Hello there, I don't know what got into to me to try and write something but…it's about the only thing I haven't tried with my NejiHina obsession o.o

So here it is, please enjoy this…umm, drabble?, as sucky as it could be XD;;

Disclaimer: I no owns the Naruto, if I did…Neji and Hinata would have smexy smexy teims and already have a bunch of kids :3

Neji to Hinata...if it wasn't obvious enough ^^;

It's your birthday today, the only day I can be a little bit closer to you.

I say "congratulations", hug you and give you a small peck on the cheek, innocent enough, right?


I wish it was a little bit more innocent, but how can it?

Every year the kiss gets a little bit closer to your lips, the hug gets a little bit tighter and so much harder to let go off.

Because everything is "a little bit" more with you.

You want to be a little bit stronger, smarter…prettier, a little bit more confident.

With you I'm a little bit harder, madder and a lot less in control.

But with you I'm a little bit happier and, I've noticed that, when you're around me you smile a little bit more than before.

We try to ignore it, or maybe it's just me who feels these things…maybe I have become a bit delusional, a little bit more confused.

In the end it does not matter what I feel for you, whatever that may be; it matters not if you may or may not feel the same way about me because…

we are still a little bit less than brother and sister, but a little more than cousins.

I cringe a little more at the thoughts, the whispers, and the glances; I would just end up hurting you much more than just a "bit", much more than before…

As I hold you in my arms, with that not-so-innocent kiss still lingering next your lips, I pray…

I beg someone to please let me stay like this…


a little bit longer.

Honestly, tell me if I just fail at this o__O;;