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"brr ... It sure is cold in Aurnion in this time of the year ." Rita said as she shivered .

"Yeah ... But Yuri have to do something important here , so we have no choice but to follow ." Judith said not affected by the cold . (Riixy : I always wondered how Judith was not affected by the cold !)

"W-Well Judith darlin , y-you can always h-h-hug me if y-you a-are c-c-cold ..." Raven stammered .

"Thats a-alot coming from an old man who i-is shivering ." Rita retorted .

"H-Have m-m-mercy on th-this old m-man ."

"Should we stop by the inn and get ourselves warm?" Estelle asked .

"Well , I-I sure w-want to get warm anytime now ." Karol stuttered .

"Woof !" Repede agreed .

They all headed into the inn and got themselves warm . After a few hours , they got worried because Yuri hasn't come back yet .

"I am going to look for Yuri ." Estelle declared .

"Are you crazy? In this weather? You could become a Popsicle !" Rita scolded .

"But.." Estelle sighed .

"I am sure he is fine , Estelle ." Judith assured .

"But I am still worried , what if he is still out there?" Estelle panicked .

"Sigh , If it will make you feel better , I go look for him ok?" Rita asked .

"Ohh , is that compassion I sense from our genius?" Raven teased .

"You want to be roasted , old man?" Rita glared .


"I am sure Rita will be fine if she went and look for Yuri , she has her fire artes to warm herself up ." Judith glanced at her raising her eyebrows .

Rita was taken aback by her action 'Whats with the look? Is she hinting she knows about my crush on Yuri?!?!' Rira thought .

"Well...Okay...Becareful Rita ." Estelle gushed .

"Sure , sure ." Rita said as she ran into the snow .

'Grr , where is that idiot ! I can't find him anywhere !' Rita thought angrily as she stomped through the deep white snow .

"Rita? What are you doing out here?" Yuri asked out of nowhere surprised .

"I was looking for you ! You idiot !" Rita shouted .

"Woah , easy , let's get you warmed up ." Yuri said as he pulled Rita close to him . Rita blushed and thought 'Oh my god ! Why the hell am I blushing !!!'

"Hmm , we can't see very well in this weather ." Yuri sighed .

"Way to state the obvious ." Rita retorted .

"Oh the pain , hey , I think I saw a house nearby , let's get in there ." Yuri led Rita to the house .

"HEY ! We can't just barge in like that !!" Rita cried .

"Don't worry , trust me" Yuri said as he opened the door and walked in with Rita . 'What a total idiot !' Rita cried in her thoughts .

"Well , well , this seems to be Flynn's room . Well since he is not in here , let's bunk her for awhile ." Yuri said .

"I-I don't think t-that is a very g-good idea ..." Rita stammered from the cold .

"Hm? You still cold ? Let's warm you up , shall we?" Yuri pulled her into a heated embrace .

"H-Hey !!" Rita cried in protest .

"Now , now , you don't have to be shy with me" Yuri smirked .

"Who is shy?!?!" Rita attempted to move her arms to whack him .

"Relax , It is not like I am going to rape you or anything ." Yuri assured mockingly .

"...go to hell..." Rita murmured .

"Sure , sure ." Yuri nodded his head and leaned his face close to Rita , snuggling her .

'...I never picture Yuri as the snugly type' Rita thought as her cheek went redder .

"mmm..you are so cute , Rita ..." Yuri sighed as he kissed her cheek .

"W-Wha?!" Rita stammered , cheeks red .

"Rita ... I love you ..." Yuri said as he kissed her lips softly .

"...Yuri...I-I can't ... Estelle is..." Rita said as she attempted to break their embrace but Yuri kept her firm in her place .

"Estelle is like a sister to me...Rita..." Yuri said again as he moved even closer .

"Y-Yuri..." Rita blushed as the two kissed together passionately this time and with much more force ... However , their kiss was interrupted by...

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!" Flynn cried as he entered his room .

The two broke apart one grinning like a Cheshire cat and another blushing tomato .


"I-I am really sorry ! We didn't mean to..." Rita apologised .

"Sorry ." Yuri simply said .

"Yuri !" Rita cried as she whacked him on the head .

"...Sigh...don't worry about it Mordio .. I know that Yuri must have somehow brought you in this mess ." Flynn sighed .

"Damn right ." Rita said as she glared at Yuri .

"Hey ! Why is the blame is always on me?" Yuri cried .

"Ugh , shut up , I have enough for on day . Er ... Do you think we can stay here after the weather calmed down , Flynn?" Rita asked hopefully .

"Ok , Sure you may , but Yuri goes out ." Flynn said mockingly .

"Sure , I would like that ." Rita agreed .

"Hey !!! I am so depressed right now... my best friend and my girlfriend wants to leave me in the cold ." Yuri faked depressed .

"It was a joke , Yuri , don't need to get so emotional about it ." Flynn smirked .

"Oh , how can I ever thank you? Great Flynn !" Yuri cried out dramatically while reaching out to embrace his friend .

"Hey ! Get off me !" Flynn cried as he attempted to push Yuri away .

"Sigh ... never a dull moment with Yuri around indeed ." Rita smiled as she watched the two friends .

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Rita stomped off .

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Yuri ran after Rita .

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