Title: Puppet Girl, Your Strings Are Mine
Words: 3,264
Rating: M for sexual content
Spoilers: None, really.
Pairings: Sasori/Sakura
Disclaimer: No. I do not own Naruto. It's all Kishi's.
Summary: Living on as his puppet...what a pathetic existance.
Author's Note: For now, this is only a one shot but I may write more on this later since I have a couple of ideas where the story can go. Also if you're reading my other SasoSaku fic, don't worry, I'll update that one soon. I just really wanted to write this and keep in mind that this is only my second lemon so please, go easy on me! I also tried my hardest to keep Sasori in character. I hope you enjoy it because I personally love this fic and please review when your done reading!

In the corner of the darkened room, her small form rests in the old, wooden chair that resides there.

Around her, a thick, heavy silence fills the air and with nothing to break it, it rings loudly away in her ears while above her, her only light which is a dirty, old head lamp flickers as it threatens to give out soon.

Soft strands of pink hair escape from the small, red clip she's used to pin it back as she bends over slightly to let her fingers slowly trace over one of the many white, delicate blossoms that's been sown into the material of the dark, red kimono she's wearing.

Flowers…How long has it been since she's seen real ones?

…Three months? No…Maybe five?

A small sigh of frustration escapes from her mouth.

For all she knows, it could be years since she was last allowed outside. All of the days she's spent in this little room seems to have blurred into one long nightmare with an ending not in sight while her…she knows she's turned into a pathetic excuse of existence while being here.

Suddenly, loud approaching footsteps sound outside the only door that leads into the room. Someone's coming but she finds that she barely cares; figuring it to be just one of the little servants coming to check to see if she's wasted away yet.

Well, won't they be in for a disappointment.

The sound of a lock clicking as its turned rings loudly throughout the room moments before the door opens with a loud creaking noise due to disuse. Lazily, her dim, green eyes glance over to watch a dark figure wearing the signature black cloak covered in several red clouds step through the doorway. Closing the door behind them, the person looks her way, causing a wary expression to cross her face.

Usually, a normal servant would bring her, her meal or come to make sure she was drained of her chakra as she expected this one to do, but there have been certain occasions while her owner has been away where one brave enough has come to take their frustration out on her with a beating.

Her muscles tense in apprehension the moment she sees the person raise their hand but instead of approaching her and striking her with it, they simply pull back the cloak's hood which is concealing their face.

A boyish face is revealed, as well is red hair along with light, golden brown eyes that hold a small amount of malice in them.

She freezes.

Those qualities that she knows better than she wishes to, in no way belong to one of the servants.

He's back.

She decides that she would have preferred a beating over this.

Across the room, the puppet master watches her closely, regarding her reaction which consists of widened green eyes and her hands fisting in into the material of her clothing. The corners of his mouth turn up into one of his sick, signature smirks at the sight.

"What?" he finds he can't help but tease. "No warm welcome back? Aren't you happy to see me?"

There's a small moment of silence as she recovers from her initial shock and replaces it with a hard glare. "And tell me," she starts, her voice cracking since it has been a while since she's had to use it. "Why should something like you coming back make me the least bit happy?"

His eyes darken a tiny fraction, losing some of their playfulness, but his smirk still remains intact on his lips as he leans back against the wall, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "It would seem that some of that old spirit of yours has come back again while I've been away," he observes aloud while tipping his head to the side slightly. "We'll have to do something about that, won't we?"

A small shiver runs up her spine from his words, but she tries her best to hide it by breaking their eye contact and instead, focuses all of her attention back on the flower her fingers were previously tracing over before his unexpected homecoming.

In his corner, he continues to study her closely.

He's been without her for a little more than two weeks now, thanks to leader-sama sending him on a blasted mission to help collect another one of those annoying Jinchuurikis again, and he would be lying if he denied that he hadn't thought about her more than once while he was away.

Her soft pink lips on his own. Her hands fisting in his hair almost painfully. Her creamy, white thighs wrapping tightly around his waist while he thrusts into her without mercy.

He hates her. She really is such an annoying woman who preys on the edges of his mind constantly and he's been without her for too long.

From where he stands though, he can see she's changed somewhat in the two weeks.

She looks pale. Paler than he remembers and the dark, red kimono she's adorning looks almost slightly to big for her now, showing that's she's lost an unhealthy amount of weight while he's been gone.

He's quick to see the reason why.

"You haven't eaten," he muses aloud, seeing the untouched tray of now lukewarm food that's been left for her on a nearby table. "Why?"

His tone is full of authority, showing that he is expecting and answer from her but still, she keeps her silence causing him to give her a glare.

"If you don't eat," he starts, "you'll waste away until you die."


Her small whisper echoes loudly off the walls and surrounds them, giving it as much an impact as a scream would.

Her green eyes look back over at him. "I rather die," she continues, "then go on living as another one of your silly, little puppets."

His golden eyes darken at her words and unfolding his arms, he sticks out on of his hands out. Light blue chakra strings rush from his fingertips, connecting to her body before she even has a chance to react. Her body isn't under her control anymore as she finds herself being forced to stand and leave her seat to approach him instead. With every step she takes, she tries to fight against his control but it's no use since soon, she is standing before him.

His free hand that isn't commanding her every move reaches out to grab her chin roughly, forcing her to look up and meet his own eyes. "That's right," he says and, his breath tickles her face. "You are my puppet therefore you cannot die until I give you the permission to do so."

With that said, his fingers jerk upwards causing his chakra threads to pull her back forcefully and slam her hard into the opposite wall. Her head snaps back from the momentum, sending it crashing into the wood with a solid banging noise and causing all of the air to flee from her lungs on impact. She gaps for breath as her vision swims in front of her eyes and for a moment, she fears that she's either going to vomit or faint. The only thing that's still even keeping her on her feet are the blue chakra strings which are still connected to her body and now supporting all of her weight.

Across the room, she can barely see him through her blurry eyesight giving her a look that a predator gives its prey just before it comes in for the kill. She watches as his nimble fingers of his free hand start on the first button of his Akatsuki cloak; easily unhooking it and her heart beat increases rapidly when he starts towards her at a slow pace. The evident fear in her eyes is almost enough to make him chuckle as he finishes with the rest of the buttons on the cloak before sliding it off. The dark piece of clothing falls limply onto the floor behind him, instantly being forgotten.

Now in front of her he smirks. "You know," he starts as he decides to tease her even more. "I'm hurt. It doesn't seem like you missed me at all while I was away."

Her head is still spinning from her little forced meeting with the wall only minutes earlier but she still is able to conjure up a hateful glare for him that shows him just what she thinks.

His smirk widens when he sees it. "How cruel," he remarks. "You didn't even miss me a little bit."

"Instead of missing you, I was busier with wishing you would die while you were gone," she spits out at him.

"That's not very nice," he reprimands as he leans in closer to inhale her scent. In turn, she tries her best to pull back but his chakra strings keep her in place and forces her to keep their closeness. "Do you know what would happen to you if I had died?" he asks her and not waiting for a response from her, he leans in to whisper the answer to his question in her ear, "I'll tell you. You'd probably be given to someone else here if you weren't killed first and whoever it was would likely do worse to you that I do. Plus, even if you did somehow manage to get away, it's not like you can exactly return to that silly little village of yours'…"

At his words, fury courses through her body and tears prick and tears prick angrily at her eyes but she's quick to close them before they can be seen by him.

His words are true and it's his entire fault that they are. He's the one who framed her and made her look like nothing better than a traitor to Konoha.

She doesn't think she can ever forget Sai's hard stare or Kakashi's shocked eyes and especially the look that had been on Naruto's face.

'Sakura-chan…How could you?'

She can never go back home now. No matter how much she wants to and it's all because of the man who stands before her.

"So you see," the puppet master continues and her dry eyes reopen to meet his. "You really should have missed me."

With that said, his free hand suddenly snakes up behind her head, cupping her neck and forcing her in place so she can't turn away from him when he forces his own lips onto hers' in a bruising kiss.

Immediately, his tongue taps her unresponsive lips, demanding entrance which she denies him by clenching her lips tightly shut. To punish her for refusing him, his fingers roam from her neck and into her silky hair until they come to the red hair piece. Roughly, he tears it away, pulling several pink strands with it and sending her unleashing a small cry of pain. Quickly, the puppet master takes his chance to ravage her mouth, hardly leaving any place unexplored and knowing that he could do worse to her if she puts up more of a fight, she lets him.

Just like a mindless, obeying little puppet.

His hand roams down her side as they continue their heated kiss until his fingers come to her obi which he tugs at impatiently, wanting it gone. Hastily, he removes it before forcing her kimono open to let his fingers roam inside, touching her heated skin. Pushing the material off of her shoulders, it pools around feet, leaving her only in her panties and chest bindings which he is quick to remove next with a hard tug.

Her breasts come free causing her upper half now to be fully revealed to him and her cheeks burn red with shame as his golden orbs eye her hungrily. Leaning in, he takes one of her pert nipples into his warm mouth to suck on greedily while his hand busies itself with groping her other breast.

"Nn…St-Stop it," she whimpers, closing her eyes in disgust and self loathing.

How has she let herself become like this? Something that isn't even better than a common whore.

To try to suppress a moan from the unwanted sensations he's making her feel, her teeth bite her bottom lips hard enough to draw blood. The crimson liquid dribbles down her chin, and leaving her breast, he comes back up to lick it away before once again slamming his own lips into hers'. The metallic taste that is her blood fills her mouth and almost causes her to gag from repulsion.

Slowly, he rubs against her lower half, letting her feel his need and hunger that wants badly to be satisfied against her leg. The friction from the movement causes them to break where their lips meet and instead, release a moan. Him in pleasure and her in unwanted desire. Again, he repeats his actions, grinding against her until it's almost too much.

He doesn't have any more patience in him today to keep teasing her and anyways, there will always be more time to savor her later…

Releasing his chakra string hold over her, he quickly makes work of his pants before quite literally ripping off her panties. Grabbing both of her thighs, he picks her up off the ground, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist right before his member penetrates her core.

A small scream rips from her throat when he does.

She's not a virgin anymore. He was sure to take care of that a long time ago. It's among one of the many things he's stolen from her but she doesn't think she'll ever get used to the feeling of him within her.

It's disgusting.

Like something cold and dead is inside of her.

She squirms in discomfort, as he slowly pulls himself out before swiftly thrusting back in with a grunt. She let's out another small cry as she feels his wooden skin scrape against hers, splintering it and her hands push against his chest, trying to get him to stop in his movements but without any chakra running through her system to fuel her inhuman strength, she is easily overpowered by him.

She is forced to carry on the act with him as he as he continues to pump himself against her, causing a small knot of pleasure start to wind between her legs and her traitorous body begins to match his wild thrusts, badly wanting to be satisfied as well.

Her breathing turns even more labored as he picks up his speed and she can feel herself nearing the end. After a couple more minutes, she feels the knot inside of her pull taut before snapping apart and with a sharp cry, she arches her back as her body is wracked with immense pleasure that she never wanted to start with. Soon, he too follows her, grunting as his orgasm washes over his body and his hot seed spills deep into her womb.

Coming down from his high, he leans into her, resting his head on her shoulder as he tries to reclaim back his control. Both of their breath comes out in fast puffs, and she can feel her heart pounding away violently against her chest while the smell of what they've just committed together surrounds them both, making her suddenly wanting to gag in repulsion.

This isn't what she wanted. This is not what she dreamed of when she was younger.

Sex is supposed to be between two people who love each other; an emotion they do not obviously feel for one another.

What she's doing with him is just plain immoral and disgusting. He hasn't even fully removed himself of his pants.

Suddenly without warning, he pulls out of her and lets go of her legs. With nothing left to support her anymore, she slides against the wall before landing with a soft thud on the wooden floor. Hastily, she grabs her discarded clothing off the floor, using it to cover herself up while he roams around the room, collecting his Akatsuki cloak.

She watches him silently from her corner until a hoarse whisper escapes from behind her chapped lips. "I hate you…"

Hearing her words, he looks back down at her as he finishes securing his cloak and suddenly his footsteps sound loudly against the wooden floor as he starts towards her. His hand reaches out towards her and she flinches in turn, expecting a hard slap from him but instead, her eyes widen when she feels his fingers brush softly and almost tenderly against the skin of her cheek.

"I hate you more that you'll ever know," he says in a sickly, sweet tone with that smirk of his again.

He stands then, turning to leave. Walking towards the door, his fingers wraps wound the knob but before he turns it, he looks one last time at her pathetic form that's still sitting on the floor. "Eat before I come back," he commands. "Or I'll shove the food down your throat."

Then he's gone and she's left in the darkened room alone once again to cry.