A/N: Set during the start of eclipse but does not follow the plot line

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Concerned for the Conversationless

Angela was never the kind of person to ignore human suffering, or suffering of any kind for that matter. Her parents had always raised her to help those in need, even if they seemed out of the reach of help. If it weren't for this, Angela never would have met him.

When Bella Swan had come to Forks, a new order emerged in the small high school all Forks teenagers attended. The untouchable Cullen family had finally broken out of their shell. Overlooking Edward's wrong judgments at the start of the previous year and the family's mysterious absences, Angela was able to make friends with almost all the Cullen clan, all except the ever distant Jasper.

While Angela's friendship with Alice had grown considerably over the past two years, Jasper never sat with the others, ate with them or spent any time with them whatsoever. His distance concerned Angela, even Rosalie and Emmett had graced the others with their presence yet Jasper still eluded all contact with anyone but his family. It was unnatural, and it made her feel uneasy how crumpled and isolated he always seemed.

Alice had never once mentioned Jaspers distance from the group, and she never seemed worried about it, yet Angela couldn't keep her mind off the brooding outsider. His distance was not only saved for the lunchtime rush of people and conversation, Angela's grades had allowed her to skip into a high level Literature and Mathematics class, both which she had with the always lonesome Jasper. In both classes he had none of his family, and he sat alone. It was almost as if no one but his family existed to him, and her concern gathered.

Every lunch, Angela would sit and observe Jaspers solitary habits, concern almost emanating from her mind, trying to break into the others, so she wouldn't be forced to handle the situation on her own. As if he knew exactly what she was thinking Edward pulled her aside from the lunch line, gently urging her toward the hallway.

"Ange, lately it seems you've been concerned for my brother." He stated it as a fact, and Angela felt absolutely no compulsion to say anything, it almost seemed as if Edward was trying to deter her from caring for the situation. "Jasper has always been somewhat distant from others, he's shy and quiet, you really don't need to worry yourself on his behalf." Edward glanced back at Jasper, who was watching their conversation intently through the doorway from his table.

Angela smiled, she would tell Edward what he wanted to hear, "Ok, I was just concerned that he misunderstood us, we don't mean to intentionally exclude him, thanks for talking to me." As if he could read minds Edward raised his eyebrows at her disbelievingly before walking away, he walked through the door and to Jaspers table where he muttered something, patting him on the back and walking away, momentarily Jaspers gaze flickered to her, and she was frozen to her spot in the doorway. She did not see hatred in his azure eyes, but she saw a chilling determination and encouragement that sent her heart fluttering in panic and caused her head to spin. When she regained control of her senses, she looked back over to Jaspers table, but he wasn't there.