Riixy : Konichiwa !!! I am now doing a KarolxNan fic especially for LaZyEnErGeTiC who requested for this pairing . It may not come out as good but I will do my best !

Karol : Nan ...

Nan : ...

Riixy : Aww come on Nan , You know you love the midget ~

Nan : Hey ! Don't call him that .

Riixy&Karol : O.O

Nan : I-I mean .. UGH ! I am leaving !

Karol : N-Nan !

Riixy : There they go ...

Hammer and Shuriken clashed together making a CLING sound . Then it was silent .

"Ugh , Karol you are pretty good" Nan said as she collaspe beside Karol after their friendly fight .

"You are good too , Nan" Karol said beside her .


"Hey ! Nan !" Karol exclaimed .

"What?" Nan asked .

"Nan ... d-do you want to go to Halure?" Karol asked .

"What for?"

"Y-you know ... I did promise y-you once that ... I will make the tree bloom?" Karol stammered .

"Ya , you did . Did you really manage to heal it?" Nan asked , quite surprised .

"Well , Estelle did most of the part though , but still i really want to bring you to see the tree , even now it is still blooming and th-"

"Well , I guess I can accompany you ." Nan interrupted while blushing .

"R-REALLY??? LETS GO THEN !" Karol exclaimed excited while pulling Nan along .

"H-hey , slow down would you?"

In Halure

"Wow , it really is beautiful ..." Nan watched with awe .

"Haha , I told you !" Karol said being proud of himself .

"Well , as you said Estelle did the work" Nan said .

"Y-ya .. I was hoping i am the one to restore it to make you proud of me..." Karol sighed .

Nan looked at Karol for a moment then turned away and said "Well , thank you . You did try your best though . No one ever did this for me ... not since my parents got killed ..." Nan said upset .

"Nan ... I-I promise that I will be with you so you won't be lonely !!" Karol exclaimed .

"Wha- hmph who needs you?" Nan said embarassed .

"O-oh..." Karl sighed defeated .

Nan leaned down and planted a kiss on Karol forehead .

"That doesn't mean I am going to let you die Karol ... Thank you again ." Nan said then ran to the exit .

Karol touched his cheek then smiled . 'Maybe I have a chance after all' he thought happily .

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Nan : Wha-??? Shut up !!!

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