still-flat abdomen and smiled fondly.

"You looked happy," Severus said softly.

Harry stared into Severus' eyes. His emerald eyes practically shone with love. "I'm having a part from the man I love grow in my body; I think that's enough reason for me being happy."

Severus smiled. "Enough talk. Finish your food."

The two men finished their lunch in comfortable silence. Severus offered to clean the dishes and told Harry to take a rest. The young man complied with a grumbled, but went to the living room nevertheless. He was dozing off lightly when Severus emerged from the upstairs, dressed in the clothes and robe he wore yesterday.

"Leaving already?" the brunet asked as he sat straight.

"I still have to report to Albus," Severus said. "I'll come again by Sunday with your potions. Until then."

Harry nodded. Severus walked to the kitchen and went through the door to the back yard. There's a big old tree that could hide him from the people. Not a minute later Harry felt the wards shifted as Severus disapparate. The brunet slumped back to the couch. He still had thirty minutes before he had to go back to kindergarten. He was a bit sleepy and decided that a nap was good. No need to say he didn't even wake up until the clock struck seven that night.


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