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Two sons of the royal family wishing for freedom, a group of friends who might help them out, and an experience each will never forget. New friends, foes and love begins. What if people from the opposite sides attract? Will love conquer all? See how meeting each other may change their lives forever…


Sorato (Main)

Takari (Main)




Taichi Yagami

Nickname: Tai

Age: 21

Taichi is a cheerful and carefree guy. He grew up with a batch of friends in the village and he also has a younger sister. Tai is usually the comedian of the group, he loves to tease, make jokes and loves food…a lot. But even though Tai can be a joker he knows when to get serious especially when it involves his loved ones.

He owns a restaurant and works there for a living. He provides the stuff that their family (He and his sister) needs. Tai's restaurant is also usually the hang out of their gang. They go there to get together and just hang out. Tai is a really loyal friend and a good brother as well.

Hikari Yagami

Nickname: Kari

Age: 17

Hikari is Tai's younger sister, she's fun, caring, kind and really nice. She too grew up with Tai and his friends, and so she has a lot of big brother and sister figures too. Kari loves to go out in the fields and meadows to simply relax and be at peace, not to mention her love for animals. She loves to help her brother out with his job and sometimes works part time in a flower shop nearby.

There are lots of times when Tai can be an overprotective brother when it comes to Kari, he wants his sister to be perfectly safe from harm and from other guys, at least until he finds someone he can truly trust. Kari may be the youngest one in the group, but she has a really big heart.

Sora Takenouchi

Nickname: Sor

Age: 21

Sora is one of Tai's best friends, and closest friend too. She's a florist and owns a flower shop near Tai's place, that's why Kari often comes there to help her out not just with the shop but with the garden as well. Sora also has a hobby of sketching and drawing, although she keeps up the flower shop's business she still does this during her free time.

Sora is also the kind of person who strongly believes that dreams do come true, she's very happy with her life already and knows that with some hard work things can turn out to be success. Sora though has never had an experience of falling in love, so what could happen if a certain someone and makes her feel that way? With her friends' help surely she'll get through.

Mimi Tachikawa

Nickname: Meems

Mimi is one of Sora's closest friends other than Tai and Kari of course. She works in a bakery and makes different sorts of delicious food. Mimi also has a thing for fashion, that's something you can't grab out of her vocabulary. She's really knows a lot when it comes to clothes and always dresses nicely. Mimi also hangs out with Tai and the others since they get together almost all the time. She values her friendship with all of then and she knows just how to help her pals when they have personal issues in life.

Mimi also loves to help when it comes to someone's love life or anything to do with boys, but she's really fun to have around and someone the others can trust for sure.

Koushiro Izumi

Nickname: Koushiro

Age: 21

Koushiro is also one of their closest friends and he main thing is he's always got his head stuck in a book. Koushiro is someone who loves to learn about all sorts of different things and new discoveries. He's a caring kind of guy an his knowledge exceeds all the others. Koushiro knws a lot about the history of things and usually fills the gang in on knowledge that they might not know about.

Koushiro also has a crush on Mimi which seems to be obvious to everyone else, they've been together for at least a few months now and things were going well too. He might sometimes be caught up in his books, but he always has time for his friends.

Jou Kido

Nickname: Jou

Age: 21

Jou is a friendly guy and he always seemed to worry about the slightest possible injury or problem that could occur when they were still all kids. Jou also grew up with Tai and the gang and always seemed to worry about the slightest thing. But all that changed about a year ago.

Jou decided he wanted to become a doctor who could help people in their time of need, so about a year ago he went to improve on his medical skills and leave the village and the kingdom. Now his friends haven't seen him for over a year and are missing him terribly. But little knowledge it is to them that Jou might just be making his appearance any time soon…

Davis Motomiya

Nickname: Davis

Age: 17

Davis like Tai is a comedian, he and a batch of his other friends just recently moved to the town. He loves to kid around and is a really active person. Even though he just recently moved in he and his friends were able to fit in just fine.

Tai is a little bit strict when it comes to him because Tai's already noticed that Davis likes Kari and usually turns into his over protective brother mode when around Davis. It wouldn't have been that obvious to everyone if Davis didn't make such obvious comments abut Kari and if he wasn't giving him so much attention at that.

Yolei Inoue

Nickname: Yolei

Age: 17

Yolei is one of Davis's friends and also just moved in. She's also an active girl and loves t hang around with her friends. Yolei started to just recently help Mimi out in the bakery, she's grown to really admire Mimi and she was like Yolie's role model. She likes to help her friends out any way she can it's just too bad she couldn't help with Davis' attitude problems of having a big ego.

Yolie has a little secret of her own and that's her crush on one of her friend s, Ken. Although she doesn't have quite he guts to tell him yet, she still makes an effort to try. She can be a big help to the others and she's starting to get used to living and hanging out with the rest of the gang as well.

Cody Hida

Nickname: Cody

Age: 15

Now that Cody's here, Kari is no longer the youngest. Cody is also one of Davis' friends and he loves to help others as small as he may be. He's like an open book whose always ready to share new ideas to the group and he's a lot of fun to hang around with too.

Cody being the youngest made him feel very awkward at first, but soon the whole gang made him feel right at home and he was able to fit in just fine. Now Cody wants to learn from his new found friends and that's something that isn't going to be so hard given the friends he has.

Ken Ichijouji

Nickname: Ken

Ken like Koushiro likes to learn about a lot of new things in life, but the difference is he's also known as some kind of boy genius in Davis' group. Ken's usually the one to get Davis out of trouble. Out of Davis' group of friends Ken is the one closest to him. They're both into sporty stuff and at least Ken's there to calm Davis down a bit right. As Ken got to know the other gang he now spends some of his time working and helping Tai out in the restaurant which is highly appreciated by Tai of course. You'd wonder why Davis never thought of this as a way to get closer to Kari, but even if he did…chances are Tai wouldn't let him anyway…

Like what's been said before Yolei likes Ken and in his situation it just goes vice versa. Although he too has a problem in telling her about it they still make an effort to stay good friends.

A/N: The nickname thing for Takeru and Yamato will be given and used only when they've met Tai and the others in the story. And you'll notice that their surnames are the same that's because their parents never got divorced here

Yamato Ishida

Nickname: Yama

Age: 21

Now here comes the royal family…Yamato is the eldest son of the King and Queen and as the eldest son he's also the one who goes on about the pressure of being reminded that he's going to rule a kingdom soon and that he needs to marry…blah blah blah all those other important stuff about being a prince. And guess what he never enjoyed one bit of it. As a part of the royal family he and his brother were well known through out the Kingdom of Kimlaska (A/N: I know I have a bad naming sense I got this from Tales sorry guys.) Although they've alreadybeen seen in public in the towns and villages Yamato and his brother have never been allowed to roam on their own. In short if there was something he wanted it was freedom and the fact that he didn't want to be forced to marry.

Takeru Ishida

Nickname: T.K

Age: 17

Takeru is Yamato's younger brother and like his brother he also wishes he could go somewhere other than the castle grounds. He's always wanted to explore the world outside of the castle and not just being out of it surrounded by guards. Takeru wants to have real friends and a real life worth living he feels that there are things out there that he's yet to see. At least he was happy that he and his brother still has a freedom of doing something they enjoyed…riding horses.

Takeru and Yamato share a strong bond as brothers mainly because the their he only two people who grew up together. Takeru didn't like the idea the idea of forcing his brother to marry either he knows that everyone wants to marry someone they actually love and not just because it was a set-up, but right now there seemed to be nothing he could do to help…or is there…

Hiroaki Ishida

Age: 43

Hiroaki is the father of the two boys and the king of the Kingdom. He always wants the two to stay protected and safe. He's usually the one who talks to Yamato about the marriage thing and about how to be a good king and ruler in the future. As a father he feels that it's his duty to provide only the best for his sons…not knowing that caging them in the castle isn't really one of them.

Natsuko Ishida

Age: 39

Natsuko is the mother of the boys and she's a really caring person. She's the type of mother that can se through her sons' true feelings. She knows how much they don't like being stuck here in the castle all the time, but she couldn't let them raom around too freely either. She could also see the loneliness of the two growing up without real close friends. She also knows how much Yamoto hates it when they start to lecture him about marriage and ruling a kingdom. She wants the best for her sons and now she only wishes for them to find the happiness that they yearn for.

Cassandra Tatlin (A/N: sorry again if you don't like the name)

Age: 21

Cassandra is the princess that Yamato has to marry…well not unless he finds another one. She's a princess from another kingdom and she definitely has no complains in the arranged marriage between her and Yamato. Problem is Yamato doesn't really like her and it's no difference with Takeru either. Weather it was for the money or for Yamata himself they really couldn't get it. All they knew is that she's starting to really annoy them both. Cassandra can be bossy when she feels like it and she thinks as though she's sure to win Yamato over.

These are simply the main characters/villains in the story some such as the maids, chauffer etc. might be added as just extras…

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