In Bed – Part II


Deidara has resisted Sasori's incredible good looks for as long as possible. But he couldn't wait any longer. If he was going to do it, he had to persuade Sasori tonight. It had to be tonight. Deidara ripped off his shirt, threw himself on the bed and waited for Sasori to come home that night. He slipped some sleeping potion into Sasori's drink that he would have every night he came home. This way, he would fall asleep and Deidara could be happy while having sex with his most precious partner. Finally Sasori came home.

"Hi, Sasori."

"Hey Deidara. Is my drink ready?"

"You bet it is." Deidara snickered as he watched Sasori drink. Then Sasori fell with a huge THUD on to the carpet. His plan worked. He picked up Sasori and threw him on the bed. Sasori was too sexy for Deidara to resist. Deidara ripped off his partner's shirt and started by having his mouthed hands bite on Sasori's chest as blood came out from the marks. Then his mouthed hands licked the blood off the bare, pale skin. Deidara enjoyed this much and wanted to go to more extreme lengths.

"Sasori... no one else can have you except ME."

Deidara then took off his partner's pants, saw his cock and was so inticed by it that his hormone levels rose up to beyond the maximum level in his body. He got closer to Sasori's vaginal area and stuck Sasori's cock in his mouth. He sucked on it for so long and couldn't let go. Sasori didn't even flinch at all. That sleeping potion seemed to be quite potent. Deidara didn't believe it when he read the label on the bottle. Deidara rose up off of Sasori, ripped his pants off to reveal his cock and rubbed his against Sasori's. He clenched Sasori so hard and pressed Sasori's head against his own chest. For some reason or another, Sasori embraced Deidara as hard as Deidara embraced Sasori. Then Sasori woke up. Deidara was surprised.

"I pretended to fall unconscious. Now it's my turn."

"As you wish. You deserve to have a turn with our sex."

Sasori took his hand, reached for Deidara's feet and licked them. Sasori couldn't stop and Deidara enjoyed it. Both Akatsuki members felt the intensity of the heat growing between their relationship. Sasori found a huge scar on Deidara's leg going down his thigh.

"What's that?"

"I was young when I cut my leg on a rock and I had to get stitches."

"May I?"

"Do as you wish, Sasori."

Sasori went between Deidara's legs and licked his scar so many times and Sasori couldn't stop. Then he saw Deidara's cock and became so tempted by the one chance to get inside Deidara's body and become part of it. Sasori kissed Deidara's cock so many times and licked many times as well. But the most exciting part of it was sucking on it like a sucker or hard candy. Deidara groaned at the sight of it, and both men were panting heavily. Then Sasori fell asleep during the intense sex. Deidara looked down at him and smiled.

"Sasori... hey. Wake up."

"Wha... what happened?"

"You fell alseep again."

"Sorry, Deidara."

"Let's go take a shower."


Deidara started the shower in the bathroom and Sasori followed him in. Deidara was ecstatic at the sight of Sasori bare naked and very pale. Sasori enjoyed looking at his partner's tan and beautiful skin. Deidara slammed his partner the shower wall and kissed him for so long that Sasori eventually sank into it. Their cocks rubbed into each other and both were worn out by the time the shower was going on. The hot splashed against their bare bodies and they slashed their skins open with their long, sharp nails. Blood ran down the drain along with the water. Both guys let panting and groans escape from their mouths as they continued on throughout the whole night.

Next time... Part III – NARUTO & SASUKE