Title: Rerun

Author: Tearsofamiko

Rating: K

Disclaimer: see chapter one

Spoilers: NOPE

Summary: "Tony, your dying words will be 'I have seen this movie.'"

"Damn! How'd they get the guns?!" he shouted over the din, raising up only long enough to fire a few shots.

"I do not know, Tony. They are criminals!" she hissed at him as she ducked back down.

He glanced around them, taking in as much of the situation as he could from where they were pinned. At least three shooters, all with semi-automatic weapons, and all chances of escape were cut off. Gibbs was in route, ETA ten minutes, but it didn't really seem like that was going to be fast enough. He glanced over at Ziva and read the realization in her eyes: with the boxes disintegrating around them, they were out of time.

They hadn't expected to find their suspects armed. Hell, they hadn't really expected to find more than one in the one location. But they were in one location and they were armed. And neither Ziva nor Tony had been prepared for it; the only spare ammo they had was in their backups and neither was wearing a vest. Tony'd barely been able to speed-dial Gibbs and call for backup before the shoot-out began and he was too busy now trying to find an escape and stay alive to execute it to do anything else.

Finally he saw it, the one doorway that wasn't being guarded by a gunman, the perfect escape route, provided they could distract the shooters long enough to take advantage of it. He signaled to Ziva and pointed at the welcome square of sunlight. Her eyes barely flicked in its direction but it was enough for him to see the relief and he knew that, no matter what happened, he'd get her out of here alive.

"You go first. I'll cover you," he told her, almost shouting over the roar of gunfire. She only nodded before turning toward their exit, waiting for an opening. It came quickly and she ran to take it. He covered her, fervently searching out the gunmen in an attempt to keep her safe. He was managing pretty well, keeping them all occupied as she ran closer to the door.

Until she tripped.

Instantly his attention was diverted, only for a second as he saw her recover, but it was enough. Enough for one of the gunman – who'd been sneaking closer without Tony noticing – to make his move. Tony saw the flash of light on the gun even as he exploded into motion.

"Ziva!" he cried as he threw himself between her and the gunman.

He heard her shout his name as the pain ripped through him, as several more gunmen took their chance and fired, their bullets slamming into his body as he shielded her. Sharp sounds echoed in his ears as Gibbs and their promised back-up finally arrived and the gunmen were dispensed with. He heard it all but couldn't respond or react, could only lay there as the pain roared through his body and his life slowly drained away.

"Tony? Ah, God, Tony," he heard her moan and he finally managed to move. "I am sorry. I should have –"

"Sh-shh, Zi-ziva. It's n-not your f-fault. I-I should h-have seen him s-sooner," he managed, the pain and weakness tripping his words. "Boss?"

"Yeah, DiNozzo?"


He slid his eyes sideways to meet Gibbs' blue ones, not knowing the pain his clouding green gaze caused the older man. The ex-Marine nodded once, sharply, and knelt next to the fallen agent, reaching to grasp his hand. Tony forced his gaze back to Ziva, feeling slight shock despite the agony of his wounds at the tears pouring down her face. He smiled slightly at her.

"I really w-wanted..." he trailed off, unable to speak around the pain. "I-I think I've s-seen this m-movie...."

The ringing silence engulfed them, holding them close as his eyes slid shut, a hug for all to combat the loneliness that swept in with his departure.

A/N: This was supposed to be similar to Boromir's death in Fellowship of the Ring, except it's bullets not arrows...hey, it's the closest I could get it. ^^ Ah, but poor Tony.