Running through Rainstorms

Angela sat on the curb, waiting for Rosalie to finish the car. Edward had been right it seemed Jasper hadn't come near her for over half an hour. He hadn't been able to give her an answer to her question, apparently Jasper was stubborn, and she had to figure out how to convince him herself. Lost in thought, she didn't realize that Jasper was standing close by waiting for her.

"Angela, Rosalie can't fix the car, it looks like it needs some parts replaced, I'm going to have to run you home, I can get Emmett to take you if you like," he looked down at her on the side of the road and frowned at her hand.

"No, I want you to take me but before you drop me home can you take me to the forest near my house?" she smiled up at him and went to take his hand, he pulled it away quickly and nodded his head, Edward waved at Angela as Jasper lifted her onto his back.

"You won't be able to hold on very well so I'll have to carry you bridal style I think," jasper said after five minutes of running. He pulled her around from his back and held her in his arms; it took them only five more minutes to reach the wooded area near Angela's.

"If you go forward in a bit deeper you'll come to a marker, it's a red flag, turn right there until you reach the blue flag then turn right again, go in deep until I tell you," Angela instructed, nursing her broken hand against her stomach and looping her other arm around the back of Jasper's neck. She felt him lean back into her touch then stiffen and correct himself as he followed her directions.

"Stop here," she said happily. Having Jasper set her down, she grabbed is hand and led him deeper into the forest area. "This is my place," she said, smiling at Jasper and twisting her arms around his waist, "and I wanted to share it with you before we left for France." Jasper looked down at her confusion swirling around in his eyes.

"We don't have to go to France now, the Volturi have been, and Ange, you don't have to stay with me just because you're scared, I'll still protect you even if you don't want to be with me, we won't let them hurt you," Jasper had taken hold of her broken hand in both of his, his touch was so gentle that she couldn't believe he had been the one o break it.

"Jasper, we paid for the tickets we may as well still go, and after todays events I think I need a vacation," Angela protested, "and you need to stop blaming yourself for my hand, you explained everything to me the night you told me you were a vampire, I knew what was going on, and Jasper, I trust you to protect me forever, I love you please, please don't leave me," tears welled in her eyes and she looked up at him, "please."

"I promise Ange, that I'll protect you forever, I won't leave you unless you ask me to, my la tua cantante," he said, kissing the top of her head. Angela laughed and pulled his face down to hers, as they pulled apart she looked towards the trees. Autumn leaves fell in a rainbow of colours at their feet and the sun sank below the horizon as it began to rain. Jasper scooped her back up into his arms and kissed her again, "I guess its time for me to meet your parents," he said happily, running with her through the forest. Angela laughed, she was happy with her Jasper, and he was smiling again, they were running through the rainstorm, and they had forever ahead of them, they would run through more.