Title: Rerun

Author: Tearsofamiko

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I doubt it would be the show we know and love if I owned it. And the boys wouldn't be as fun to play with, either. . .

Spoilers: Zip, nada, nothing

Summary: "Tony, your dying words will be 'I've seen this movie.'" Ziva David (Hiatus, part 1)

A/N: ^^ Muah-ha-ha! Yes, in each one, Tony will die. Kinda goes with the quote. And they will be movie-type scenarios. ^^ So, fun, but slightly sad. ^^

After so many years working together, Gibbs was willing to admit how on edge he got when Tony ended up working alone. Whether it was undercover – he still blamed himself for the Jeffrey White incident – or in situations he had no control of, the only thing Gibbs could focus on was getting Tony back where he belonged.

There was something vaguely familiar about the op Tony was pursuing now, but he couldn't place it. Accompanying the vague something was a feeling of foreboding, a niggling thought that this wouldn't end well. He frowned as he considered this, glancing over at Ziva and McGee, who were crowded around Abby.

"In position, Boss," came Tony's voice over the speakers. Gibbs refocused his attention on the situation at hand.

"Intel puts this guy's workshop within the house, likely in the basement," Gibbs replied, glancing down at his notes as he spoke. "McGee, disable the house's alarm system. We don't want to make this guy suspicious."

"On it, Boss." Watching closely from across the room, Gibbs saw McGee punch in a seemingly random sequence on the keyboard, then glance at the monitor. "You're in, Tony."

"Commentary, DiNozzo," Gibbs commanded, regretting once more the lack of cameras within the house. One of the cords or something needed to connect the cameras back to NCIS had broken or been lost, so they were blind back at headquarters. He'd tried explaining that to Vance, but the director had simply given him a look and ordered him to send Tony out anyway. He wouldn't even allow Gibbs to go with Tony or send Ziva, making him send his Senior Field Agent out with another team and EOD as backup. It was just another thing bothering Gibbs about the situation.

"Got it." Gibbs latched on to Tony's voice as he entered the house. "Okay, back window's up and open." There was a brief beat of silence as Tony climbed into the house. "Come on, Sanders, Masterson. Alright, Boss. This room's clear. It seems like some sort of study, there's a desk and computer. What're these formulas?" he asked one of the team in an aside. There was a muffled response, then Tony was talking to them again. "Sanders says they're chemical compositions. Explosive ones."

"Confirms reports of the commander's new hobby," Ziva agreed.

"What're some of the compounds?" Abby asked and nodded appreciatively at the gobble-de-gook DiNozzo read off. "Oh, yeah. That's some dangerous stuff. Very touchy."

"DiNozzo, get a move on," Gibbs barked, his bad feeling growing. He wanted Tony out of there soon.

"On it, Boss." There was a rustle over the line as the pages were bagged. "Sanders, hand those out to Mac. Thanks. You know, this seems familiar, Boss. Like something I've seen in a movie before."

"Cut it out, DiNozzo," Gibbs growled, losing patience with his agent's banter.

"Okay, Boss, heading into the hallway. Bedroom on the left, bathroom, ah! Living room."

"The kitchen should be on the other side of the living room. Basement door's in the kitchen," McGee supplied, looking at a blueprint they had of the house.

"Right. Heading into the living room. I—oh, God, Boss." The tone of Tony's voice sent a shiver down Gibbs' spine. "God, Boss, there's. . ." Tony gulped audibly and Gibbs watched as the others paled, catching on to the bad vibe. Suddenly, the computer McGee sat at chimed.

"Boss," Tony and McGee said at the same time. He moved to stand behind McGee as Tony continued. Gibbs froze, barely hearing Tony as he took in the sight on the screen: a countdown, less than three minutes. "It's a bomb, Boss. Sanders, Masterson, get the hell outta here!"

"Tony, get—"

"There's no time, Boss."

"The hell there—"

"I love you guys."

"Tony, don't—" Gibbs tried again as Abby choked on a sob and the numbers on the screen ticked down.

"I'll miss you, Boss. God, I loved working for you."

"Tony, no!" The word was a hope, a prayer, an invocation that failed.

"I have seen this movie." The timer on the screen reached zero as Tony spoke, then the mic cut out and nothing they did could bring it back.

Just like nothing could bring Tony back.

A/N: Anybody guess the movie Tony recognized? That's right! Speed, the scene where Keanu's partner dies. ^^

I need your help! I can't think of very many cinematic death scenes. So, if you could help me out by suggesting scenes (with details, please. 'That one gunfight in Dirty Harry' really isn't helpful) and remember to name the movie, too. And it can be Tony + team or Tony + someone else, but it will be Tony dying. Every time, okay? So, grab your gear and go! : )