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It was the winter of 1999. Only a few more weeks and the most-awaited time of the year shall come. Everyone was excited and blabbering in happy tones, wishing each other warmth and mirth in the coming season. Shopping malls and bazaars were already jam-packed with people shopping for their loved ones and friends alike. On every house hung hand-made wreaths and dazzling Christmas lights. Children ran in orchards and parks, throwing snowballs at each other or making small angels in the soft, white snow. Various ponds and lakes were frozen solid. Throngs of teenagers and pre-teens skated gracefully on them, hand in hand with one another. The sound of laughter filled the cold, snowy air. Smiles were in everyone's faces and it warmed the cockles of one's heart just to see them strolling along the streets.

The Palace was busy too. For in that particular time of the year, a new baby boy is to be born in the Britannian royal family. Maids have begun to sew cute baby clothes for the new-born with fine threads of silk. Some of the princes and princesses were giddy with excitement upon hearing of the new brother's arrival. Lady Marianne, of all of them, was the most joyful. There was much talk about it in and out of the palace grounds that, soon, the news spread all over Britannia even without the help of the media. The King was jolly himself as the days passed. He had even begun to plan a huge welcome party for his 11th son.

Meanwhile, others were sulking and staying in dark corners of their rooms. Take the third prince, Clovis la Britannia, for example. He was always locked up in his huge room, never letting anyone in except for his mother, Gabriella. He was feeling crestfallen because nobody was paying attention to him anymore, save some of his most trusty brothers and his mother. He was always to be seen complaining to his mother about the current state of the Palace and declaring, in a most poetical way, his hatred for the new prince. It made him sound so old. Even amongst ten brothers, six year old Clovis still managed to shine and become the court's favorite, even outshining his older brother Schneizel. But now that the day was near, everyone was hovering over the Lady Marianne like bees drawn to nectar. He often asked himself, "What made this 11th prince so special?". Not just himself, mind you, but to everyone else he asked this question. Most of them would just shrug and tell him to forget about it or simply say nothing at all and try their best to pretend they never saw or heard him. This made him more sulkier than ever and his temper grew shorter and shorter as each day passed.

Finally, the appointed day had come. Word ran through the Palace that the Lady Marianne had been in labor since two in the morning. Thenceforth, she and her ladies-in-waiting had been confined to a secluded room with doctors and nurses accompanying them. The King found it hard to sleep and stayed up late, pacing up and down the carpeted floor in his room, anxious whether his son was safe or not. Everyone in the Palace was restless. All of them were worried about the outcome of the birthing. Is Lady Marianne alright? Is the prince alright? The questions clouded their minds and they were unable to do anything. To ease their worries, they devoted all their time to praying for the safe delivery of the child. This went on until the bright, yellow sun shed the first rays of morning into the world. Just then, their prayers were answered and a healthy baby boy was born to the royal family.

- - - - -

It was the night of the 24th of December. The Palace was ablaze with lights. It seemed like a huge beacon in the midst of other small bonfires. Inside the ballroom, stood a giant Christmas tree, ten feet in height. It was decorated with gold and silver colored balls, chains studded with topazes and rubies, and lots of other trinkets that were pleasing to the sight. On top rested a bright star made of solid gold. It was embellished with precious stones and creamy white pearls. Everyone looked at it in awe. The Palace of Britannia was always acknowledged for its wonderful artistry when it comes to interior designing.

That night was also the night of the grand party. The halls were filled with famous and revered people from the world over. Kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes, marquesses, and earls were among the invited. So far, everyone was having a perfectly nice time, what with all the fancy decorations and the delicious food served in the longest table you'll ever see. Well, everyone was enjoying except maybe for the six year old prince...

"Cheer up, Clovis," Schneizel said, handing him an hors 'd oeuvre and a glass of cranberry juice. "It's Christmas Eve and you get to receive your gifts later on."

"Sheesh... As if they'd give me a gift..." He complained, taking a bite from his hors 'd oeuvre. "They don't care about me. They don't listen to me. They don't see me. In short, I don't exist to them."

"Aww, come on, brother. Cheer up. You'll see! Dad has something up his sleeve for you."

"Like he'd do that... He doesn't care about me anymore."

"If you want to sulk all night, then be it... I give up."

Schneizel left his brother sitting on the velvet stairs leading to the lavishly decorated ballroom. He went up to a small group of young girls and conversed with them, tossing his blonde hair all the while, as if to tell his younger brother that he was still the better one.

- - - - -

A full hour had passed since the celebration started and, just as he had predicted, nobody was still paying attention to him. His six year old heart was hurt and crying but he decided not to show it on his face. Crying was a sign of weakness and defeat, his father had said to him once. And he didn't want defeat. So there on the stairs Clovis stayed, never moving... That is, until his father called him by his side.

Obediently, he stood up, smoothed out his white jacket, and went up to his father, chin up and a glass of cranberry juice held in one of his six year old hands. Unfathomable joy filled his little heart and a smile, long unused, was again playing across his thin lips. Little Clovis walked with all the grace and courage he could muster and the effect was relatively stunning. He looked very grand and worthy to be respected that everyone gave him a bow or a curtsy. Of course, as any prince would, he returned them all with grace. Once more, he was the center of all attention. Once more, all eyes were on him. It came as no surprise, though, for he was the most charismatic of all the siblings and his charm came off naturally.

The King took him by the hand as soon as he arrived and led him to a tall man in a richly embroidered tuxedo. He was holding a cigar on one hand and a goblet half-filled with expensive champagne. His hair was curly and dark. It hung on his head like a huge crown of leaves. The man's eyes were a shade of dark blue and were piercing. He scrutinized every inch of little Clovis intently.

"Reginald, I would like you to meet my third son, Clovis la Britannia." King Charles said proudly.

Clovis bowed dramatically and fixed his eyes on the man's face. "Good evening, sir."

"And good evening to you, too, young prince." The man said in a voice that seemed to come out of a hollow pit. "I am flattered to have met you. My lord, what handsome sons you have got here. I pity myself for not having a son as good-looking as yours."

"Thank you for the praise, Reginald. Speaking of children, where is your little girl? I should very much like Clovis to meet her. He has been down as of late and I thought a little distraction would help him get over his childish depression." The King said.

Just then, a little girl of about his age came, holding a cupcake with tall wisps of icing on it. Her hair, golden and curly, hung about her shoulders and set off her lovely blue eyes perfectly. Clovis found himself blushing when he found that those eyes were looking at him intensely. The lovely stranger gave him a graceful curtsy. He found himself unable to move and his father had to nudge him many times before he returned the curtsy with another dramatic bow. She moved her head to one side and her curls bounced.

"My, what a pretty boy, he is..." She whispered to her father.

"Be quiet, young one. Time is still in our hands." He replied coldly.

The King placed his hand on Clovis' shoulder. "Clovis, meet Audrey Deneuve, daughter of the Duke of Ross, Reginald Deneuve. Miss Audrey, meet my son, Clovis la Britannia, third prince of Britannia."

"How do you do?" Audrey asked, giving him another curtsy.

"I'm fine." He bowed again. "And you?"

"Just fine, my lord." She smiled a most disarming smile and clasped her gloved hands in front of her dramatically. "Would you like to take a walk in your garden, my lord? It is rather lovely outside at this time of year... And it is simply stuffy in here. Wouldn't you like a whiff of fresh air, my lord?"

Clovis nodded slowly and was quite taken aback when he felt her hand in his. She looked at him spitefully when she felt his surprise. "Why, my lord? Are you not accustomed to taking the hands of women into yours? Are you not familiar with women?"

"I am but--"

"My gosh! How hot it is getting in here!" Audrey said, taking out a fan from a beaded bag she carried. "Shouldn't we go out now, my lord?"

"Of course." He obliged, quite grateful that it was she who had to do the talking and not him, who was speechless at that time.

The King watched them disappear through the wide glass doors leading to the luxurious Britannian garden with a smile plastered across his face. "They make a good couple, don't you think, Reginald?"

"Yes, my lord." The Duke agreed. "Yes, they do."

"Don't you think we should consider a marriage contract right now, Duke?"

Reginald's eyes sparkled with delight. "Whatever you wish for, my lord." He said, bowing.

"We have a deal, then." The King said as he went back to his throne where the Lady Marianne was waiting for him, the young prince in her arms.

- - - - -

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