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Donna's hand ran over the controls of the console, she didn't know what buttons did what anymore and she was okay with that.

She was also glad to have the TARDIS' presence out of her head, she loved the ship as her home, but it wasn't a pleasant sensation to have her head invaded by not only Time Lord knowledge but the telepathic ship as well.

As her hand brushed up onto one of the knobs, the TARDIS hummed softly; and she smiled. Loving the fact that the TARDIS had missed her; as much as Donna had missed the ship.

Standing up against the panel, she was grateful to have someone like the Doctor in her life; remembering when she first met him; over there next to the ramp; in a wedding dress with no pockets.

Frightened and alone, wondering if her life would be coming to an end. It almost had, but it didn't.

She remembered standing there hearing a strange man's words, and knowing what adventures would be in store for her; that with a little patience the whole universe was hers to explore.

Her most cherished memories had been safely restored back inside her head.

"This place is amazing." Donna's mother announced, drawing Donna's attention away from her thoughts.

Donna looked to where her mother, grandfather and the Doctor had emerged from the hallway that led to the other parts of the TARDIS.

She smiled when her mother repeated her astonished exclamation.

"How did you like the grand tour?" Donna asked them.

"Very nice Sweetheart." Wilf said, coming up to stand next to her.

"And I he didn't even show you all of it." Donna told them.

Sylvia looked at her daughter then to the Doctor, "There's more?"

The Doctor shrugged, "Yeah, there's places in here that even I've never seen." He winked at Donna, who smiled at him.

"Well…" Wilf said, motioning his head towards his daughter, letting her know their time was getting to an end.

"Yes, Donna if you would." Sylvia replied taking her daughter's hand and pulling her towards the door.

Donna looked back towards the Doctor's surprised face, he took a step forward; wondering if her promise to stay with him was only to get him to stop rambling about the next steps now that she was out of the hospital.

However, she looked over her shoulder and gave him a reassuring nod, and the Doctor relaxed; she would be back.

Closing the door behind her, Donna found herself clutched deeply in her mother's embrace.

Feeling her emotions swell.

Donna was never really close to her mother, and as much as she hated to think it; she was thankful that her brief death had rekindled the mother/daughter relationship between them.

And it was Sylvia who pushed Donna, telling her to get back to traveling with the Doctor.

Donna was not going to complain, but she wished that she could spend more time with her family.

Being torn between home and a place aboard the TARDIS; the hardest decision. But, as the Doctor had told her countless times before, it was a time machine.

"Donna, you know we love you." Sylvia began, pulling away from her daughter, "I want you to go, now don't argue."

Donna had begun to open her mouth, and closed it quickly.

Sylvia caressed her daughter's cheek as she added, "Just promise me to keep safe, and make sure to call every once in a while, okay?"

Donna nodded, "I promise."

"Come here, my girl." Wilf took his granddaughter into his arms.

She smiled widely when she felt his lips upon her cheek a final token of her family's love.

Donna pulled away, and whispered a sincere 'goodbye'.

Looking at them both, Donna turned and slipped into the TARDIS, closing the door slowly; watching her mum's face disappear, a smile on the older woman's face.

Donna turned to see the Doctor, his arms folded over his chest, his back against the controls.

"Here it is, the TARDIS. It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside…"

She laughed quietly; her memories accessing the second time she had entered the TARDIS, "You could turn the heat up." She finished their previous conversation, the both of them shared a kind smile.

"Well," The Doctor said as he rounded the console, "where to next? Anywhere specific?"

Donna sighed, "Uh, how 'bout, the future. Maybe somewhere that has a nice view?"

"I know!" The Doctor said as he pressed buttons and pulled a couple of levers.

Donna stood next to him, watching him drive the TARDIS, "Where are we going?"

"The Diamond Coral Reefs of Kataa Flo Ko...fancy a bit of snorkeling? At least this time, there isn't any daleks."

Donna smirked, "Oi! You'd better watch it, Spaceman."

The Doctor smiled down at her, "It's good to have you back Donna."

"It's good to be back." Donna replied.

They shared a kiss, it wouldn't be their last; and they both knew that.

Time wouldn't slow this time, but the Doctor would make sure that Donna would by his side always, never taking a single second for granted.

They would laugh, run, and enjoy life.

That was how it was with the Doctor, never knowing what would happen next.

Donna wasn't going to worry when she would eventually leave him, for now, she would hold his hand and love him, until she couldn't anymore.

As of right now, the universe was calling, and they weren't going to ignore it.


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