Kittenn: It's a snow day, and I just had to type this out. I don't own Death Note, Mello, or Matt. No, this is not a yaoi, shonen-ai, or any such kind of thing. If you don't believe that Mello and Matt can be friends, or brother figures, then that's too bad for you. Can you imagine? A snow day before Decemeber!

All I Wanted

"Those cigarettes are to be the death of you, Mat," he would state so often. Mello, you were wrong. Cigarettes weren't the death of me, it was you.

By: Kittenn1011

I couldn't remember my life before Mello, before The Whammy House. My first memories were of Mello and I staying up all night studying advanced quadratic equations at age six.

Well, he was seven.

I can remember us going out to get drunk at eight, and I can remember my first smoke at nine.

Mello never really approved of my smoking. I don't blame him though. Smoking was proven to cause cancer.

"Smoking will be the death you, Matt," he would state so often.

Sometimes I thought he cared more about my life than his, the way he would make sure I got a couple hours of sleep every night, limiting my cigarettes to a half-pack a day, making sure I didn't have more than two beers, and helping me study.

Mello was fifteen when he left me at The Whammy House to catch Kira.

"It's dangerous," he told me, "I'm going to be in a dangerous." Fourteen year old me just cocked his head to one side and nodded. I know he wanted me to live, get a full education, (the damn hypocrite,) but then I didn't understand why he was leaving me. He promised that when it was safe and older that he'd call me to come.

I thought he hated me. I thought he'd never come and get me. Especially after a year or two.

Though now, I know that he was protection me.

He was protecting me from himself.

I was so happy when he called for me. "Matt," his voice was weak as he slowly and carefully pronounced my alias.

He had every reason to try to protect me from himself.

Mello, my older brother though thick and thin, my friend and study buddy from Whammy's, till death do us part. How stupid have you been? I mean, why did you have to try and limit my cigarettes?

Mello, you were wrong.

Mello, I could've smoked all I wanted.

Cigarettes didn't kill me, Mello, you did.