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Our Happy Ending, Together Forever!

Yamato walked Sora to the dinning room, they walked there hand in hand and Yamato felt that Sora's hand was shaking. A chuckle escaped his lips and he smiled at her and spoke "You have nothing to worry about Sora, everything will be alright that's something that I can assure you." He said with a smile

"I know, but I can't help but feel a bit nervous. I'm not so sure if I could ever meet up to their expectations. I'm not even sure if they like me." Replied Sora

"*chuckle* Sora…please you know that you don't have to worry in meeting up with them. You only have to continue to be yourself and I don't expect anything more than that. Secondly, how could anyone possibly hate you?" asked Yamato as Sora blushed in a deep shade of red

Soon they approached the dinning room and entered. They were greeted by the king and queen and by the happy smiles of their friends. "Hello mother. I brought Sora here so you could meet her" said Yamato as he entered the room with Sora

"Hello again Yamato, I see that you've brought the lovely lady with you." Said queen Natsuko as she smiled at Sora

"Glad to see that you're awake Sor, you worried us you know." Said Tai with a smile

"I'm glad that you're alright, and I'm glad that Yamato's been there for you as well." Said Mimi with a smile

"Now Yamato why don't you both take a seat and we'll all have a little chat." Suggested queen Natsuko

"Alright." With this said, Yamato, being the gentleman that he is, pulled out the empty seat and gestured Sora to sit down. Sora sat down and she was still nervous. Soon, Yamato took a seat right beside her and took her hand and held on to it tight as to assure her that she didn't need to be nervous.

"Now mother, father what is it that we should be talking about?" asked Yamato

"Well, why you were away, Jou and the rest of your friends told us some of the details of what they thought would be a helpful way of the upcoming wedding." Said king Hiroaki

"Upcoming….???" Started Sora

"Wedding?" asked Yamato as he finished for Sora then he asked again "W-what wedding? I thought you said that I could choose to marry someone I love?"

"Yes, exactly. And that's what we're here to talk about." Said queen Natsuko

"Huh?" asked Yamato confused

"Tai…guys what did you tell them?" asked Sora as she looked at her friends giving them a I-know-you-had-something-to-do-with-this-so-spill-look.

"Okay, you got us. It's not like we were planning to keep all this from you anyway." Said Mimi with a smile

"Mind filling us both in on it then?" asked Yamato as he looked at the others in suspicion and they could see that he was waiting for answers.

"Okay, okay just chill out already." Said Davis with a laugh

Yamato and Sora were silent and waited for answers as the others started to explain what the king and queen meant by the wedding.

"Okay to start things off, king Hiroaki did say that Yama here still had to marry remember?" said Tai "But he said that Yamato could choose whoever he wanted to marry this time."

"So when you left, we decided to fill them in on the details." Said Yolei

"Wait…what details?" asked Yamato

"Well, we told them about who we thought you'd like to marry and trust me they weren't that surprised." Said Davis

"Wait so let me get this straight, you guys decided on who I have to marry?" asked Yamato a bit shocked

"Not really, everyone already knows the one and only person that you want to marry. So trust us that we didn't tell them anything wrong." Assured Mimi with a giggle

"Ah…guys…I…what did you…." Yamato was staggering right now and he really didn't know what to say. A few more minutes later and he spoke again "*cough* sorry about that…anyway, by any chance could you kindly excuse me and Sora for a moment?"

Sora looked at him with a confused look and she got up from her seat and followed Yamato out the door. Once they were out the king laughed and the queen smiled

"I think that Yamato might be doing something we've wanted him to do for some time now." Said queen Natsuko with a smile

"True, now I know why he wanted to have some time alone with her." Said king Hiroaki

"Yamato better not mess this up." Said Mimi

"Don't worry I'm sure this time my brother will take a stand. I'm sure that he's already told her how he felt about her." Said Takeru

"He must have forgotten to mention to her all about the wedding. Now I think we should leave them be, no more spying on them." Said Kari

"Right, but you have to admit that spying was fun." Said Davis with a smile

"Yeah, but I think Yamato should work this out using his own paste this time." Said Jou as he faced the others

"I have a pretty good feeling about this, this feeling is telling me that we're a step closer to making preparations for the wedding of the season." Said Mimi happily

"Yeah…and this time you'll find your happiness too Sor…good for you." Thought Tai with a smile

Yamato led Sora to the garden, a very confused Sora at that. He led her to the garden and thought to himself "I was planning to do this at my own paste but then…why did they have to rush me? Now I don't know what to do…" thought Yamato

"Is there something bothering you that you want to talk with me about?" asked Sora concerned

"N-no that's not it, it's just that…well, bout what they were talking about when we were inside…" started Yamato

"Oh…you mean about the wedding…" said Sora

"Yes, well you see…they were right about one thing. If they told my parents who it is that I want to marry, they couldn't have made a mistake…" said Yamato, he took Sora's hand and spoke again. "Sora, I know that we haven't known each other for a very long time…but still, that never stopped me from falling in love with you."

Sora stood there and dint speak for it looked to her that Yamato still had more to say "I know that this might be a rush but I know what I feel for you is true and no one could ever replace that. Sora…will you marry me?"

Sora stood there dumbfounded at first and couldn't speak a word. Yamato broke the silence when he got no reply from her "It's alright though if you're not ready for this…I just wanted you to know that I'll wait no matter how long it takes and…" before he could finish he felt Sora put a finger in his lips to stop him from uttering another word.

"Shh…it's alright Yamato, I understand." Said Sora, then she smiled and spoke again "My answer is yes, I would be very happy to marry you. I'm sorry if ever I made you think that you were going to be rejected, I was just shocked that's all. I do love you and nothing could ever change that."

Yamato was shocked but soon after he registered everything into his head he spoke again with his voice full of joy and happiness as he quickly pulled Sora into a loving hug "I truly love you Sora and I promise that you won't regret your decision."

Sora returned the hug and giggled "You know that I would never even dare to regret my decision Yamato, being with you alone is enough to make me very happy. But Yama…would your parents and the other leaders…"

"You don't have to worry about them Sora, I told you that my parents wanted to meet you and I'm sure that the other leaders of the of the kingdom wouldn't mind seeing as their decision of my future wasn't the best one." Said Yamato with a smile

Soon Yamato let go of Sora and they both broke the hug. Yamato looked at Sora and spoke "Well shall we return to see my parents and our dear friends?" suggested Yamato

"Yeah, I guess we should. They must be wondering what we're up to by now." Said Sora with a smile

Both of them walked back to the dinning room. As they walked in they once again saw the king and queen and all their friends. This time Tai had a huge grin on his face. "so from the two smiling faces I'd like to think that were here to talk about wedding preparations?" said Tai

"And this time, one that Yamato's actually willing to attend." Said Davis as the rest laughed

"Now, on to the current situation…" as the king started Yamato and Sora sat down on the chair and listened

"My dear…we would love to get to know you better. Yamato has told us a lot about you." Said queen Natsuko as she smiled at Sora

"Yup, he just can't stop talking about you Sor." Said Takeru as he saw his brother blush

"Takeru I should say the same about you. Once you start talking about Kari you can't seem to stop either." Countered Yamato as he saw his little brother blush

"Alright boys that enough teasing. Now our other concern for you is about Cassandra and Van we haven't quite heard your opinion about the situation." Started queen Natsuko

"That would depend your majesty we're thinking it through although…we're just not so sure about what we're supposed to do for the moment." Said Tai

"With what she's done she should be rotting in the dungeons." Said Davis

"No!" protested Sora as she saw everyone look at her including Yamato "I mean…let's think of another way, I know that she's done a lot of things to us and most of them…" as she started her explanation her friends cut her off

"Most???" they asked in unison and disagreement

"Alright…all of those things were to either harm us or get rid of us. But no one deserves to be treated the wrong way especially if it's just for some revenge plot. Can we think of a less violent way to solve this?" asked Sora

"We will Sor, Davis was just fooling around. Nothing to worry about." Said Koushiro

"But still…how you continue to have mercy on someone like her still surprises me. I mean even after everything she's done to you…." Said Davis

"Yeah Sor it kind of surprises all of us." Said Jou

"Now we'll await your decision, you may tell us if you're ready." Said king Hiroaki and then he looked at Sora "Now I can see why Yamato chose you young lady." As he said this Yamato smiled as he saw Sora blush.

A few days after they had that talk with the king and queen Yamato was now taking Sora and giving her a tour around the palace. They were currently on a break through all of the wedding preparations going on. Now, Yamato took her to the garden and they were there alone. Yamato was hugging Sora from behind and they both enjoyed the peaceful company of each other.

"This place is truly beautiful." Said Sora as she was enveloped in the hug

"Not as beautiful as you though…" replied Yamato as this made Sora laugh

"Where did you get that line? From Tai or from Davis?" she asked with a smile

"I was simply stating a fact princess." Said Yamato then he felt her shiver so he asked "Is something wrong?"

"No, it's just that…I still don't know when I can get used to all this being a royal stuff especially the part of people all around me calling me princess…." Said Sora

"It's going to be alright. You don't really have to mind what they call you. Takeru and I didn't like it either, but most of the people in the palace are very nice and you're already well known in the village so I doubt that things would suddenly change. Besides you have all of us here who won't treat you any different." Said Yamato as he leaned closer and gave her a kiss on the cheek

"I know…Yama I have something to ask though…what about the shop and the village? Will we still be able to visit everyone?" asked Sora

"I'm sure we will, when I last had a talk with my parents they said that they'd lessen the part of me being stuck here. They'll be granting us more freedom and everything so we really have nothing to worry about." Said Yamato

"That's nice, although I'm still thinking about my shop though…" said Sora as she was wondering what she'd do with the flower shop while she's away.

"I know you have a lot to worry about right now, but everything will work out somehow. And one more small detail…I know how much you love flowers." Said Yamato

"Yes? What of it?" asked Sora

"Well the garden in the palace will be my gift to you." Said Yamato as he saw her eyes widened

"N-no I can't…you know I can't take something this big. I mean this big of value…it's too much and you know it." Said Sora

"Now Sora you know that nothing is too much, it's just something I want you to have." Stated Yamato

"It might not be for you but for me it's way too much. I don't need these things Yama, having you here is enough for me." Said Sora

"I wouldn't have it any other way either Sor, it's just sometimes I've forgotten that I'm actually deciding my life right now. I'm just happy knowing that I'll be spending my life with you." Said Yamato happily

"I'm glad to be with you as well…but you know that I don't need gifts to prove to me anything." Said Sora

"I know…I love you Sora…" said Yamato out of the blue

"I love you too…" replied Sora as she closed her eyes, she didn't need to see that Yamato was there for she already felt and knew he was.

As they were both in silence, it was all soon broken by the arrival of Nicholas "E-excuse me your highness…." Called Nicholas

"N-Nicholas!" said Yamato out of shock and he let goof Sora and they both stared at Nicholas in shock

"I'm sorry your highness…I didn't mean to intrude, I apologize for the disturbance…" apologized Nicholas

"No Nicholas it's quite alright, nothing to apologize for. I was just a bit shocked to find you here and all that. Is there something wrong?" asked Yamato

"No, it's just that you are being called for the preparations at the moment." Explained Nicholas

"I see, please do tell them that we'll be there in a while. Oh and Nicholas…" called Yamato

"Yes your highness?" asked Nicholas

"This lovely lady right here is the girl Takeru and I were talking to you about. Sora this is Nicholas, he's the palace gatekeeper and one of our most loyal and trusted friends and companion here in the palace." Introduced Yamato

"Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you." Greeted Sora with a warm smile

Nicholas returned the smile and spoke "The pleasure is mine princess." Said Nicholas knowing fully well that Sora's the girl that Yamato is to marry

"Please sir, if it's not much trouble…do call me Sora, I'm not quite used to being called princess." Said Sora kindly

"I'm not so sure that would be quite appropriate…" as Nicholas was about to protest Yamato spoke "It's fine Nicholas, Takeru and I would like it that you address us with our first names as well."

"Well….alright your highn----I mean, Yamato." Said Nicholas still a bit uneasy with the new naming system

"Well we better get going, thank you for informing us that we're needed Nicholas." Said Yamato as Sora gave Nicholas a smile and they left.

As the two of them went into one of the spare guest rooms where they were needed Sora was shocked and happy at the same time, because as she opened the door she heard someone familiar scream her name.

"Sora!!!!" called Jamie happily as she went to hug her friend

"Jamie! What are you doing here?" asked Sora surprised to find Jamie here

"Mimi called me and said that I had to make a dress for a really special occasion. I was so surprised to hear that you're getting married. Oh I knew you guys could pull it all off! I am so happy for you!" said Jamie looking at her friend

"I'm happy to see you here Jamie and knowing Mimi, I'm not surprised that she called you to make the dress." Said Sora

"It's nothing, after everything that's happened to you guys it's the least I could do to help out." Replied Jamie then she spoke again "So looks like your going to be part of the royals soon huh."

"Yeah…but I'm not sure if I can get used to it all. I'm fine with being called just Sora and being treated like a normal individual. I don't want things to change because of this." Said Sora truthfully

"I'm sure nothing will change, I mean everyone in the village likes you for who you are and I doubt our social stats would affect how they treat you now." Said Jamie "I for one am very happy for you. This time you can find your happiness. Will you still be able to visit the village though?"

"Yes, I'll do what I can. You know I can't stand not seeing you guys." Said Sora with a smile

Then Sora soon noticed and remembered that Yamato was still there. Sora turned to Yamato and then to Jamie "Jamie this is Yamato…and Yama, this is our friend Jamie, she's a seamstress in the village and very talented one at that." She introduced

Yamato bowed and spoke "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Jamie laughed a little and returned the kind gesture "The pleasure in all mine your high…"

Before Jamie could finish, Yamato spoke "Please don't…not with the your highness again. Just do call me Yamato."

"I see, then please just call me Jamie. I hope that you and I will become good friends as well." Said Jamie with a smile

"Yes, I would like that Jamie. That would be nice." Replied Yamato

Sora giggled from the sidelines and spoke "It's glad to see that you two get along real well."

"It's not really that hard…I do hope that you would take care of her Yamato, she's quite…what's the word…well lets just say that if something happens to Sora, a lot of people are not going to be happy about it." Warned Jamie

"I know, you have my word that I won't let anything happen to her." Said Yamato and he continued "If something does happen I don't think I'll be able to forgive myself."

"Good, now we have to get on with the preparations. That's what you came here for right? So let's not waste any more time and get things started shall we?" asked Jamie looking at Sora and Yamato as they both nodded.

-Wedding Day-

Yamato was with Tai, Takeru and all the other guys as they were preparing for the wedding. Only a few minutes more of waiting and the ceremony will begin.

"So Yamato…you excited? You'll actually see Sor in a wedding dress." Said Tai with a smile

"Well, I have been waiting for this day to come haven't I?" replied Yamato

"At least this time, you aren't marrying some insane princess anymore." Said Davis

"Anyway, we're all happy for you both Yamato. Now you and Sora can be happy together." Said Jou

"You do have to promise us that you'll come and visit us every now and then. I doubt Sora would like being trapped here all the time." Said Ken

"She did say that she's going to have some trouble getting used to it all." Replied Yamato

"Well you know Sor, she has her own way of doing things and she hates being treated like some king of superior person." Said Tai

"At least now I can say that you two will be happy together." Said Takeru

"True, someday you'll know what it feels like when you and Kari get married." Said Yamato wit a grin

"Oh very funny, you know I'm too young for something like that." Replied Takeru

"Yes I know that…but still you never know what can happen in the future." Said Yamato

"Okay stop the topic about my sister getting married please…you make it sound like I'm getting old a lot quicker." Said Tai

"Don't worry Tai, you don't look like it so there's nothing you should worry about." Said Cody

"Okay hanks Cody, now Yamato I want to remind you of one big detail here." Stated Tai

"And that detail would be what exactly?" asked Yamato looking at Tai

"Simple, you hurt Sora and I will hunt you down and make sure to break every single piece of bone and fiber in your body that you are not going to like it." Said Tai seriously then he looked at Takeru "Same goes for you and my sister."

Yamato and Takeru looked at each other and smiled nervously "Don't worry Tai, Jamie told me the same thing yesterday." Said Yamato "And I doubt that Takeru would do anything to hurt Kari in any way."

"Oh he better not…" warned Davis

"Well guys let's get going Yamato should already be there waiting for Sora in the altar remember? We can't have the groom getting late for his own wedding day can we?" asked Koushiro as they all nodded and agreed. So they left and made their way to the wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile with the ladies Sora was getting ready and she was already dressed in the wedding gown. The other girls were with her and they were all having a little chat.

"I am so excited for this wedding Sor. I can't believe the day is finally here." Said Mimi happily

"You seem to be more excited than she is Meems." Said Yolei with a laugh

"Oh Sora you look so beautiful, e is so going to freak when he sees you in that dress!" exclaimed Mimi

"No arguments on that, you look really pretty Sor. As usual Jamie did a really good job on he dress." Said Kari

"Did you expect any less from her? She is amazing when it comes to these things!" said Mimi

"Well one day you guys will be experiencing something like this too you know. Let's see…there's Meems and Koushiro, Kari and T.K and Yolei and Ken…" as Sora was speaking Yolei cut her off

"Hey hold it right there Sor…Ken and I aren't even together!" said Yolei

"Please, everyone knows that it's bound to happen some day. I actually don't know what's keeping you two from getting together." Said Mimi "You know, everyone could see hat you two are a perfect match."

"Agreed." Said the others in unison as they saw Yolei blush

"Anyway, let's skip all this and get going. Seeing as all of us are ready and done we should move it." Said Mimi

"Yeah we can't really risk wasting any more time here when the guys are already waiting for us." Said Kari

"We can't afford to be late and we need to get you there on time, so come on Sora. Your prince is waiting for you." Said Yolei with a smile as they left and made their way to the church

Yamato was waiting for Sora to approach he altar and he was a bit nervous. Soon he music bean and he saw is friends enter in pairs and stand next to him. Afterwards there was a few minutes of silence and soon he saw the girl he was waiting for.

Sora walked in and she looked at Yamato and saw that he was in deep shock, she could tell from he expression that he was wearing on his face and she couldn't help but smile. As Sora got to the altar, which she was escorted there by Tai since she didn't have any other close relatives left. Before Tai let her go he whispered to her ear "Go get him Sor." And then, he let her go and smiled

Sora walked to Yamato and they listened to the priest as he was conducting the ceremony. Then the time soon came when the priest got to the I do's. He faced Sora and smiled, hen he spoke "Do you Sora Takenouchi take Yamato Ishida to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health till' death do you part?" he asked

Sora smiled and spoke "Yes, I do."

The priest then looked at Yamato and asked "Do you Yamato Ishida take Sora Takenouchi to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health till' death do you part?"

"I do." Replied Yamato

"Then by the power invested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." As the priest said this Yamato took of the veil around Sora and he leaned closer and pulled her into a deep loving kiss.

Cheers erupted from the crowds and their friends were cheering for them as well. Mimi and the other girls…including Davis…were getting teary eyes and some were crying. Koushiro, Jou and the rest of the guys were happily giving the newly wedded couple an applause. Finally they al had their happy ending…

Years Later…

"Daddy!" called a small innocent little voice as he ran to his dad. Shiro Ishida ran to his father happily as he had just come back from one of his visits in the village. Shiro had blonde hair and blue eyes like his father but inherited the loving and caring attitude of his mother.

"Shiro! You're back! How was the trip to the village? Did you have fun?" asked Yamato as he carried the little blonde boy in his arms

"Uh huh, uncle Tai and the others taught me how to play soccer! It was really fun!" said Shiro as he clung to his dad and smiled

"That's nice, I'm glad you had a good time. Now tell me…where's your mother?" asked Yamato

"Mommy is out in the garden, she said she wanted to be alone for a while. But I think that aunt Kari is there with her." Replied Shiro

"Alright then, what do you say we go see your mommy and see aunt Kari too?" suggested Yamato

"Okay!" replied Shiro happily

Sora was in the garden with Kari and they were having a little talk of their own. "I'm glad that you guys are still able to visit the village." Said Kari

"Well Yama and I both agreed that we didn't want to make Shiro feel as if he's t be trapped and imprisoned here for the rest of his life so...we worked it out." Replied Sora with a smile and then she asked "What about you? How are you and T.K?"

"Well….that's the thing…" said Kari then she held out her hand and she saw Sora gasp in shock

"When did he…?" asked Sora as she saw a ring that flashed in Kari's finger

"A few days ago. It was really sweet, that's when Tai nearly fainted when I came home and showed him the ring. He said that he was getting old…" said Kari with a laugh

"So it seems to e like Takeru finally had the guts to propose then?" came Yamato's voce as he arrived at the garden

"Mommy!" called Shiro as he ran to his mom and gave her a hug

"It's nice to see you here Yama." Said Kari as she gave Yamato as hug as well "Looks like you and Tai are going to be related soon."

"Yeah, looks like it. I'm happy for you two." Said Kari

"I'm happy for you and Sor as well…I mean who would have thought that…" before Kari could finish she saw Sora give her a look and she spoke "Oh…so he doesn't know yet…I see. Well then I better get going, you two should have some time alone to talk this out." Said Kari as she waved and said goodbye to Shiro

Yamato, Shiro and Sora were left alone and Yamato asked "Is there something I need to know?"

"Well it's not a bad thing I can assure you that…it's just that…I was feeling I'll a few days ago and I went to visit Jou…" said Sora

"Oh? Are you sick? Why didn't you tell me? I could have taken you there. What did Jou say?" asked Yamato concerned and worried

"Well…the vomiting and the headaches kid of gave it away…" said Sora and Yamato's eyes widened

"You're pregnant?!?!" he asked in a surprised yet happy tone

"Yeah…that's what Jou said, though as usual the gender of the child is unknown…" replied Sora

"That doesn't matter right now Sor! I am so happy for you…for us!" said Yamato as he pulled Sora into a hug

A little later they both heard Shiro speak "Mommy, Daddy what's pr-prey-preg…" as Shiro was trying to speak they both laughed and Yamato picked up his son and carried him again.

"It means that you're going to have a little brother or a little sister soon." Said Yamato

"Really? Yay!" cheered Shiro as the two of them laughed knowing that there would be another addition to their family soon…

Meanwhile…Kari is engaged with Takeru and are getting married soon. There were times that Takeru would stay a night or two in the village and even help Kari out at the flower shop. Sora would still come by and assist if she has the time, but she's handed the flower shop to Kari as a gift since she moved in the palace. Kari and T.K are still deciding on where they should stay soon and they have a lot to think about but for now they're happy with each others company and know that they'll be there for each other till' the end.

Koushiro and Mimi got married as well a few months after Sora and Yamato. Now Mimi has a little baby girl and she couldn't be any happier. Koushiro proposed to her not long after Yamato and Sora's wedding and she was in tears when it all happened. That was one memory they would never forget. Mimi still works at the bakery with Yolei but this time she was well supported by the palace and she is even invited to make pastries there during occasions. Not to mention that Koushiro helps out at the palace whenever he can as well. Things have been going well and they have a really healthy relationship.

Yolei and Ken finally got together. Ken had the guts to tell Yolei how he felt about her and the others weren't surprised to hear that she felt the same way. Ken still works at the restaurant and Yolei at the bakery nothing much has changed. Now Ken is planning on proposing to Yolei and with Tai's help he wants to do things right. They've been together and have had their fair share problems and misunderstandings just like any other relationship but they could always find a way to work things out.

Tai is still continues to work in the restaurant but same as Mimi he is sometimes called to the palace to make meals for special occasions or if he just wants to go there and cook for some reason he was more than welcome to do so. Tai is still the overprotective brother but he knows that he ca count on T.K to be there fir Kari always. Tai visits occasionally at the palace and he always helps out when needed. The restaurant is now also supported by the palace as is h bakery and the flower shop and it's still the hangout of the gang as it used to be.

Jou is still a medic and still continues to improve his skills. He works as a doctor of the villagers in the village and he is sometimes summoned to the palace when needed. He tends to the sick and try to help them as much as he can. He sometimes goes on business trips to other cities in the kingdom but as soon as he's done with his job there he is sure to return. He didn't want to risk disappearing for a long time all over again.

Davis and Cody have both made it their habit to occasionally help out at Tai's place when they get the chance. Usually when they can't help out at Tai's Davis still hangs out and plays soccer along with Cody and some of the villagers children. He's made it a hobby to be the one to act as some kind of trainer in the sport of soccer just as Tai was to him. Other than that, nothing has still changed and Davis and Cody remain the same.

Now as for Cassandra and Van they got a taste of their own medicine. The gang, along took Sora's suggestion into account. They thought of a way to get rid of Cassandra without giving her much of a violent punishment. They all decided to have her banished from the kingdom. She was never allowed to enter the kingdom of Kimlaska again. Being banned from the kingdom meaning banned from them and everyone else in it, the people, them, the royals, their children, their children's children and so on. At least now she can experience and know what it feels like to be cast aside just as she did to the others.

As for the Ishida family, they couldn't have it any other way. Yamato and Sora were happy and Yamato was thrilled when he found out that Sora was to give birth to their first child. When she was in labor it was something they both wouldn't forget, Jou was the one who conducted the operation and they were all there fir support. As Shiro was born Davis fainted as he saw the child and all the blood. Now they were expecting a second child and they're making queen Natsuko and king Hiroaki happy grandparents indeed.

As the days grow by Yamato and Sora's love for each other would never change and continuous to grow. In fact a portrait was hung in the palace, a portrait that was drawn by Sora when she was merely 21, the same exact drawing that she showed Yamato when they first met. A portrait of all of them together when they were all complete again. Something that would remind them that there are some things that can be found beyond those walls. Because it reminded them that outside they found something greater than they hoped for, they found love, something that they would all continue to treasure…forever…

~The End~

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