I Never Thought it Would be Her

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Chapter 2: Zommari Leroux

As everyone left Szayel's destroyed room, they wondered who they should go to rescue first. Ishida took a moment to feel their reaitsu out, and found who needed to be healed the most.

"Chad's reaitsu is the weakest right now." Ishida said, looking a the group with a grave face. They nodded, and hurried as quickly as they could to Chad's location. They soon reached where Chad was lying, next to the privarion Espada Gantenbainne Mosqueda. Gantenbainne saw the group approach and slowly stood up. "Who are you all?" he asked.

"You the one who did this to Chad?" Ichigo said, walking toward the arrancar with Tensa Zangetsu out. Gantenbainne took a step back, looking at the group, shaking his head madly. "No! It was Nnorita who put him in that state. Chad defeated me in battle." he said with sweat coming down his face.

"He's...right. Ichigo...don't hurt him." Chad said, looking at the shinigami with pleading eyes. Ichigo turned around and saw his friend's face. He nodded, lowered Zangetsu, and walked to Chad. He knew however that if the arrancar were to try anything he could take him in a few seconds. Orihime walked over to Chad and cast Sōten Kisshun. As the barrier formed over Chad, he turned to Orihime. "Please, heal Gantenbainne too." he said.

Everyone was startled by this. "Why? He's an arrancar, our enemy! He might come after us again if we heal him!" Ishida said. Ichigo looked at his friend with a frown.

"You know, just because he's an arrancar doesn't mean that he is our enemy now. Look at Nel, she's an arrancar, but at the same time she is now our friend and comrade in arms." Ichigo said. Ishida looked at Ichigo, and smiled.

"Yeah, technically, all of you are my enemies, so I guess it's all good." he added. Ichigo smiled, and looked back at Chad, who was nearly completely healed. Nel approached Ichigo calmly, and spoke to him. "Care to talk to me for a little bit?" she asked. "Sure." Ichigo said. The two flash stepped away, and left everyone except Renji confused.

"Why are Kurosaki-san and Nel-san leaving?" Orihime asked.

"Probably cause they need to talk about stuff. What about, I dunno." Renji replied. Ishida saw this as an opportunity to score points with Orihime, so he went to her side. "It still amazes me that abilities such as yours even exist." he said, smiling towards her. She looked at him puzzled.

"What do you mean?" she asked. Ishida, seeing now that this plan was half-baked, quickly tried to fix it. "I mean, your abilities to heal are second to none, and overall you are just..." he blushed really red and looked down at the ground. Orihime looked at him, confused. "Well, thanks!" she said, smiling towards Ishida. This made him blush even more. He moved walked over to Chad and sat by his side. Renji smirked at this and looked towards the sky. "Rukia..." he thought.

Ichigo and Nel moved far enough away so that they would not be seen or heard by anyone in the group. She looked at him with a grave face, but smiled before she began to speak.

"You've changed. Since I defeated Nnorita, your reaitsu has taken a more...confident aura. It feels as if that you have a keen grasp on what you can or cannot do, and that you feel that nothing can defeat you. What did you do?" she asked. Ichigo looked at her, and decided to tell her about him being a vizard.

"Nel, you know I have a mask that resembles a hollows mask, right?" he asked. She nodded. "In all actuality it is a hollow mask. I, along with several other shinigami are known as vizards-shinigami that have acquired the powers of hollows, making them more powerful. We're kinda like arrancar, as we both are part hollow and part shinigami." he said. Nels' eyes opened wide. "So basically, you are the same as I am." she added. Ichigo nodded his head.

"More or less. The only difference is is that I started out as a shinigami, and you a hollow. Also, our soul slayers releases are different, but other than that, our differences are minute." Ichigo said.

"But how did you get your hollow powers?" Nel asked. Ichigo pulled Tensa Zangetsu out and looked at her, pointing the sword to her. "Grab it." he said. "And I will show you how I got my hollow powers." he added. Nel took the sword, and both of them blacked out.

When they came to, they were in Ichigo's inner world. Nel looked around, and noticed that they were standing SIDEWAYS on tall skyscrapers. "Umm..Ichigo...what's going on?!" she frighteningly asked.

"Oh, this is my inner world, where my Soul Slayer, Zangetsu, lives. It is also the home of my inner hollow, the source of my hollow abilities." Ichigo replied. Ichigo looked around hoping to see his hollow counterpart, but could not find him. He hot pissed and shouted for him.

"Hey you!! I need ya for a little bit, his majesty's brought a guest!" Ichigo said. Nel was perplexed by this, and even more so when a eerie voice called out: "What?! Ya actually wanna see me? This better be good, as I was takin it easy for once." the hollow said, materializing in front of the two. Nel gasped, seeing Hichigo for the first time.

"Ichigo, he looks...like you!" Nel said.

"Of course I do woman! His majesty and I are more or less the SAME person." Hichigo remarked. Ichigo looked to the hollow and frowned. Hichigo immediately burst out laughing. "So this is the arrancar that's got my king all wound up inside. Damn, I'll give it to you you've got great taste!" Hichigo said, grinning and cackling. Ichigo turned bright red, and Nel looked at the two. "Hmm..." she thought. She walked to Hichigo and put out her hand.

"I am Neliel Tu Oderscvank, former Espada of Aizen's army, I take it you are Ichigo's inner hollow?" she asked.

"Yeah, what of it?" He asked, taking her hand. She grabbed it tight, and Hichigo's eyes widened. "You little.." he started. Nel gave him a death glare and said "Please, don't do anything to hurt him, because if you do something to him, I will be hurt, and I hate feeling hurt." she said, releasing his hand while smiling. Hichigo took a few steps back and gazed at Nel. "She's a monster...like me!" he said to himself, grinning.

"Hey! Your majesty! What did ya want me for anyway?" Hichigo asked.

"If you could, please tell Nel about how you came to be." Ichigo asked. His inner hollow looked at him odd, but shrugged his shoulders.

"His majesty there almost turned into a hollow." Hichigo said, pointing his finger at Ichigo. "He got his borrowed powers taken from him, and he had to go and wake up his own death god powers. Well, he kinda screwed up doin that and he began to turn into a hollow! That's where I came from. I was that hollow that began to form. I would be the one in charge here had the king there not taken control and woke up his death god powers before I could fully take over." the hollow said begrudgingly. Nel looked at Ichigo with wide eyes.

"Wow Ichigo, I had no idea that this was in you." Nel said. Ichigo smiled. He turned to his inner hollow. "Okay, you can go now. I'm done here." Ichigo said. The hollow laughed and shook his head. "Not a chance." he said. "I wanna fight the arrancar now. I wanna see what she's got." Hichigo said, smirking at the two. Ichigo was taken aback, and Nel shook her head.

"I hate fighting." she said. Hichigo looked puzzled, and shrugged his shoulders. "I'll just have to come at you!" he said, rushing the arrancar.

"Just like Nnorita." Nel muttered, flash stepping to the side. Hichigo grinned flash stepped himself. He grabbed her arm mid step and threw her to the ground. He cackled. Ichigo put Tensa Zangetsu to the hollows' throat.

"Attack even more, and I will kill you." Ichigo said. Hichigo laughed even harder. "You don't have what it takes." Hichigo said. Nel got up upon hearing this, Gamuza in hand.

"I'll take you on just this once. I hope you're ready." she said.

"Now we're talkin!!" he said. He then had the idea to use his bankai on her, just to rub it in her face more that he was better than her. "Hey girl. Watch this—Bankai!!" the hollow said. Ichigo was surprised. "He must really wanna fight." he said to himself, looking at the hollow who now had a white Tensa Zangetsu.

"You have a bankai? But you are a hollow. How is this?" Nel asked.

"Like I said earlier, his majesty and I are the SAME person. It's only natural we got a bankai." he said. "And are ya finished? I wanna end this quick." he added. Nel merely nodded her head, and walked toward Hichigo. Hichigo cocked his head and looked at her funny and charged her.

"Perfect." she thought, flash stepping in front of Hichigo with Gamuza out. He eyes opened out of surprise, and saw Gamuza zooming straight for his abdomen. He grabbed the sword just as the tip touched him, and held Tensa Zangetsu in the air. He glared madly at her, Nel felt a tiny shiver of fear go through her back.

"Getsuga Tenshou!!" the hollow shouted. A wave of white energy outlined in red shot towards the arrancar at point blank range. She raised Gamuza in the air to try halt the blast, but not soon enough. It cut her in the middle of her torso, completely removing the rags she was wearing on top of her, and cutting an inch thick gash in her. She coughed up blood and fell to her knees. Hichigo raised Tensa Zangetsu in the air for the final blow. It was stopped in midair by Ichigo, catching it with his bare hand.

"Enough. As your king, I order you to stop what you're doing and leave Nel alone." Ichigo said, glaring at the hollow. Hichigo lowered his sword and laughed. "Ya know your majesty, I was not going to kill her. Just maybe show her who's boss around here." he said.

"Yeah, and that would be me." Ichigo said with conviction. He turned to Nel, and held out his hand. She took it, and Ichigo began to pump his reaitsu in her. Her bleeding stopped, and the wound closed. He smiled and gently lifted her up, only to get a full frontal view of her breasts. He turned bright red and turned around really fast. Hichigo laughed his head off at the sight and decided to leave with a few words.

"When you two do it, I wanna piece of the action!" he said, vanishing. Ichigo let a loud growl at this, and Nel let a slight smile emanate from her lips. Ichigo took off his coat, and gave it to Nel.

"You are so innocent Ichigo. It's really cute." she said, a little seductively at that. Ichigo knew this, and even though he didn't let it show, he loved it. Nel put on the coat, and Ichigo turned to face her.

"Well I'm not sure if that went well, but at least know you know." Ichigo said to Nel. He held out Tensa Zangetsu, letting her know that it was time to go. She nodded and took the sword.

"You are strong Ichigo." she said, looking at Ichigo with warm eyes. The two of them left his world in a state of happiness.

When they returned to the outside world, Nel had her rags on and Ichigo's coat was back on him. "Well, we should get back." Nel said to Ichigo.

"Yeah, we really ought to." he replied. They flash stepped to where they left the group, and were still there, however now Gantenbainne was the one getting healed now. He was almost healed though, as he was chatting with everyone there. Gantenbainne was standing up, apparently not that injured at all now. He showed battle damage, but other than that he was fine.

"Thanks." he said as Nel and Ichigo walked up to him.

"Hey no prob." Ichigo said. Chad was looking at Nel though, for he didn't know who she was just yet. "Who are you?" he asked. Nel was puzzled by this, until she remembered that Chad had not seen her transform. "It's me, Nel!" she said, smiling. Chad's eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly.

"I'll explain everything later." Ichigo said. Orihime stood up, signifying that the healing process was over, and Chad followed suit. Nel looked around abruptly, and became worried.

"Where are Pesche and Dondochakka?" she asked. Renji and Ishida looked at each other, and then to the ground. Nel saw this, and assumed the worst.

"Pesche and Dondochakka were killed by Szayel." Ishida said. "After they failed to kill him with their synchronized Cero, Szayel killed them. He made voodoo dolls of them, and the destroyed every organ inside the doll, which in turn destroyed their internal organs." he added. Nel fell to her knees and started to cry. Ichigo immediately was by her side, holding her tightly.

"Why? They did nothing wrong. If it wasn't for Aizen making all of us arrancar in the first place, this never would have happened." she sobbed.

"Nel..." Ichigo said. She looked at him, and smiled faintly. She grabbed his arm tightly, thrust her head to his ear, and whispered: "Don't you go anywhere though. I'll kill you a million times over if you do!". Ichigo then went to her ear and said "I'll never leave you." Nel looked at him, smiled, and got up. She looked around, with tears in her eyes, and said: "Pesche, Dondochakka, you two were my best friends here. I'll always remember you, and may you two rest in peace." she said, closing her eyes. The group bowed their heads, and Nel looked around. "Wow, these people...are special." she thought.

"Okay. I'm finished." Nel said. "Let's go look for your friend Rukia." she added.

Gantenbainne looked around as well, wondering what he should do. Ichigo grabbed him by the shoulder and looked at him. "You're coming with us. If Chad wanted you to be healed, then there's something good about you. The name's Kurosaki Ichigo." he said, holding out his hand. Gantenbainne took Ichigo's hand, and they shook hands.

"Gantenbainne Morsqueda." he replied to Ichigo. The group smiled at this, and together they flash stepped away to find Rukia. They got a fix on Rukia's location, and sped to it. However, they were soon stopped. Out in front of them appeared Yammy, with an evil grin on his face.

"So, what might your little rag-tag team be doing here? He asked. He looked over the group, and happened to glance over Nel. His eyes became really wide. "Oh shit. Neliel is with them! And apparently she's and ally of them now... Aizen-sama must know of this. Oh shit this is bad!" he said to himself.

"Neliel! Your betrayal will be your downfall! Aizen's gonna find out what you've done, and when he does, ya gonna have hell to pay!" he shouted. He turned around and was about to leave. However, Gantenbainne moved in front of him and punched him to the ground. Yammy looked at Gantenbainne funny and closed his eyes.

"Your betrayal will also be punished. However, it will by by my hand-you worthless privarion Espada." he said. Gantenbainne smiled and readied himself for the fight. "We'll see." he said. He looked towards Ichigo and the others, and put his thumb in the air. "Don't worry about me. Go save your friend. Besides, I owe all of you anyway for saving my skin." he said.

"Wait! You'll be killed!" Ichigo said. Gantenbainne shook his head from side to side.

"Not a chance. Yammy's the weakest Espada. Even though he is stronger than me, I am still strong enough such that he has to watch his back while fighting me. If he does not, chances are that I would beat him." he said.

"All right. Promise us though that you won't die!" Ichigo said. Gantenbainne nodded, and turned towards Yammy. He rushed Yammy, and the two of them went through a wall. "Now's our chance! Run!!" Ichigo said, flash stepping away. The group did the same and hurried to Rukia's location.

They got in there st the same time another arrancar began to enter the room. "Are you all companions of this shinigami?" He asked.

"You're damn right." Ichigo said. "And who might you be?" he asked. The arrancar looked at him, and smiled. I am Zommari Leroux, Espada number seven of Aizen-sama's army.

"Kurosaki Ichigo. And you will NOT go anywhere near Rukia!" he said, drawing Tensa Zangetsu.

"Your hotheadedness will lead to your demise." Zommari said. Ichigo looked on and said nothing. "If you won't come, then I will first finish her off, and then you." he said, turning towards Rukia. Ichigo flash stepped to Zommari to strike. His blade fell on empty air. Zommari reappeared behind him with his soul slayer out.

"Foolish shinigami. You will never be able to keep up with my speed." he said, thrusting the sword at Ichigo. He saw it, and narrowly dodged it. He leaped back only to have Zommari reappear behind him. He swung his sword across Ichigo's back. Ichigo could not move fast enough to adjust his direction quick enough to counter. He was slashed badly, and blood erupted from the wound. He fell to the ground in pain. Everyone got pissed.

"Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime shouted, covering her mouth. Her eyes began to water as Ishida took hold of her. "He'll be fine. If that could kill Ichigo then chances are we'd all be dead right now." he said, looking at Orihime with confident eyes. She knew he was right, but just couldn't say anything at the moment. Renji flash stepped to Rukia to pick her up, but was halted by Zommari.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" he asked. Renji growled and let Zabimaru fly. Zommari dodged it and was pinned against the wall by Nel. There was a pink flame burning in her eyes as her reaitsu made the room shake like mad.

"You hurt Ichigo. I will now pay for that." she said, drawing Gamuza. Zommari smiled as Nel thrust the sword at him. It went through the body, but nothing happened.

"What?!" Nel shouted. Zommari just disappeared and there was nothing there. He was hiding in a corner masking his reaitsu. "With Nel there, this will be difficult. However, I am the fastest among the Espada." he said to himself. He took a step forward and flash stepped to drive his soul slayer through Nel. Ichigo smiled. His plan worked. He had seen the whole thing. As Zommari came out of flash step Ichigo stood up.

"Getsuga Tensho!" he shouted. A black slice of dark energy flew to the arrancar, which startled him, and gave Nel the time to dodge. She grabbed Renji and Rukia along the way. The blast hit Zommari, but once again he vanished afterward.

"What's with his ability?" Ishida asked. Nel looked at him and gave a reply. "Zommari Leroux is the fastest Espada. He can move so fast that during his flash step he can take another step while in mid-step. As a result of this speed he gives off the illusion that there are more than one of him. Both defensively and offensively this move is deadly. Gemelos Sonido it's called." she said. Everyone's eyes opened really wide.

"So what?! He's fast. I guess that means I'll just have to go faster." Ichigo said, smirking. Nel looked at him, and smiled. "Good grief I've got it bad for him." she said to herself. Zommari chuckled to himself as he stepped out of the shadows.

"If you want to try that theory out, by all means come at me." he said.

"Wait, Kurosaki!" Ishida said. Ichigo looked at him with an inquisitive face. "If he really is that much faster than us, wouldn't it be wise for us to attack at once so that he would not be able to dodge all of us?" he said.

"That's a great plan. I'll be sure to counter it." Zommari said. The group looked at him shocked.

"Bastard! Why were you listening in on us!" Renji said. Zommari looked at him and replied: "Fool. You all were discussing your strategy in front of me." Renji fell silent as Zommari smiled. Ichigo stepped forward, with Tensa Zangetsu in hand.

"Who cares if you know it? If it beats you, the lets do it!" he said. "NOW!!" he shouted, running toward the Espada. Everyone followed suit, readying their weapons to strike. Zommari grinned as he held his soul slayer in a defensive posture.

Wow. The main character of the chapter didn't appear until the END. Don't worry, he'll be getting more time in the next chapter, which will be mostly about the battle between Zommari and everyone else. Anyway, I hope you liked it, and I'll keep on writing! Exams are coming up, so I might not update for a short while. But I will update don't worry.