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The Doctor walked into his TADRIS, taking his soaked jacket, and setting the controls.

He had just said goodbye to his friend, the one person who made him light up inside, who could bring out the best in him. If only he could have told her how much she meant to him. That her absence had already began to take affect on him.

Life was pretty much stop and go for the Doctor.

When there was something that needed to be dealt with, normally a force trying to destroy the universe, the Doctor would stop and deal with it. In the end, he would always win and then he would pick up where he had stopped, and off he would go.

There was never anything so thrilling for the Doctor, then to run.

Whether, it was on a distant planet running away from danger, or it was with his hands clenched with his companion's enjoying the fact that life was theirs to have.

However, this time, it was not the same.

He didn't know exactly when or how everything went downhill, but it had; and at a break-taking pace.

He had said goodbye to Rose for the last time. She would be happy after a while; his 'cloned-counterpart' would make sure of that.

He had not told her that he had loved her. It, he hoped, would ensure that there would never be any temptation for her to cross it ever again.

The Doctor had also bid farewell to Martha and Jack. Even though he knew he would see them some time in the future, he knew that he was no longer a part of their lives. Martha engaged, Jack running Torchwood. Even Mickey had found a chance to start again; the Doctor hoped that the young boy would finally find a place to belong.

Then there was Donna.

Donna Noble, the most important woman in the entire universe.

She had saved their lives, and the lives of millions. Millions of people and life forms that would never know what she had done.

And to repay her for all her bravery and brilliance, the Doctor took away the memories of those fantastic and heroic deeds she had accomplished. And with them went all she knew of him and her life aboard the TARDIS.

It wasn't fair, and he knew that. That was life in a nutshell.

But he knew, it was better than watching her mind burn up. Better than holding her in his arms only to watch her die.

He had grown to love her so much in the short amount of time he had known her.

From that feisty woman in the wedding dress, to the self-sacrificing person who she had grown into.

All that cheekiness and mouth, which was a desired taste, one in which the Doctor could have immersed himself in forever.


A word that seemed very short then its definition.

Two women had promised him forever, and those two women were now gone; by his own hand. Quite literally.

Yes, with Rose he had loved her, but he had grown away from her. The life of a Time Lord was a simple one, you stop and you go. Rose was taken from him, but he had learned to go and carry on.

Donna had just managed to dig a place in his hearts. And he was willing; ready, to begin a life with her by his side, her hand grasping his.

He knew the healthiest thing to do now was to mourn, at least for a while. Then begin again.

She would be happy, her family would see to that.

The Doctor hoped for her, wished that she would have the life he had wanted to give her. Wanted to share with her.

The Doctor smiled sadly, his mind imagining two or three small children, all with hair of fiery red. Donna by his side, their mouths wide and beaming at their kids.

He found it quite amazing that a life, as wonderful as that, was a stone's throw away only a couple of days ago. Now, it was forever out of reach.

If only he could think of something, anything that could save Donna from a life of not knowing what she had done, what she meant to him.

Nothing, of course, was coming to mind. It was too filled with images of children that would never be born. A life that would never be lived.

He felt miserable, cold. And the coldness, having nothing to do with the fact that he had just been standing in the rain. No, this cold sensation had settled within him, carving him out; making itself known.

The Doctor shook his head violently, the rainwater flying off the ends of his hair.

This would not do. He was unwilling to accept the fate he had given her.

He would find a way, if he had to travel far and wide; if he had to go millions of years into the future. He would find a way.

Donna Noble was worth fighting for.

This wasn't just for himself, it was for her too. She deserved better than a life stuck on Earth, working a boring job. Living the same tedious existence.

No, Donna had saved his life; and he was going to return the favor.

Smiling a genuine smile for the first time in the last couple of hours, the Doctor felt himself overjoyed with the prospect that Donna might be at his side once again.

Wiping his face with his hand, the Doctor set the controls. He wasn't sure how to start, but he knew where he was going to go first.

Torchwood, of all places.

He hated himself a little for wanting to go there, but he couldn't pass up any offers of help.

Donna was counting on him, even if she didn't know it.

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