AN: could be a one shot or a longer story. The readers decide. This story is about Sey from Sihos perspective



She is so different from any girl I have met. Her personality outshines everyone I know and her beauty is both inside and out. I remember the first time I saw her. It was the very first day of High School and in our homeroom and I was surrounded by my friends. A girl with short hair and glasses had stood up and shouted her name across the room and it had caught my attention (well most of the class's as well). I turned towards the door to see who she was calling for and my eyes landed at a very good-looking girl. Playboy as I was, I felt my smile turn into a more flirtatious one as I watched her approach her friend. I turned to the guy on my left to ask if he knew anything about her.

What he told me woke my curiosity. He had gone to the same middle-school as her and informed me that I should not bother to make a move, since she hated boys. I couldn't help but to think smugly that maybe she was waiting for Mr. Right? I spent most of that day watching her interact with the other students and teachers. I turned an eyebrow at her close relationship with our homeroom teacher Mr. Hajun. Maybe the other did not notice it, but I did.

And then a day came where I got the chance to make a move, or so I thought. Mr. Hajun wanted someone to go and call her back to class for a homeroom meeting. Apparently she was at the journalist club's room. Since I was the only one who was not busy doing something he selected me for the task. I got up and pretending to be annoyed (no reason to get people's attention by smiling broadly) I went to fetch her.

I never managed to get to the club before I saw her making her way towards the homeroom. Still not wanting to let this opportunity slip, I had approached her.

-"Hong? Are you Sey Hong?"

She had looked me in the eyes and I had noticed how green her eyes were.

-"Yes, can I help you?" She looked me over curiously.

- "My name is Siho Lee! We are in the same class. I was sent to inform you that we are to have a mandatory meeting now." I explained.

She looked at me briefly, gave me a smile and continued walking.

-"Thank you! Shall we?" She looked over her shoulder.

I had smiled to myself, thinking that it perhaps wouldn't be really as hard as everyone claimed. I had made an attempt to small talk and she had answered me politely. But then I made the big mistake by asking her where she had been hiding all this time. It had been intended as a joke but the effect was not what I had hoped. Her eyes turned cold and she just continued silently into the class room without a single glance at me. I have been turned down at one or two occasions before (I had been much younger then. And shorter), but her reaction, made my heart sting.

Since that day, I have watched her from far, always paid attention whenever her name was mentioned. You can claim that I acted like a love sick puppy, and maybe I did, but I was too proud to admit it. But then that glorious day came when I ran into her at the mall, and I mean really ran in to her.

And you all know the rest from there, right?


Hope you like it. Let me know if you think I should continue this story….