So my first CSI Miami fanfiction. Just short but I hope you like it.

Disclamier: All the Charas in this story are not mine :(


It was dark in the room. Erics hands moved slowly over the blue fabric of the dress. It felt satiny and cool. He enjoyed the feeling for a few seconds before he started to pull the zipper down. Without a noise the dress fell to the floor. His attention was now on the black bra. He did that so many times before, so he opened it quickly and the bra joined the dress. Then is own cloth fell down too. The last thing was now the slip. It was silky black and he knew how much Calleigh loved this underwear. He nuzzled his cheek to it and closed his eyes.

Suddenly he heard footsteps and someone opened the door.

A very angry Calleigh was standing there, in an old sweat suit. "Hell, how long do you need?"

Eric, still with the slip at his cheek tuned red like a tomato: "Um.. I have a problem here, could you help me?"

Calleigh went to him, grabbing the slip and all the other cloth and put it in the washing machine. "Washing powder, close the door and turn it on. Finished." she said and pulled Eric out of the room.

The End