In Bed – Part III


Unable to control their feelings for each other, Naruto and Sasuke can't stop thinking about their future together as a couple. It has been 6 months in time since they had become a couple and since Sasuke came back to Konoha. Sasuke was so upset because he had killed his own brother and Naruto could tell that was the reason. So Sasuke started a hot shower and after that, he would be in bed with Naruto.

"Naruto... follow me into the shower."

"OK, Sasuke."

Naruto did as his lover told him to. The shower water was so steamy that the whole bathroom was filled with hot steam. They both stripped down and got in together. Sasuke had tears running down his face and Naruto held him close with Sasuke's head on his shoulder. There was only one thing that could make Sasuke feel better and Naruto knew what it was.

"Sasuke... touch me and hold me... please."

"Are you sure, Naruto?"

"Yes. I love you so much. I want... intensity."

"Fine. But not a word. Feel free to make sounds."

Sasuke made the first move and stuck his tongue around the outside of Naruto's ear and licked around the area. Naruto closed his eyes and let Sasuke continue, while he sighed and started breathing heavily. Sasuke took three of Naruto's fingers, stuck them in his mouth, sucked and bit so hard on them that blood poured from Naruto's fingers and dripped onto Sasuke's tongue. Sasuke loved the taste of Naruto's blood. He thinks that his and Naruto's blood taste the same like they were part of the same clan, even though they weren't.

"Naruto... taste your blood. Then taste mine."

Naruto did exactly what he said. He took Sasuke's shoulder close to his mouth, bit hard to reveal blood and sucked on it. Sasuke was so enticed by the blood coming from his body and he let groaning and moaning escape from his mouth and then he gripped Naruto's hair tight and slammed into the shower wall. Naruto saw Sasuke's cock, bent down but then looked up at Sasuke. What would be Sasuke's answer at this moment in time?

"Go ahead. I wouldn't mind."

Naruto took his hand, put Sasuke's cock in his hand and licked it all around. Nothing in the world sounded better to Sasuke and Naruto right now than having sex in the shower, which is what exactly what they were doing. Naruto could not stop his action for only one reason: Sasuke was enjoying it beyond belief and imagination. Then Naruto stuck Sasuke's cock in his mouth and sucked on it. Naruto and Sasuke could not stop. It was way too intense for them to stop now. Now it was Sasuke's turn again.

"Naruto... not a sound. My turn."

Sasuke bent down, took his friend's cock, and rubbed it on his soft and bare face. Naruto just stood there, without a sound and shivers were sent down his spine and they were not cold shivers either because of the hot water pouring on both Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke continued to fidget with Naruto's cock, finally putting it his mouth.


"Want to get out?"


Naruto and Sasuke stepped out of the shower and wrapped towels around their bodies and only towels. They had more sex in the bed, rolling around in the sheets and licking each other's body parts such as their feet, hands, ears, chests, bare asses and finally their cocks. Naruto felt like he didn't belong with anyone else like an outcast and everyone wanted to be Sasuke's friend but it's always been Naruto and Sasuke together.



"We are an ugly yet beautiful couple in a strange world, are we?"

"Yes... we are", Sasuke whispered to Naruto as they fell asleep with only their towels around their bodies and acting as young lovers.