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I glanced over at Jackson, my heart racing as I tried to think of a suitable escape.

"I…need to go to the bathroom," I declared.

His cold, beautiful eyes looked up at me, their hard glare seeing straight through me. I trembled, realising that I must have looked guilty. He smirked, his jaw line rising, pronouncing his perfect face.

"Go." He snapped, reaching towards me. I stiffened, wondering what he was doing. My hair stood on end as his hand crept down over my tummy. He released the buckle. His smirk met my gaze again.

"Leese…go, now." he hissed, moving his legs backwards. I shook my head slightly, bringing me back to Earth, and then slowly got up. I shuffled past him, trying not to meet his steely gaze as he looked up at me. I could feel his eyes on my back as I turned up the aisle. My breathing hastened as I carried on walking. I tried to catch the attention of the nice woman I saw earlier, but she was too busy chatting to another older woman. I groaned internally, trying to hold in the tears before I reached the toilet.

A small girl came out of the toilet, smiling at me. I forced a smile back at her and sauntered past; trying not to look back, where I knew the gaze was still watching me.

The wall broke down as soon as the door read 'Occupied'. My head spun and I fell to the floor, tears streaming down my face. My sobbing continued for a good ten minutes, until I gained enough stature to get up. In the mirror, a depressed, tear-stricken Lisa looked back at me, mascara running and lipstick smudged. My head throbbed from Jackson's head butt and my hands ached from where he grasped my wrists frequently.

I tried to stop thinking about that awful man outside. His face would never leave me, I was sure of that. This was two men I had to remember. I breathed deeply and started to mop myself up. I pressed the soap button down and started to form the relaxing foam between my fingers.

Jackson Rippner. Ughh. Even his name was evil. But he was…just so…nasty. I hated myself for liking that. His eyes, piercing blue and it felt as if he could undress me with his eyes, stripping me with each blink. His smile, even though it was a mocking smirk excited me. Even his violent attitude, though I feared him greatly, I loved it. I spat in the sink. 'Shut Up Lisa!' I thought. 'He's trying to kill innocents. How could I possibly stop this monster though?'

I looked down at my hands, then up at the mirror, an idea forming in my head. I reached up and began to trace the seat number on the mirror.

I finished the word 'BOMB' and washed off my hands. I wiped my hands again and cleaned my eyes, before turning to the door. 'This has to work'.

I opened the door. Two icy eyes stared back, cold, then suddenly angry.

I couldn't hear what he was saying; I just stood there immobilised by my fear. He rushed forwards and locked the door behind him. He pressed a hand to my mouth as I went to scream and another hand holding me back against the wall.

"Funny Leese, real funny." He said, voice quiet but bubbling over with rage. "I trusted you to go to the bathroom, even let you be alone for 25 minutes! It seems my fricking trust isn't yours anymore!" his voice rose slightly and he banged my head against the wall.

I screeched into his palm and bit his hand. He hissed and reeled round, slamming me into the next wall. I groaned and his hand left my mouth and slid down to my chin, grasping it too firmly. His face was so close to mine, his mouth was almost touching my red hot skin.

"Please Jackson…let me go…"I mumbled, breathing harsh, heartbeat ecstatic.

"Um. No. Leese, when will you learn? Stop trying to communicate and I'll stop hurting you." He emphasized the word 'hurting' with a twist on my arm. I sucked in a breath, trying not to scream as I knew that would just enrage him.

"Jack…" I started. He clenched his jaw and clamped his iron grip on my chin even harder.

"JackSON." He muttered his lips so close to my face they barely touched it.

My legs were going weak and his unnaturally sweet breath was fogging my mind.

"Oh God," I moaned. His eyes portrayed shock and his hands slipped from my body. I slithered to the floor, knees buckling, as if his strong hands were the only thing holding me upright. My face was in line with his knees. I tried to get up, but the toilet was far too small to move around. I looked up at him, fearful of what he would say.

His eyes bore into mine and he smirked. I gulped, he knew. He knew I secretly loved this, being trapped in a confined space with him. He was a ruthless, horrible, abusive killer. And I loved it.

"Hmmm, Lisa….I do believe that someone has a small crush on me," he said, pulling me up by my collar. He pushed me back against the wall, crushing his chest onto mine.

"I would rather have a crush on a dog," I spat back, defiantly. His face hardened again, eyes going a steely colour.

"Lisa, I don't think that's the proper attitude," he hissed, moving his hand down to my skirt. I hitched a breath and squeezed my eyes together, hoping this wasn't happening.

"GET OFF!" I shouted, moving my hands down.

He slammed a hand over my mouth and my head went banging into the wall again. I screeched against his rough palm. I reached out my arms and tried to claw against him.

He grabbed both of my wrists with his large hand and pinned them above my head. Once again he moved his head onto my cheek and he smirked as he felt my breath grow ragged against his palm.

He removed his hand and I opened my mouth to scream again, but was cut off by his lips colliding with mine.


It was more than I imagined. His warm lips caressed mine roughly, passionately.

It's Jackson.


I roughly pushed him off of me and move my head to the side.

"Aw, Leese, someone's getting tetchy."

He moved his hand down again, over my right breast. I accidentally suck in another breath. His eyes gleam at this noise and I try to push him off again.

"You're despicable. You're a monster, JACK."

He slams my head into the wall again.

"You'd better learn to say Jackson. You'll be screaming it soon. Along with the words. Stop. The. Pain."