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There are alot of things Bianchi loves about Haru Miura.

She loves Haru's sweet and generally kind personality, and how she had such a naive, almost childish view of the world.

She loves the way Haru's body curved in all the right places, not by much, but just enough.

She loves how Haru's beautiful wide eyes were also so clear and cheerful, like nothing could bring her down.

She loves hearing Haru's ideals and ambitions, and her powerful desire to protect those close to her.

She loves the melodic rhythm of Haru's sweet voice.

She loves that Haru considered her someone to confide into and talk about her personal problems.

She loves how Haru would tear up so easily.

She loves how easily Haru could be seduced by her feminine charm.

She loves the way Haru's face became flushed whenever she gently caressed the younger girl's cheek.

She loves watching Haru tense up as she spoke sweet nothings into her ear.

She loves the taste of Haru's lips against her own.

She loves how Haru's knees would buckle if their kiss lasted for more than a minute.

She loves sending that chill down Haru's bare back and rubbing her fingers against the girl's soft skin.

She loves thrusting her hands into Haru's crotch and listen to her cry out in both pleasure and discomfort.

She loves that powerful feeling of impending climax, and the way Haru would arch back and moan.

She loves hearing Haru's soft voice, huffing and puffing after a long night, whisper those three special words.

Most of all, though...Bianchi loves Haru for being Haru.