I Never Thought it Would be Her

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Chapter 1: The Return of the True Neliel

"It's done." said Neliel Tu Oderschvank, looking over the corpse of Nnoitra Jiruga. She had impaled him with Gamuza as he tried for one final strike. She took the sword form his now lifeless body, cleaned it, and looked at him once more.

"It's so sad that life has to be cruel like this." she said, closing her eyes.

She then reverted back to her child form and looked at Orihime and Ichigo. She smiled at them, and then leaped towards Ichigo and gave him an enormous hug.

"ICHIGO!! I did it!!!" the little arrancar said as she squeezed him with all she had.

"Nel! You're choking me!" Ichigo said, but Nel didn't listen at all. Orihime just looked on smiling. It was then that she had a great idea. She now had a better understanding of her powers, and thought that just maybe she could return Nel to who she once was. She smiled at this and walked to her with a glint of hope in her eyes.

"Nel-san, do you think that I can fix your skull? Maybe you can return to your old self for good this time." she said, looking at the arrancar with hopeful eyes. Nel's eyes widened and her face lit up.

"REALLY?!?!" Please oh please do that!!!" she said. Orihime nodded went to Nel's side.

"Sōten Kisshun! I reject!" she said as the orange aura enveloped Nel. The crack in her skull became faint and vanished, and the mask assumed its old form. There was an explosion of pink smoke, like when Nel first transformed against Nnoitra. A few seconds later, she was in her adult form once more with her her old arrancar mask reborn anew. She looked at Ichigo and Orihime, and gave them a huge hug.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!" she shouted to the duo. She saw however that they were turning purple, so she decided to let go. "I need to remember that I'm my old self again, and I'll hurt you two if I'm not careful!" she added with a smile. Ichigo and Orihime returned the smile with another.

"Well, now what?" asked Ichigo, looking at his surroundings. They were still in Hueco Mundo and for he knew, were all that remained of their original party that first went there. Nel smacked Ichigo on the head, with the force of it knocking him to the ground face first. She quickly gasped, having forgotten her strength again.

"Ichigo! Are you okay?!" she asked as she knelt to his side. Ichigo said nothing, which made Nel more nervous. She turned him over, and saw Ichigo looking at her with the biggest grin she'd seen him give. She became quite frustrated and began to yell. "IDIOT!!! I THOUGHT THAT I MIGHT HAVE KILLED YOU, AND HERE YOU GO PLAYING IT OFF LIKE NOTHING. I SWEAR YOU ARE SO THICK!!!" Ichigo looked at her, and got up. He went to her and gave her a hug.

"For that, I am sorry. Seeing you hurt and mad like that broke a part of me inside." he whispered into her ear. Her anger flew away and she looked at him. He looked into her eyes, and for a brief moment they were in a state of ecstasy. They looked away though, both of them knowing that it would never work. Ichigo had Orihime Nel thought, and she was an arrancar, so technically she was an enemy of Ichigo. Ichigo felt that Nel didn't like him, and also, he was a shinigami, an enemy of arrancars. He knew he was more related to her than the other shinigamis due to the fact that he was a vizard, but he felt that was just getting his hopes up. He also thought of Orihime, however he never had feelings for her quite like he was having for Nel. Something about her was special.

"Let's get out of here and look for everyone." Ichigo said, looking at the two. They nodded, and they went to look for their friends, hoping that they were still living. They saw Ishida and Renji fighting Szayel Aporro in his released form.

"I'll take care of this one." Ichigo said, rushing to the arrancar.

"Ichigo!" Renji said, looking on as he saw the shinigami charge Szayel from behind. Szayel in turn looked behind him just in time to see the shinigami ram Tensa Zangetsu through his heart. The arrancar looked at his wound and grimaced.

"You will pay for that, for piercing my beautiful body like that!!" He said, letting his reiatsu out.

"Sorry, I'm in a hurry." Ichigo replied, sending a Getsuga Tenshou through Szayel. There was an explosion, and blood was all over the place. Orihime turned away at the sight.

"Kurosaki..." Ishida said, looking at the sight. Ichigo looked at them, and then at what he had done. Szayel was split in half from the chest down, and a look of pain and fear was burned into his now deceased face.

"What?" he replied.

"We had so much trouble against this guy, and here you go and kill him in what seemed like a second. What have you been do..." Ishida said, falling to the ground, holding his stomach.

"Whoa Ishida! What's wrong?!" Ichigo asked.

"It's Szayel's ability." Renji said. "He makes a voodoo doll of us, and then opens it up. Inside are little candy shaped pieces that represent our internal organs. He then picks a random piece and destroys it. He destroyed Ishida's stomach." he said looking at Ishida. Everyone was taken aback.

"Oh no! Ishida!" Orihime said running to him, casting Sōten Kisshun along the way. He looked at her, and muttered "Inoue-san...thank you." The two smiled at each other almost like how Nel and Ichigo had earlier. As Ichigo saw this, his mind went black.

When he came to, he was in his inner world. In front of him stood his inner hollow with a smirk on his face.

"Why are YOU here? I thought Zangetsu would have returned!" Ichigo yelled.

"Chill out your majesty. I am Zangetsu remember? And also, I still am stronger than him, so I still reserve the right to exist here as I do. But nevertheless, I need to talk to ya." Hichigo said.

"You?! Wanting to talk to me? What do you want?" Ichigo asked his hollow self.

"It's about the situation you're in right now. Right now, you could potentially save or break the world as we know it." said Hichigo, looking on.

"What? What are you talking about?" Ichigo said.

"I swear your majesty, you are thick. It's that hot arrancar Nel and the other hottie Orihime. Look, I'll dumb it down to a level that you'll understand. Depending on who ya choose, and how ya go about it, the one who you hurts actions will determine how this whole situation plays out. Take for example, ya choose Orihime. Nel will be hurt, and would hate you after she got over it. What then you ask? She's still an Espada, and chances are will simply go back to Aizen. It doesn't help that she's the third strongest either. If you had to fight her you would die in the state you're now." Hichigo said.

"Are you joking?! Nel would never do that."

"You just proved to me that ya like that arrancar." Hichigo said, starting to grin.

"And hows that?"

"I said depending on who ya choose and how you go about it, remember? Ya said nothing about ya liking only Orihime after I said those words. You instead immediately jumped to her defense, as someone who likes someone else would!!" Hichigo said, cackling. Ichigo thought on these words. "How does he know?" he asked himself.

"Because I...no we are essentially the same being. I know what ya feel when you feel it, and ever since Nel revealed her true form, ya have been thinking non stop about her. And how do I know that? It shows in this world. Look around...there ain't no clouds around, and it feels warm. When ya think about her this world is in harmony. When ya think of Orihime on the other hand, this world becomes cloudy-as in corrupt with lust." the hollow said. Ichigo was taken aback. He knew what his inner hollow was saying was right. He lusted Orihime, but now, he had feelings for Nel. He did not want to hurt Orihime, but who he wanted the most was Nel. The sun shone brighter in the world

"See my point" Hichigo asked, smirking at Ichigo "Remember your majesty, who you really like is the arrancar, and the other girl, Orihime...well she has slight feelings for Ishida anyway. What you need to do is encourage the two to get together. That way she won't be too hurt when you do Nel!!" Hichigo cackled.

"You're sick." Ichigo said.

"But ya know I'm right. Besides, if you do what I just told ya, the worst that can happen is ya don't hook up with Orihime. Anyway, we need to move on to something way more important than who ya have a crush on." Hichigo said.

"What?" Ichigo asked.

"Ya ain't no good at usin my power. If ya were just the slightest bit better, you could have beat the Grimmjow in less than a minute." Hichigo said. Ichigo looked at his hollow angrily.

"I had you give me you allegiance! You still tryin to take over my body by trying to get me to almost die so you can save the day? Like that time with Byakuya?" Ichigo shouted. Hichigo smiled, and pointed his finger at Ichigo. A red ball of energy formed at the tip of his finger, and more red energy began to swirl around it.

"You know what this is right?" Hichigo asked. Ichigo knew exactly what it was. A Cero.

"Wait...you not going to fire that in here right!?" Ichigo stammered. Too late. Hichigo fired the blast, but went right b Ichigo's head and went into the air. Why did you miss?" Ichigo asked.

"Your majesty, no matter how obvious I try to be, ya still thick as a brick." the hollow said.

"Thick?! You fired a Cero at me!! I consider that attempted murder, you fool!" Ichigo yelled to his inner hollow. Hichigo shook his head and looked on with a frown on his face.

"Look, the reason I fired that blast was to show ya that I can and you can't, even though you have access to my power. I'm not like a your bankai where your previous abilities are enhanced substantially. When ya put on your mask and use my powers along with yours, you're a completely new person. What your problem is is that your treating me like a release of your soul slayer. Using my power is more like a transformation-like and Espada performing Resurrección. Look your majesty, if ya use my powers right, ya can even beat the number one Espada."Hichigo said folding his arms.

Ichigo saw this and thought about it. His hollow was right, he was merely using him like a tool, and treating him like how he used to treat Zangetsu-as a tool and not a part of him. "How do I fire a Cero?" Ichigo asked. His hollow looked at him and giggled.

"Pathetic. As soon as you see that I might have an ace in the hole that you don't, you immediately have got to have it. Tell ya what. Put on your mask, and fight me. If you can't think of a way to use a Cero before one of us loses, I'll take control of your body and have my way." Hichigo said, grinning evilly. Ichigo was startled by this, angry, and a little excited.

"Fine. I'll fight you, and I WILL use a Cero, and you WILL NOT have my body." he said, taking Tensa Zangetsu out. He covered his face, and transformed into a vizard.

"Ready, your highness?" asked Hichigo, pulling out the white Tensa Zangetsu.

"To beat you again, yes." replied Ichigo. The hollow smiled and put on his own mask, one that mirrored Ichigo's except the red and whit colors reversed. This surprised Ichigo. "What just happened?" Ichigo asked.

"As soon as ya became able to fully access my powers I was able to fully access yours, just like when we both learned bankai at the same time. I know how to use both of our powers to the fullest, so ya damn better learn Cero before one of us gets creamed." the hollow replied.

"Wait, if you lose before I learn Cero, how will I lose my body?" Ichigo asked.

"Simple. Since I know how to use both of our abilities to the fullest, I'll just challenge ya again and pull out all the stops. Then you'll have to call me majesty!" Hichigo roared, his reaitsu pouring out.

"Fine. Prepare yourself. You'll never defeat me." Ichigo said, rushing towards his inner hollow. The hollow did a flash step and appeared behind Ichigo. It smiled, and impaled the shinigami. Ichigo screamed as Hichigo pulled the sword out of him. He kicked Ichigo to the ground and laughed.

"If you had done that to me, I would have merely laughed it off. I know what ya are gonna say to that and here's my reply. The reason why I vanished like I did last time when you impaled me was because the fight was to see who was strong enough to rule, not strong enough to kill. I disappeared cause you proved yourself as the rightful ruler then. I could have easily used my hollow powers then and fired a Cero in you face. Majesty, think back, how was I able to use your body better than you when you got owned by Byakuya? My hollow reaitsu countered the nerve impulses in your body, and I was able to do anything. Use your hollow reaitsu, and you'll feel the same." Hichigo said, looking at the bleeding Ichigo.

"I can't let myself be consumed by that evil aura of mine in this form." Ichigo thought. "Wait...that's it. I have to use that evil reaitsu in order to use Cero, and to able to do what he just said...counter my nerves. Besides, I'm in control still and should have nothing to worry about." Ichigo added. "Well, here goes nothing." he said as he drew his hollow reaitsu inward. Suddenly there was an explosion of red and black flames. Ichigo stood up, his wound now healed, and black flames emanating from him. He felt good. He felt invincible.

"Finally." Hichigo said, rushing to Ichigo. Ichigo saw this and flashed stepped in front of the hollow and grabbed his Tensa Zangetsu. He smiled, and pointed a finger at the hollow. A black ball of energy formed REALLY quickly, and Ichigo fired it. It was about a yard wide with a black core and red flames on the outside. It also made the trademark Cero roar when fired. Hichigo let go of his sword and flash stepped away. He was terrified. He was also burned on his right side.

"Majesty, that was probably the evilest Cero I have ever seen or felt. If that had hit me directly, I would have died." Hichigo said, eyes wide. Ichigo took his mask off. "Well as you can see, I've learned how to use Cero. Looks like I get to keep my body." he said. His inner hollow shut his eyes a little out of anger. He smiled, and then looked towards Ichigo normally again.

"If ya go into battle with anyone less than Aizen himself, chances are that they will die fast now. Ichigo, I'm done here. There's still a few things ya need to learn, and if ya don't get them I'll drag your lazy ass back here again." the hollow said, beginning to vanish. "I will leave you with one more thing though..." Ichigo got interested. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Hollows are great in bed." Hichigo said, laughing his head off. Ichigo looked on with wide eyes "You're a sick bastard!!" He shouted. When the hollow left, he looked at the sky.

"Nel..." he said to himself as he left his inner world.

When he came to he saw that everyone was still looking on as Orihime was healing Ishida. "Thank goodness that that didn't take any time." Ichigo said to himself. Nel looked at him however. She walked to his side and whispered into his ear "You've changed. Just now-you have become something else. I can feel it. Don't worry. I like it." She said, smiling afterward. Ichigo returned the smile and said back into her ear "You've changed from the person who I first met in the sands of Hueco Mundo. Don't worry-I like it." he said. Nel blushed as Ichigo walked to Orihime.

"He will be mine." Nel said to herself. Ichigo turned around just as she said that, almost as if he heard her, and smiled towards her. She returned it, and the two were in another state of ecstasy. Renji saw this one however and grinned "Oh he's gonna get it bad if he is gonna do what I think he wants to do with that woman. Wait..who IS that woman?!" he asked himself.

"Hey you with the skull on your head! Who are you?!" Renji shouted. Everyone looked at Nel.

"It's me, Nel. Remember, the little arrancar you met in the desert outside of Los Noches?" she said. Renji remembered, and his jaw dropped. He pointed at her and shouted "YOU?!? HOW?! The Nel I remembered was a little brat who was all over Ichigo..." he just got out before Ichigo came and kicked his head.

"What was that for?!" He shouted.

"You were insulting her!" Ichigo replied. The two looked mad at each other, and were about to fight. Nel stepped between them however and said: "Please don't, I hate fighting." Ichigo paused, and backed down. Renji looked, and grinned widely "She's got you whipped good Ichi-" he couldn't finish that sentence, and Nel proceeded to grab him by the collar. She put her head up to his ear and whispered "I hate fighting, but if Ichigo's involved, I might just forget about that." she released him and smiled. Ichigo looked on, puzzled. He blew it off though and looked on at the nearly healed Ishida. Renji walked over to Ichigo.

"It seems that the real Nel has arrived. Hopefully she won't be a burden." as he said this Ichigo looked at him with a scowl. Renji then maneuvered himself so that only Ichigo would hear him, and said: "You hook up with her, and ALL of Soul Society will be after you. You will have no place to hide, and will be forever outcast."

"Ichigo looked at him, and smiled. "Nel is different. If Soul Society cannot accept her for who she is...then I have no need for Soul Society." Renji looked at him and smiled. "As always, you make me want to side with you. If it does happen that you two get together and shit hits the fan, I'll stand by you." he said.

"Thanks. I owe ya one." Ichigo said. Nel had actually heard all of this, and was starting to get it really bad for Ichigo now. Ishida and Orihime were done healing, and it was Renji's turn. His healing didn't take as long, and soon they were finished.

"Okay. Now we go and find Chad and Rukia." Ichigo said. Everyone nodded, and they departed.

This is the first chapter of my story. I really have no idea where it will go specifically, but I am planning for it to be an IchixNel, IshidaxOrihime, and RenjixRukia story. Also, I don't know how long it will take me to write the next chapter, as I am a student. Oh, if there is a long delay in chapter release, it's probably because I am waiting to see more of the story to unfold (Specifically, the top four Espada's Resurrección forms). Nevertheless, review if you'd like, and I'll be working away trying to bring this story to life/completion!