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Angela was already seated by the time she got to the restaurant. She waved Brennan over and smiled as her friend slid into the booth across from her.

Brennan hastily returned the smile and picked up the menu, aware that Angela's eyes were still on her. Quickly deciding what she wanted, she put down the menu.

"So?" Angela asked, nearly bursting with excitement.

"I sent Booth home and told him to call me tomorrow. If he remembers."


The waiter came and took their order, and as he left, Angela leaned forward, forearms resting against the edge of the table, hands clasped and eyes sparkling.

"Spill. From the beginning, no details left untold," Angela exclaimed, getting right to the point.

Brennan rolled her eyes and sighed, then she told Angela about Booth and Hodgins' conversation relating to Booth's favorite basketball--baseball, Angela corrected--team, Booth's unsubstantiated statement, her own reply to Booth, his frustration and fleeing, and finally about her talk with Cam.

Angela beamed throughout, though her smile faded a little as the last part registered. "Sweetie, did you really ask Cam about bagging Booth?"

Brennan made a face at Angela's choice of words. "Cam came into my office; I didn't search for her. But she has experience when it comes to sleeping with Booth, and I thought her insight might be valuable."

"And you never thought about getting my advice?" Angela asked.

"About sleeping with Booth?"

"Point taken," Angela said with a grin as she munched on a piece of chicken. "Anyway, I'm still glad to get the chance to talk to you before you jump into bed with Booth."

Angela had already heard Booth's side of the story, having coaxed it out of him during their earlier conversation. She'd been hesitant to believe everything Booth had said while in his drunken state, but she couldn't help but smile as a sober Brennan confirmed certain details. Still, she'd convinced Brennan to come here so she could talk her out of sleeping with Booth for the wrong reasons. Angela couldn't contain the wry laugh.

"I know you want to prove him wrong, Bren, but sex changes things."

"It doesn't have to," Brennan replied as she speared a piece of pasta and lifted it to her lips. "I'm quite adept at separating aspects of my life."

"But Booth isn't. He's my friend too, and I've got to look out for his feelings."

Brennan's forehead crinkled.

"For some people--you, for instance--casual sex is emotionally meaningless. It's nothing more than a physical release. For other people--Booth--it's a consummation of his feelings of love."

"That's not logical, though. Sex is about release, as you said, and procreation. Nothing more."

"Not always, Bren," Angela sighed. "Passion and love are also reasons. For you it might just be about proving him wrong, but for Booth it's about making love."

"Are you saying Booth loves me?"

"Of course he loves you." Angela held up her hand before Brennan could interrupt. "And I know you don't believe in love, Sweetie, but he does. And it's not going to bode well for your partnership if the two of you engage in a one-night stand."

Brennan studied her friend for a moment. "Didn't you used to want Booth and me to have sex?"

"I was just thinking the same thing," Angela said with a laugh. "But that was before your partnership developed into what it is now. Those first few cases, I was all gung-ho for you two to get it on."


"All I'm saying is that now there's a deep emotional connection, whether or not you like it, and I just think that having sex for the purpose of proving someone wrong is not such a good idea."

"So I should think of Booth's feelings and the potential outcome of our actions…"

Angela dropped her fork on her plate and clasped her hands in front of her, a huge grin spreading across her face. "Sweetie, you're growing up so fast!"

"The patronizing doesn't work for you," Brennan replied with a grin of her own.

"So you're not going to do anything rash, right?"

"Booth and I still have to talk about this, but I'm not making any promises."

"Well, maybe by the time you two talk, Booth will have his head on straight--the one above his shoulders."

Angela laughed at her own joke, and Brennan rolled her eyes and shook her head.

So the conversation wasn't as bad as she'd expected. One down, one to go…


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